Apr 4/20
9:06 pm

Calgary B Royals




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  • Welcome to the new home of the Royals
  • This page is currently under construction. Please check back as new information will be added soon.
Player of the game:
(Jun 18/05)
Nick Hummel

Nick was the player of the game, having no other choice then to pitch. Once the nerves were over with he calmed downa dnw ent straight to work. He gave the crowds some laughter and even encouraged his team to back him up with some run, and that makes Nick our Player of the Game!
Countdown to Provincials!
(Jul 8/05)
Welcome to the Royals New Home Page.

Welcome to a very simple home for a very complex team. We are a team based out of Calgary Alberta and our goal is to win our divsion more or less. Were hvaing a rough go right now with our record at 3-7 I think, but we have more then enough potential to pull it out. So if you want to be a fan, check the sched and come out and cheer us on, we'd lvoe the support, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the excitement of Calgary Royals Baseball!


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