May 24/20
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  • Welcome to the new home of Kurt's Football Picks!
  • NFL Week 8: 9-5
  • NCAA picks coming next week!
  • L.A. Coliseum is the first stadium posted in the "Fields" page!

Michael Vick is the player of the week for Week 8 of the NFL. He ran and threw his way to a two-point victory over the Bengals, and may now be one of the scariest quarterbacks for defenses in the NFL to face.

Countdown to WVU @ LOU
(Nov 2/06)

December 10, 2008 - Almost!

Welcome to the home page of my football picks. I will be picking every NFL game every week, and most Division 1-A NCAA Football game every week. My picking system is simple, as you can see my picks on the "Picks" page. I will pick the winner of every game: simple. Also, I will pick the difference of the win, and if the difference of the game is within 3 points within my difference pick, I will get an extra point. If the difference is right on my pick, I will get another extra point. Here are four samples from NFL Week 8:

1. Pittsburgh (+10) at Oakland/Pittsburgh 13 @ Oakland 20 = 0 (points)

2. St. Louis at San Diego (+6)/St. Louis 24 @ San Diego 38 = 1

3. Indianapolis (+5) at Denver/Indianapolis 34 @ Denver 31 = 2

4. Atlanta (+2) at Cincinatti/Atlanta 29 @ Cincinatti 27 = 3

Also, here's what in my other pages:

Home Page - You're looking at it
Divisions - Divisions in the NFL
Schedule - NFL Schedule
Calendar - Important Dates in football
Standings - NFL Standings
Photos - NFL and NCAA Football photos (disclaimer - these are NOT mine; go to other websites for them, I will post the website I found them on)
Links - Links to other websites
Contacts - I don't know if I'll actually put anything on this page
Fields - I'll put a different NFL or NCAA Football stadium here every week
Picks - The main page of this website; all my picks
Forum - Post feedback, but please make it clean

Thanks for visiting my website!!!

NFL Week 8 - I am 9-5, with the Atlanta/Cincinatti game being the exact difference. I scored 14 points, and Tuesday begins the NCAA Football picks.


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