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Ranger College
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  • If you are interested in an opportunity in running cross country or half marithon at the college level please contact Head Coach Jones.
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        Ranger College


    with the school year coming to an end and spring sports in full swing, its time to help the senior athletes make choices.  

     Ranger College competes in various sports throughout the year.  This coming fall we will compete in Cross Country for the first time in many years.  At one time Ranger was well known for running cross country.  They actually had a Boston and New York Marathon champion come from this school.

      I, Coach Hershel Jones, am 33 year veteran coach of Texas public schools and am looking forward to this new challenge in my career.  Im excited about working with college age students and helping lead them to a productive life in our society.  

     Ranger is a small college with a "Cheers" type atmosphere where "everybody knows your name."  About 85% of the student body are athletes.  Classes are small ranging anywhere from 15 to 40 students.  Education is relatively inexpensive compared to other institutions.  Scholarships and financial aid are available to make it even more affordable.

    If you have any questions reguarding Ranger College or Cross Country please do not hesitate to call.  I look forward to hearing from you all and look forward to your future and opptunity to run and represent Ranger College.



Hershel Jones                                                   Cell: 254-631-6193 (Welcome Texting) 

Head Cross Country                                          Fax:  254-647-5432

1100 College Circle Ranger, TX  76470            Email: 





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