Sep 26/20
7:03 pm

St. Louis Bombers



St. Louis

Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the home of the St. Louis Bombers
  • Outdoor Practice at Westglen Woods Field Thursdays 6PM
  • Outdoor Practice at Chesterfield Saturdays in March through April 2nd; possible indoor rain option
Countdown to 1st Game
(Mar 30/11)

WELCOME TO THE 2011 SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outdoor Practice Times

Thursdays at 6PM at Westglen Woods Practice Field beginning in March!!

Outdoor Practices at Chesterfield Athletic Assocation Saturdays in March from 1-2:30 PM through April 2nd. 

2011 Tournaments

Bonfire Warm Up                                         Apr  4 - 10                      Ballwin Athletic Assn

Play it Right Tourn - Bridgeton                   Apr 30 - May 1               Bridgeton Municipal Complex

Memorial Day Tournament                         May 27 - 30                    Manchester Athletic Assn

Fathers Day Tourn                                      Jun 16- 19                      Ellisville Athletic Assn

4th Of July Tourn                                        Jul 1 - 3                          Chesterfield Athletic Assn


Game Days:

--Please arrive no later than 30 minutes before scheduled game time

--Please refrain from food in the dugout.

--Players/coaches only in the dugout.


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