Oct 28/20
4:07 pm

Carr's Lawncare



Fort Wayne

Welcome to the Carr's Lawncare Prep Ball Home Page!

Next Practice:  TBD -  Schedule is updated.  Tournament brackets were handed out at practice last week.  If a game is rained out, the entire schedule moves forward a day.

Next Game is on Monday 6/28 @ 7:00 p.m.  Please arrive no later than one half hour before game time - this is a change we've made due to the hotter weather.

End of the regular season stats were handed out on Tuesday.  Tournament stats will be handed out after we win the tournament!  :)

  I know its getting warm, but it is very important that all of our players wear hats, pants and cleats to ALL practices (regular shoes are fine if we're at StrikeZone).  Hats help keep the sun out of their eyes when trying to catch fly balls.  Pants protect their legs when we have them sliding.  Please help do your part to prepare your players for practice.

    Game Day:
  Please arrive at the field one-half hour prior to game time.  We need to stretch and warm up before the game starts. We will be warming up in the outfield if we have the early game.  When we have the late game, warmups will be in the area south of the prep field.  We also need to submit a lineup to the scorekeepers before the game starts and that's hard to do if kids show up at game time or after the game starts. The first base dugout is for the HOME team, 3rd base for VISITORS.  Click 'Schedule' or 'Calendar' to your left to see the upcoming game schedule. 

    Parents: Please remember that umpires and coaches are volunteers. Bad calls are going to happen. Please do not yell at the umpires, it will only result in the Manager being ejected. We will do our best to make sure every child has the best experience possible. If you have any questions, please ask your coaches.

    Each game we may need to ask parents to volunteer to do things like fill in for a missing coach or be a scorekeeper or announcer. I can tell you from experience, the game goes by much faster if you get involved rather than sitting and watching.

    A snack schedule was passed out to your child, if you didn't receive it, please ask Scott which dates you have or just click the roster link on your left. If you know you will not be at the game you are scheduled for, please make arrangements with another parent to switch games.

    All players should wear long pants and a hat to every practice.  Our black hats are our game uniform, the green hats may be worn at practice.

Let's have a GREAT season!


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