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GCFFL Registration Is Almost Here!

Welcome to the Georgia Competitive Flag Football League webpage. Georgia's first competive flag football league where slight contact is acceptable. This league will bring out your competive and athletic abilities. So if you're not sure if you can handle it then is probably not the league for you. For information on how competitive flag football is played see games rules below.

Game Rules

1.) Each game is played on a 60-minute clock that runs continuously.
2.) Game officials have the authority to stop the clock for any reason.
3.) Each team must have a minimum of 7 players on the team (including coaches if playing) and 6 on the field at all times. No maximum required.
4.) GCFFL is allowed to implement an overtime period if the game is tied after 30 minutes, but it can end in a tie.
5a.) Minimum contact is allowed- body blocking with closed arms, chest and/or shoulders.
  b.) Aggressive contact is prohibited- no tackling, hitting below the waist, no arm tackling, no chop blocking, no clipping, covering the flag, flag guarding and no stiff arming.


Scoring is similar to actual NFL Football.

  • Touchdowns are worth six points,
  • Safeties are worth two points,

...but their are no field goals. Point-after rules are a little different. Teams can elect to either go for one or two points just like in the NFL, but there is a twist. If a team elects to go for one point, they start at the five yard line and can only pass the ball to receive the points. If they elect to go for two points, they must start from the 12-yard line and can either pass or run to receive the points.

Coaches or team captains will receive a complete set of rules and regulations.


Online registration will begin on Jan. 1, 2014. The cost to register your team will be $650. A $250 deposit due upon initial registration - no acceptions!

Registration fees cover: administration and insurance costs, referees, equiptment, playing field and t-shirts. The easiest way to cover your registration cost is to divide the fees between each player on your team.

To register you will need:

  • Team name and color(s)
  • 6 members names and sizes
  • Registration deposit $250 (bal due by season opening)

Once you have registered your team will be given a discount codeto place an order for your team jersey. To order your team jearseys please visit:


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