Apr 9/20
6:14 pm

Fieldball '09




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Countdown to Opening Day 2009
(Apr 5/09)

Fieldball 2009 Opening Day- Saturday March 14th, 2009

Fieldball has been a PineTreePark tradition for years now, it works like this. Its baseball, but in the famous PineTreePark, but we play with a tennis ball and other various rule changes. Every year, in the first week of August, we have the Fieldball World Series, which is the biggest and most valued event in all of PineTreePark sports. Last years champions were the Fridays, whose captain was Bobby and the team was: Bobby, Joebear, VanBuren, Derek, Shuba, Nick Ryan, Johnnyrockets and Kruse. They defeated Brian's Kingpins 3 games to 1, the FBWS is always best of 5.

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Commish Note

Its March 7th, 2009 right now, next Saturday, a week from now, its Fieldball Opening Day, you all better come. Ill have stats after the game.



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