Dec 4/22
6:14 pm

Cooper VFW 2007



New Hope

Team Ticker:
  • John Rivers 612-250-8423
  • Take care of your bodies and uniforms!
  • The weather will NOT affect our game on Saturday!
Countdown to subdistric playoffs
(Jul 21/07)
TWINS GAME: Wednesday August 1st we have our tickets for the Twins. We will meet up at Cooper at 5:15 (so that means that you are there by 5:14) and leave for the game.

Our plan for parking: Since we will get to the dome plenty before the game (and its a Wed.) there will be parking in an underground lot that was built for the lightrail which is located right next to the dome (north side). Parking will be $7 per car so everyone is expected to front like $2 for'll be worth it...the tickets are worth $105 its a good deal!

I am still unsure if food will be provided for us in the box, but if it isn't be prepared to buy your own (so Gabe...bring $$).

I was given 18 tickets for the suite. The tickets were purchased by the SAVE organization and they bought 18 (15 kids and 3 coaches).

If there are any questions or concerns please let me know.

See you on Wednesday!

Bring your uniforms with you!! I will collect them all at Cooper


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