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(Jan 29/05)
It's official!!!!!!!!

I've registered an exercisefriends.com team in the Ocean Beach Co-ed 3-pitch softball league.

There are some strange rules in 3-pitch softball... such as 2 home plates, up to 10 defensive players on a field, and your own team pitches to you. This sounds weird, I know... but it all makes the game more fun, and brings the competition down to a friendly level.

I will be sending more details about the league, scheduling and rules shortly, but I was curious as to how many people would be able to get together for a pre-season warm-up / practice this Saturday.

If we get enough players, we can even have a short scrimmage.

Basically, by attending this weekend, you can find out more about the league, the wacky rules and meet the rest of the exerciseFriends.com team... without any obligation to join.

This is NOT a tryout, rather a fun way for us all to introduce and get ready for the upcoming season. Our first pre-season divisional placement game is in early February... so I'd like to get to throw the ball around a bit first.

Who else needs a little batting practice? I know I do :)


Time: Probably about 1:00pm or so... for all you late risers :)

Ocean Beach Practice Field: To Be Announced.


Last note: Do not feel you have to be a super athlete to play in this league. The league has many divisions and we will be placed according to our skill level.

Although I have no doubt that we will be among the best on the field... you do not have to worry about that sort of competition level at all.

This league is about meeting people and having some fun.

PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL to let me know your interest level.


ken @ ExerciseFriends.com


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