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Dear Mac Arthur High School Parents,


Our 2008 volleyball season has officially come to an end.  As you may know, our Varsity Team had a very successful season.  We finished 4th in district and made it to the bi-district play-off round.  This is the first play-off to the state play-off tournament since 2003.

As we begin the off-season program, my coaching staff and I have many expectations for your daughter in preparatio n for next season.  The off-season plan that we are preparing is very rigorous.  It is imperative that we build a strong off-season program here at MacArthur Senior High School, as this will be the start of another successful season. I would like to take this time to share our off season plan of action with you and to most of all solicit your help in fulfilling our goals. Your support is the main ingredient for our success. Research shows that a partnership of parents and coaches is the key to the success of any volleyball program. 

Our off-season plan will comprise of the following activities; running, weight lifting, and plyometrics.  November thru Mid-January (weight/sprints/ladders/agility drills/and Plyometrics), Mid-January thru March (weight/sprints/ladders/agility drills/and Plyometrics and 2 days of court work), April-May (3days court work and 2 days weights/conditioning).  All of these activities have been proven to enhance the athletes over-all performance in the sport.

In addition, I am sending home information about volleyball camp, clubs, private lessons, and clinics.  In order to raise our level of competitive playing ability with our surrounding schools and school districts, camps, clubs, private lessons and clinics are necessary for our athletes.  I will list various club organizations and individuals that train athletes specifically for volleyball.  From my years of experience, I know these activities will further enhance the strength and playing level of our athletes.

I am aware that some of these activities are very costly.  But, I also know that anything worth having will cost.  In order to get to the next levels mentally and physically, we must put forth the extra effort.  We must properly train, be committed, and sacrifice to get to our goal to be as highly competitive as surrounding teams. 

            Texas Tornados, Cool Courts, Houston Juniors, Southwest Juniors, and Texas Select are a few club teams available to our athletes.  Julio Martinez, Annesia Pennwright, James Fuller are very accomplished volleyball trainers.  I have worked with all of the trainers and highly recommend them.  We will also be looking at the possibility of entering the summer league at Willowbrook Sports Complex or Texas Select Volleyball League and a Team Camp at Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches, Texas.

As always, I commend you for your support during our 2008 season and look forward to your continued support in all our future endeavors. We are excited about the up-coming season and look forward to your help as we continue to put the needs of our athletes first.



Feel free to contact Coach Eastland at the school 281-985-6330 or cell 713-557-0958 or Coach Mike at cell 713-855-8778



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