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College Football




League Ticker:
  • UCLA 13, USC 9
  • Ohio State vs. ??? January 8, 2007
  • Miami (FL) to MPC Computers Bowl. What a fall!
  • LSU, USC to Rose Bowl
  • WAKE and FLA take home conference championships
Countdown to Rose Bowl LSU/USC
(Jan 1/06)

11/17/06: Welcome to my website completely devoted to the greatest sport in the land: college fooball. College football is my absolute favorite sport: the teams, rivalries, rankings, the BCS (joke), and most of all, my beloved University of Southern California Trojans. As you can already see, my background is all about Ohio State. That's because every week I dedicate my background to the number one team in the nation according to the BCS polls. I may have to change the background after tomorrow; however, because the "Game of the Century" will take place in Columbus at 12:30 (PT), when Michigan has a chance to overtake the Buckeyes. Here are some things you might want to know about my site:
1. My "Divisions" page lists every single Division 1-A team in the NCAA, from Ohio State to Temple.
2. In my "Schedule" page, I'll put the top games from each week, and the fival score.
3. In the "Calendar" page, I'll have all the games of the week, along with dates of note in college football.
4. In the "Standings" page, I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything in that page yet.
5. In the "Photos" page, I'll put pictures (taken not by me) that are important in college fooball.
6. "Links" are cool pages that I'll link.
7. I don't know if I'll put anything in "Contacts" either.
8. In fields, I'll put a different field each week.'
9. You can write stuff in the forum, but I'll ban you if you put bad stuff.
10. My favorite teams are: USC, Florida State, Texas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Alabama, and TCU.

11/18/06: This section will be entirely dedicated to the late Michigan Wolverine coach Glenn "Bo" Schembechler. Bo was arguably the greatest Michigan coach to roam the sidelines of the Big House in Ann Arbor, and, fittingly, that's where his memorial service will take place. Schembechler was born in 1929 in Baberton, Ohio. He chose Miami (OH) for his college, and would later coach there. Some say that he laid the foundations for the West Coast Offense, now used across the country. Once he left Miami University, he was hired by one of the most prestigious programs in the NCAA: Michigan. Once Schembechler got to Ann Arbor, his legacy would never leave. In his 21 years as the Michigan head coach, he never had a losing season. In only four years he did not make a bowl game; however, he never won a National Championship. After his years at Michigan, he was with the Detroit Tigers organization. Then, one day before the biggest game in the great Ohio State-Michigan rivalry that he helped create, Bo died in Southfield, Michigan. He will be remembered forever, by Michigan alumni and all college football fans alike.

11/18/06: Well, the college football day is almost over, as UCLA and Arizona State are still clashed in the third quarter, and I've seen everything that I wanted and expected to see. The Ohio State Buckeyes showed that they were indeed better that the "Team up north", as former coach Woody Hayes would say, and my Trojans beat up on the Golden Bears in L.A. I wasn't surprised to see an LSU win, but I didn't think it would go to overtime! Great job; however, to the Ole Miss special teams to block that would-be game winning extra point in regulation. Florida absolutely destroyed Western Carolina, 62-0; and Arkansas won at Mississippi State, 28-14.

11/20/06: Ah, the BCS rankings are out, and once they settled in to my system; I sort of understanded them. There is no question that Ohio State is number one; undefeated and beating Michigan is enough to get you there. Number two was debatable. It was either going to be Michigan, who lost to Ohio State, or USC, who manhandled Cal 23-9. It turned out that Michigan would take number two again, but the problem with them is that they have no more games, while USC, Florida, Notre Dame, and Arkansas all have more games to prove to the voters. Here are the BCS ratings after last week:

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. USC
4. Florida
5. Notre Dame
6. Arkansas
7. West Virginia
8. Wisconsin
9. Louisville
10. LSU
11. Boise State
12. Auburn
13. Texas
14. Rutgers
15. Oklahoma
16. Georgia Tech
17. Virginia Tech
18. Boston College
19. Cal
20. Tennessee
21. Wake Forest
22. Nebraska
23. BYU
24. Clemson
25. Penn State

