Jun 24/21
3:30 am




Maple Ridge

Team Ticker:
  • Stu Thompson Former Rams Bench boss lands a new job in Division 1
  • Rams continue there winning ways with a come from behind win
  • Ben Richmond scores a cracker taking on three nomads before scoring a top goal
  • Simon scores the winning goal against the Nomads
  • Gaz scores from 40 yards out by chipping the Nomads keeper
Player of the week:
(Jul 17/07)
Ben Richmond

Gary played a very strong two way game on Tuesday night helping the Rams continue there winning ways. scoring a goal from 40 yeards out and making key tackles.
Countdown to Rams next game
(Jul 24/07)
May 12, 2008

After a long hiatus, the Ghost Writer has returned to tell it like it is with a new column. Thatís right people the GW is back and with no further adieu offers the following revelations/pearls of wisdom (free of charge) to mark his return:

1) Ambiguity can lead to problems down the road

Are you a Chug? An Islamic Fundamentalist? An easy-going nice guy? Or a proud member of the T&T Nation? Or all of the above? Please clarify.

2) Itís always good to plan ahead

With this in mind, I offer the following newspaper ad to be placed into the local Maple Ridge News (or whatever the hell itís called) in November 2008:

Golden Ears Soccer Club looking for a coach for its Menís ĎPremierí Team after current coach has fcuked off. Applicant must be available on weekends and some weekday evenings. Applicant must also be willing to engage in an endless relegation battle.

3) Contrary to popular belief, frequenting the Pizza Hut all-you-can-eat buffet 6 days a week will not increase your capacity to stop penalty kicks.

4) Even if the End of the World is on the horizon, a brown guy should never ever sport a mullet!

5) Itís better to recycle newspapers, batteries, and pop cans than it is to recycle women

6) Cancer causing agents are not limited to tobacco products

Cancer causing agents have in fact been found in 6í foot individuals with cleats. These are not the types of cancers that kill however; these cancers merely suck the life and fun out of summer soccer. It is best to address these cancer agents in the on-set before they become full-blown diseases.

7) Maybe not all women are evil

Who knew that inside an insecure, somewhat immature individual with the first-touch of a trampoline there actually existed a confident and mature 30-something year-old who is actually not that painful to hangout with (anymore).

8) If you stack your team with too may clean-cut pretty boys, people will start to wonder why your home games arenít being played in the West End.

9) No matter how obnoxious, disrespectful, and/or selfish a person can be, itís always nice to know you can go home again (Read again in September).

10) Party at Tonyís later this month! Thereís a houseboat (or whatever it is) just waiting to be hit by some empties.

Until the next column, peace out mofoís!


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