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  • Welcome to the new home of the Fury FC
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(Sep 11/05)
Luigi Cianni

2 goals scored
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(Sep 18/05)

Welcome to the new home of the Fury.

A strong outing last weekend resulted in a 4-1 victory for the Fury over the Old Boys. The Fury initially struggled with a new three-man defensive formation, and although the Old Boys dominated the first 20 min, Danny opened the scoreboard with a quick breakout goal in the 25th minute. The remainder of the 1st half was largely a standoff, but an Andrew Gonsales goal scored with a ferocity usually reserved for rugby pushed the score to 2-1 by halftime. In the 2nd half, the superior depth and fitness of the youthful Fury shone through, as they dominated the Old Boys for the rest of the match. The experience of the Old Boys defense was no match for the streaking speed of Ryan Dash and Chase down the right wing, who played ball after ball dangerously into the middle. Luigi Cianni picked up two goals, one of which was particularly impressive, in which he received the pass at his chest with his back to the net and a defender smothering him, but was able to control the ball, spin, and fire off a volley into the top corner. Other notable performances came from Brett Sanderson and Rick, who did a great job controlling the middle, and Rafa Valverde, who entered the game late but fought hard and reenergized the Fury. All in all, not a bad show for the first game of the season.

We are a men's soccer team (age 18+) that plays in the First Division of the Richmond Senior Soccer League. The Fury began in 1988 as a youth soccer team, and moved into the men's league after graduating from the youth ranks. After a two year hiatus the Fury was resurrected last year to play in the Second Division of the RSSL. The club is now composed of some of the original Fury mixed with fresh young blood recently out of the youth system. The Fury has an age range of 18-31, and has stayed true to its Spanish roots with players hailing from as far away as Europe, South America, but also from right here in Richmond.
After a 2nd place finish in Div. 2 in the 2004-05 campaign, the Fury has been promoted to play in the 1st Division this year. But the Fury FC is an insatiable beast, and our eyes are set firmly upon the Premiership.


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