Ranking Notes:
1. Ohio State is the first ever team to get a 1.000 BCS rating
2. Penn State finally got back into the rankings; maybe that will make Joe Pa feel a little better
3. Who is that at 24? Clemson? Who's not ranked? Oh, Florida State? Where are you, "The U"? What happenned to the ACC this year?
4. I knew it all along! I knew Auburn would fall! I knew they were an overhyped team the whole time!
5. Cincinatti is the biggest mover of the standings, knocking off Rutgers. Now, there all only two undefeateds.

11/22/06: As the Notre Dame vs. USC game draws near, I think its time to look at the bowl picture in certain scenarios:
1. USC wins the Notre Dame game; USC beats UCLA = Ohio State vs. USC
2. USC loses to Notre Dame, Florida wins out = Ohio State vs. Florida
3. USC loses to Notre Dame, Florida loses one of two = Ohio State vs. Michigan

The way I see it, Notre Dame has run out of chances. They narrowly escaped an opening night game to Georgia Tech, lost by 26 points in South Bend to UM, and survived heroic comebacks against UCLA and Michigan State. Even if the can manage to beat the Trojans, I don't think they deserve to have a national title shot. For a look at the matchups for Saturday's huge game, click on my "Trojans" page.

11/22/06 - UPDATE: Now in my "Photos" page I will add in a page of college football stadiums that I feature in the "Fields" page!

11/22/06: For some, the college football season may seem to drag on and on. But who has to wait when you have NCAA Football 07, and can simulate an entire season plus bowl games in 15 minutes? With the awesome game from EA Sports, I simulated the entire 2006 season, and found more than a few surprises:

Simmed Final BCS Ratings:

1. Arizona State 13-0 (Won National Championship)
2. Minnesota 13-0 (Won Rose Bowl)
3. Tennessee 13-1 (Lost National Championship)
4. Ohio State 11-2 (Won Sugar Bowl)
5. Auburn 11-2 (Won Fiesta Bowl)
6. West Virginia 11-2 (Lost Orange Bowl)
7. Louisville 11-2 (Lost Rose Bowl)
8. Miami (FL) 12-2 (Won Orange Bowl)
9. Nebraska 12-2 (Lost Fiesta Bowl)
10. Oklahoma 12-2 (Won Cotton Bowl)
11. Virginia Tech 11-2 (Lost Sugar Bowl)
12. South Carolina 12-1 (Won Capital One Bowl)
13. Notre Dame 11-2 (Won Sun Bowl)
14. Texas 10-3 (Lost Gator Bowl)
15. Wisconsin 11-2 (Lost Capital One Bowl)
16. Utah 12-1 (Won Las Vegas Bowl)
17. New Mexico 11-2 (Won Poinsettia Bowl)
18. Florida State 11-3 (Lost Chik-fil-a Bowl)
19. Navy 11-2 (Lost Emerald Bowl)
20. North Carolina State 10-3 (Won Gator Bowl)
21. LSU 9-4 (Won Chik-fil-a Bowl)
22. Georgia Tech 9-4 (Won Music City Bowl)
23. TCU 10-3 (Won Fort Worth Bowl)
24. Alabama 10-4 (Lost Cotton Bowl)
25. Oklahoma State 9-4 (Lost Holiday Bowl)

WOW! That was a totally unpredictable season! Who thought, really, before this year that Arizona State would win the National Title? At least there would have been no complaining in the pixelated world (except for the fans in the Gopher State), because both teams in the National Championship were undefeated. The winner of the Heisman was.........South Carolina's HB Cory Boyd.

11/23/06: It's Thanksgiving!!! I would like to thank God for my family, my friends, my house, my opportunities, and his son, Jesus!!! Some of these teams have accepted bowl bids from the bowls:

Penn State - Outback Bowl
Wisconsin - Capital One Bowl
BYU - Las Vegas Bowl
Hawaii - Hawaii Bowl
Purdue - Champs Sports Bowl
Minnesota - Insight Bowl
Iowa - Alamo Bowl
Navy - Meineke Car Care Bowl

Going bowling never felt so good! Today also marks an old-school matchup - Boston College vs. Miami - that 22 years ago gave us the most heroic college football moment of all time. Also, I have decided to do the standings page.

