Apr 7/20
11:20 pm

CLLL 11-12 2006
All-Star Team



Canyon Lake

Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of the CLLL 11-12 2006 All-Star Team!!!
  • Practice at Gault Field on Wednesday at 8 AM
  • Little League All-Stars start on July 5!!!
Countdown to First Game: 5:00 vs. Temecu
(Jul 6/06)

6/15/06: Practice-5:30 @ Gault Field

The 11-12 All-Star's first practice went very well. Mostly comprising of learning the stretches and doing situational infield, the team did better than expected, considering everyone (except the Nationals) hadn't played baseball for two weeks. The next practice is at Sam's house in time slots.

6/16/06: Practice-4:00 @ Coach Jim's house

The 11-12 team was hitting the cover off the ball in practice today. In the batting cage, and off the tee, the team was ripping the ball. Also, everyone got to pitch again. After practice was over, Sam, Ryan, and Justin M. jumped in the lake to cool off.

6/17/06: Practice-10:00 @ Gault Field

The whole team agreed that practice was HOT!!! With high temperatures, the team still played with high intensity. After fly ball practice and situational defense, the practice consisted of 4 on 4 on 4 baseball. The pitching was great, so the final score was 0-0-1. The next practice is on Monday at 4:00.

6/19/06: Pracitce-4:00 @ Gault Field

Another practice with high temperatures and fielding, Coach Jim had the team almost ready to play a game. It's very good that the team is so ready so early, and it's also good that the team is hitting well. Today's 4 on 4 on 4 game was high-scoring, with the 3rd team winning again, 6-5-7.

6/21/06: Practice-4:00 @ Gault Field

Today, the team learned that CF Justin Moyers will not be playing with the team for All-Stars. Now, the rest of the team will have to pick each other up. Today's pracice was ground balls, fly balls, bunt coverages, 1st and 3rd plays, and then hitting.

As the team is ending their string of practices before the games, the pitching is getting the point! Keep the ball down, and we'll get outs.
Next practice on Wednesday, then game on Thursday.


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