Apr 3/20
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Georgia Pharaohs
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Countdown to Christmas
(Dec 25/11)

The Georgia Pharaohs is a minor league professional football team made up of college and semi-pro level talent. Players are handpicked by coaches for their skill levels and love of the game. Players join the team not for financial reward, but for an opportunity to fine-tune their skills under the watchful guidance of experienced minor league and college level coaches, who are united in their desire to teach and support minor professional football. The Pharaohs are a community based organization providing great entertainment to the public, brotherhood for teammates and coaches, and a form of discipline and structure for younger players. We are dedicated to bringing a high level of semi-pro football to the Metro Atlanta area. In addition to bringing semi-pro football to the community, we will develop and aggressive marketing campaign to help bring team and league brand awareness to the community and top line sponsorships and endorsements to the organization.


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