11/24/06: I have decided to change my mind. Now, I will have a different featured team every day or so. Also, I wanted to make my pick for tonights LSU/Arkansas game. Here it is: LSU 27, ARKANSAS 21

11/24/06 - UPDATE: You might have noticed I took off the "Trojans" page. Instead, it is still dedicated to USC, but every once in a while I will feature a team and its history.

11/24/06: After today, I think that College football Friday might be more influential than Saturday! Wow! This was a surprising day Austin and in Fayetteville, where Texas fell to rival A&M, and Arkansas will be #6 no more, after a loss to LSU. However, the Cornhuskers layed a drubbings on the Buffs from CU. That leaves tomorrow with Florida-Florida State and Notre Dame/Southern Cal, two games I will be very into because my Trojans and Seminoles are going against top-10 teams. Actually, I'm going with an upset tomorrow: Seminoles by 4! I'll also give them good luck by dedicating my website to them.

11/25/06: No luck for the 'Noles today; they lost to Florida 21-14. I loved their defense, but Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee just couldn't get it done. You can't; however, overlook the dropped passes by the FSU receivers.

11/27/06: Wow! I can't believe that the college football season is almost over! At least we still have the USC/UCLA game, conference championships, and then, finally, the bowls. One more team has accepted a bowl bid, to the New Mexico Bowl. It may be a surprise, but NEW MEXICO is going there! Shocker! I just went on's , and I found some surprising stuff. Here are my BCS Bowl picks:

Rose: Michigan over Notre Dame
Fiesta: Oklahoma over Boise State
Sugar: Florida over Louisville
Orange: LSU over Georgia Tech
BCS Championship: USC over Ohio State

11/30/06: It seems like forever since I last wrote something, but now I'm ready. I'm also going to write a summary of the SC/Notre Dame game! Today, I learned a historic fact about LSU's season: they'll be playing in the Rose Bowl! Most likely against Michigan, this will be the Southeastern Conference's last team to play in the "Grandaddy of 'em all" since 1946. Although not a fan, I have believed in the Tigers all year long, and I consistently thought of them being in a BCS game, not in a lesser bowl, and an LSU trip to the Rose Bowl will probably be the most watched bowl game, excluding the National Championship, which my boys will probably play in. Here are some already confirmed bowl matchups:

Armed Forces Bowl: Tulsa vs. Utah
Holiday Bowl: Cal vs. ???
International Bowl: Western Michigan vs. UNDECIDED BIG EAST TEAM
MPC Computers Bowl: Miami (FL) vs. Nevada
Motor City Bowl: Central Michigan vs. UNDECIDED BIG TEN TEAM
New Mexico Bowl: New Mexico vs. San Jose State
Ponsettia Bowl: TCU vs. Northern Illinois
Sun Bowl: Oregon State vs. MIZZOU OR 2ND PLACE BIG EAST TEAM

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't think anything could be more exciting between the BCS bowls and the National Championship than Western Michigan vs. a Big East team in the International Bowl. Hot college football action!!! Also, I want to make a conformation with a article, saying that the top 10 teams should automatically be in the BCS. Forget the ACC! Leave it up to the teams that deserve it!

12/2/06: Congratulations today to:

UCLA (upset #2 USC)
Wake Forest (Won first ACC championship since 1970)
Flordia (won SEC, likely to play in National Championship)

This was an outstanding day in college football, even though my boys went down in Pasadena. UCLA got unbelievable pressure on John David Booty, all the way to a win. Also, conference championships were won by Wake Forest and Florida. Even still, the WVU/RUTG and NEB/OU games aren't over! I can't wait for LSU-USC; that will be probably the most exciting bowl game this year on New Year's Day.


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