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(Jul 11/09)

 Dramatic Ending

6-16-09- This years All Star game was great. A's pitcher Nick Buckler was named the starting pitcher for Team CV. He pitched 3 no-hit innings before being taken out. He struck out 5 batters. He also had a big day at the plate. He lead off the game with a solo home run which was approximated at 405 ft. Jimmy Haerens went 3 for 4 with 2 triples as well. But in the bottom of the 7th, bases loaded, 2 outs and his team down by 3, Buckler struck again. He hit a grand slam to win the game for his club 7-6. He was also named the All Star game MVP.


Physical Play

 6-10-09- The A's played against Clintondale again. This time it wasn't such a pleasant trip. A few missed balk calls got both dugouts a lil cranky. After 2 hit batters enough was enough. Ryan Napoli was hit by a pickoff attempt twice in a row, he was elbowed by the opposing 3rd baseman and then Napoli sent the kid to the ground with an abrupt shove. Both dugouts were emptied, but nobody was ejected, not even Nick Buckler... yes I know somewhat hard to believe after he was ejected out of a record 7 games last season. But there was a game being played too and the A's lost 12-7.


A Rare Occaison

6-6-09- The A's got trounced by the Macomb Nationals. This is a team the A's beat 13-3 a week ago, but tonight, they suffered a 13-3 loss of their own. Andruw Reicher hit a 2-run homer to give the team life. Nick Buckler also gave the team a little spark aggressively when he came into pitch in relief and smoked a Nationals player right in the head with a 78 mph fast ball.



6-6-09- A's crush the Tigers 12-2 everyone was solid. There wasn't really a standout performance. Good game!


Injuries Not A Problem

 6-4-09- Thursday the A's came out a little sluggish. They had numerous errors and timely strikeouts at the plate. Nick Buckler picked up 9 strikeouts on the mound giving up 6 runs, only 1 of which was earned. They had a 4 run 7th inning to cap off a 10-6 win.


No Contest

 6-1-09- The A's put a hurting on the Tigers with a 15-0 win. Anothony Quatrine and Nick Buckler each hit a home run of their own sealing the deal.


Buckler strikes out 13 in blow out win.

5-30-09- The A's trounced the Macomb Nationals 13-3 on Saturday after noon with a great performance by ace pitcher, Nick Buckler. A complete game 4 hitter with 13 K's. Jimmy Haerns had 5 RBI getting off to a good offensive start.


 A's roll to easy opening day win.

 5-30-09- The A's tested out players at all positions in their first game, but that didnt matter. They went thru 4 pitchers and still managed a 10-4 win at the hands of the Shelby Cubs. Nick Buckler and Tyler Mylenavich turned a double play in the 7th inning to cap off a great opening game.


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