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(Oct 19/08)
Katie M.

Katie for a great tackle getting hurt and returning to game GREAT HEART AND FEARLESS
Countdown to Coach Mike's B-Day
(Oct 29/08)


Please remember the drinks for the kids

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The goods and Bads of game 3


1.GREAT ball distribution on offense.  I did not keep track of who scored the goals, but I do know the scoring came from several different players.  That is what I like to see!
2.  GREAT assists.  I preach that for the most part if someone scores a goal, it is because they got a great assist from a teammate.  I often praise an assist more than the goal itself and I always tell the person who actually scores to say thank you to the person who assisted!  Roberto was really dishing out the assists, along with Jorge and Austin.
3.  GREAT goal keeping by Shelby.
4.  During the first half, we really worked the sidelines and wings. The crosses were fantastic and lead to many of our goals.  Their backside defense was lacking and it was not until the second half that the opponent figured this out.
5.  Good defense on their kickoffs.  (not waiting around).  Once the ball was in play, we were on it.
6.  Good job of not defending one person with 3.
7.  Good foot tackling and overall aggressiveness to the ball.
8.  Our midfielders controlled the middle of the field of play and kept feeding it to the forwards.
9.  Second half, Jorge played sweeper position and had an awesome game.
10.  Defenders were bending, but did not break.  Hats off to Hank, Desmond, Katy and Callen.
11.  Ball handling skills were clearly on our side.
Areas to work on:
1.  Throw ins are still a problem.  My guess is that we had nearly 10 bad throws.  I am all for dragging that back foot, but I think we may be getting too fancy or rushing too much.  We may want to go back to the old fashioned feet together throws, at least for now, and work on the fancier stuff.
2.  Still need to work on positioning for throw-ins.  Back to the line, staying close to person throwing in ball, coordinating throw-ins better.  Also need to emphasis that once you throw the ball in, get onto the field and play.  Several times the player who threw the ball in just stayed on the line and watched.
3.  Work on taking corner kicks.  Jorge was hitting the corner kicks perfectly, but by the time the ball arrived where it was supposed to, our players were out of the play.  Need to start back and move toward the goal when the ball is kicked.
4.  Defense still needs to clear to the outside.
5. Goal kicks need to go to the wings also.
6.  Work on moving without the ball.  Work on overlapping.
7.  More talking on defense and offense.
These are, for the most part, small things, but they make a good team even better.  The best part is that these things are easy to learn.





The goods and bads of game 2



    1.) Over all we moved the ball alot better than last week ball control is very important in the controling of the game

    2.) We worked the wings and the sidelines better than any team I watched Sunday

    3.)Crossing the ball looks like we finally figured out that this works and it works well good job with this.

    4.) Nice hard shots at the goal the other teams keeper was not able to stop them.

    5.) The keeper did a great job of following the ball as our opponents made shots on goal.Along with good patience waiting for our team to get down field.

     6.) Defence good strong kicks to clear the ball and good aggresiveness.


The Bad or points to work on

     1.) Offsides one or two is ok but we had six this is not acceptible in the video section there is a clip on what offsides is and how it works watch it .

     2.) Throw ins this is basic soccer we should already know how to do this when we have poor throw ins we give the ball back to the other team . Also position that we need to be in during the throw ins the ball should be thrown down the wing with the person getting the ball thrown to back to the side line this prevents the ball from hitting you and roling out of bounds

     3.)Moving with out the ball we must play our positions and move up and down the field as the ball moves

     4.) comunication we have to communicate with our team mates talk to each other when you are open make it known that you are open Me Me Me something like that

    5.) Corner kicks defending and receiving we need to get in better position for both also comunication is vital here

All in all the was a very good game for us and I look forward to Practice



The goods and the bads


Ok team  here is the goods and bads of the game first let me say that Coach Jay said that the team is Great but as any good coach will tell you there is always room for improvement .I would like to start off by saying the good


1.)    Forwards move the ball very well and have great speed in the open field.

2.)    Defenders challenged each time they were not afraid of getting beat and work the angles well in order to get to the ball

3.)    The whole team is very aggressive to the ball


Now the bad or if you would rather call it areas that we need to work on


1.)    When the coach ask you to do something there should be no reply back to the coach just do as you are ask

2.)     We need to communicate to others on the team better this goes for the goal keeper as well work as a team the team is only as good as there weakest player

3.)    We must get to the outside or wings more and quit using the middle of the field once we are there find a team mate and cross the ball

4.)    There should never be 3 or 4 people on or going to the ball this leaves the areas that you should be playing open or uncovered

5.)    The goal keeper needs to take time let the others on the team get down field then kick the ball. Also keepers need to kick the ball to the wings

6.)    Last is the throw ins  throw ins must be down field not across and both arms must be above the head with both feet on the ground.


Over all we had a great game and look forward to playing on Sunday and the uniforms Rock be safe and God Bless Coach Mike



Practice times and dates located in the calendar tab located on the left side of the screen

Check out the video section has some cool drills you can practice at home. Also learn the offside rule it is enforced in this age group


Here is the drink schedule there will be 2 families on each game day. One will be at the start of the game and the second will be for the end of the game there is 14 kids on the team. Please remember to bring the drink on your game date as the kids are depending on this .If you are not going to be at the game you are scheduled for it is your responsibility to trade with another family on the team Thanks Mike




Zachary M.                        10/05/08                    before game


Margaret M.                         9/28/08                    before game




Jorge T.                               10/12/08                   before game


Desmond G.                       10/19/08                    before game


Robert H.                            10/26/08                   before game


Blane D.                               9/28/08                      after game


Hank N.                              10/05/08                      after game


Tristan R.                            10/12/08                     after game


Cody D.                               10/19/08                     after game


McKenna R.                        10/26/08                     after game


Shelby D.                            11/02/08                   before game


Caylan C.                            11/02/08                       after game


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