Apr 7/20
10:54 pm

Capital Sports Club




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Welcome to the Capital Sports Club

- Our goal is to HAVE FUN!
- All skill levels are welcome in our mixed adult group. From beginner to experienced players.
- We do not allow any body contact in any of our sports. If you want to be a whiny goon, go somewhere else because this club is not for you!
- We play as a mixed club with guys and girls playing as equals. We do not require a certain ratio of guys/girls on the floor at all times.
- We pick teams each night at random. This way, everybody eventually gets a chance to play with everyone else. Because of the random teams each night, we ask that everybody bring a Black shirt and a White shirt.
- Everyone who wishes to play must sign a waiver. Please get these from Shawn or Dave before the game.You are responsible for your own protection. There is no insurance if you get hurt.
- If you have a friend who wants to play, please e-mail the club to let us know which night they are interested in playing. We will make sure that there is room that night for spares.
- If you are a regular player and cannot make it for a game, please e-mail us to let us know to replace you for that night.


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