Apr 4/20
11:22 pm

Brookwood Astros




Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of the Brookwood Astros
  • Go Astros!
  • Next game is Friday at 7:45 against the Cardinals!
Player of the game:
(Sep 25/05)
Bailey Hopkins

Bailey is a complete ballplayer. he's one of the best catchers in the league and always makes good contact with the ball. Today he had another solid game behind the plate and had 2 wicked hits one of them a triple! Way to play ball. Keep up the good work Bailey and GO ASTROS!
Countdown to Next Game vs. Cardinals!
(Sep 30/05)

Check out our new Team picture page!

Great game against the White Sox! We played good ball and everyone looked sharp at the plate! We're fielding the ball better and everyone's swinging a mean bat! We mixed up the positions today and gave our players a chance to try out a different spot and they all looked AWESOME!
We're looking better and better every game. Lets keep it up for our next game against the Cardinals on Friday!

We have practice on Thursday at 6:30 at R.D. Head.

Snack Schedule:
Austin Friday September 30
Josh Sunday October 2nd

Please stress to your kids the 4 important goals for this season.

1. Have FUN!
2. Watch the ball at all times.
3. Listen to your coaches.
4. Show good Sportsmanship and help your teammates!

This website will serve as great place to get information on our Astros.

We will be adding a picture page so you can see your kids in action!

Lets have a great season and GO ASTROS!

please e-mail the webmaster if you have any questions, suggestions, or pictures of our Astros that you want posted!


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