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Brunswick BAT Cage 2008 Club Teams.


The B.A.T. Cage Bulldogs is a club team committed to the challenge of taking 12 individual ballplayers, each at different levels of intellectual, social, and emotional development and with varying degrees of athletic skill, and transforming them into a team of ball players who share a common goal of self-improvement in many aspects of personal growth. As the B.A.T. Cage takes the players through the process of pre-season training and competitive summer league play, we strive to develop the skills our young athletes will need for the next level of baseball and for successful everyday living, as well. B.A.T. Cage trainers recognize that discipline and a dedicated work ethic are the basic building blocks for success in sports and for the achievement of any life goal. Perseverance in achieving personal goals and being a team player are essential life skills that the B.A.T. Cage Bulldogs promote as a key part of our training program. We are looking for athletes who recognize the importance of committing to something bigger than themselves - the team.

Pre-season training:

Our pre-season training for the high school aged boys will take place prior to the beginning of area high school tryouts and practices. Our practices will start around the first of January for 15 and over, and the first of February for 14 and under. Once the high school season begins, organized team workouts will no longer be allowed under OHSSA rules for the High School aged athletes. However, individual ballplayers are permitted to use the B.A.T. Cage facility to work out. This pre-season training will give our ballplayers a competitive edge when they start trying out for their respective high school programs. Pre-season training at the B.A.T. Cage will include eight weeks of strength and conditioning, pitching, hitting, team defense, and team offense. All training will take place at the Brunswick B.A.T. Cage.

Team approach for 2008:

Our goal is to have a manageable schedule that is not too intense and is somewhat family friendly. Teams that travel extensively as a means of developing ballplayers add significantly to overall team costs. Our goal is to stay in Ohio, where there is a wide variety of opportunities to expose our athletes to a highly competitive level of baseball. Our schedule will consist of a combination of tournaments and travel play in the CVBA. The desired result is to develop the individual ballplayers, making sure that everyone who practices and gives forth the effort plays. By developing the individual skill set, winning will take care of itself. By emphasizing that playing time is the reward for hard work and 100% effort at all times, the players will develop the work ethic and perseverance required to take full advantage of their individual abilities.

Hitting and Fielding Instruction:

Jared Treadway is a local ball player from Bay Village H.S., where he lettered at the Varsity level three straight years. He was all conference for two of those years, which prepared him for his career at the College of Wooster, one of the premier Division III College baseball programs in the nation. While playing for the Fighting Scots of Wooster, he received All Conference honors all four years, and also made All Region two of those years. In 2001, Jared was the only Division III ballplayer to be ranked among the leaders in all of College baseball in both homeruns and stolen bases. Jared finished his career at the College of Wooster, ranked in the top five of seven different statistical categories. In 2002, Jared was drafted by the New York Yankees. He played shortstop and center field in their minor leagues for three years. In 2005, an injury to his shoulder from earlier in his professional career finally caught up with him, forcing an early retirement. Jared’s baseball knowledge and skills will be invaluable to all members of the B.A.T. Cage Bulldogs.

Pitching Instruction:

Eric Raich began his career in the state of California during the late 1960’s, where he was an All State high school baseball player. A multi-sport star in high school, Eric originally accepted a college scholarship to play football at the University of Southern California. In addition to playing football, Eric also pitched for the USC Trojans baseball team all four years, helping to propel them to four consecutive NCAA Baseball Championships from 1968 – 1971. Selected as the Cleveland Indians number one draft pick in 1972, Eric continued to develop as a prototype power pitcher. Throwing in the low to mid 90’s, he quickly advanced through the Indians’ minor league system. He reached the major leagues with the Tribe in 1975 and 1976. He finished his career in 1978 with the Baltimore Orioles.

Team Defense and Catching:

Ron was born in Flint Michigan, where he became a three sport standout in baseball, basketball and football at Flint Central High. After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree Physical Education and Exercise Science, he was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the second round of the 1972 Major League draft. Ron made his major league debut with the Texas Rangers in 1975. He played major league baseball for 9 years, 5 ˝ of them with the Cleveland Indians. He played almost every defensive position during his major league career. After his professional baseball career, Ron coached in the Italian Major Leagues, and was also the 1992 Spain Olympic Baseball Team’s hitting instructor. He has more than twenty years of teaching and coaching experience since his retirement from professional baseball.

Speed and Agility Training:

Manny Economos has been employed with the Marymount Hospital Human Motion Center (formerly known as The Peak at Marymount) since 1991. He was the Head Athletic Trainer for the Cleveland Crunch through Marymount Hospital for eleven seasons. Also in that time period Manny was the Head Athletic Trainer for the Cleveland Lumberjacks and Thunderbolts. Currently, Manny is the Team Leader for Marymount’s Outpatient Rehabilitation services. In addition to his clinical supervision, Manny oversees the Sports Fit, Kids Fit and Get Fit programs at Marymount. His experience with professional athletes in three different sports will be invaluable in making our athletes bigger, faster, and stronger. Session goals will be to improve in the following areas:
• Agility
• Linear and multidirectional speed
• First step quickness
• Explosive speed
• Balance
• Vertical jump
• Flexibility
• Lateral movements
• Core muscle development


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