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December 10, 2008 - Almost!

Welcome to the home page of my NBA picks. I am not exactly a rabid NBA fan, but I do have knowledge of the game, and will do my best to finish this season with a winning record. My games start tonight, when the 2006-2007 season tips off with the Heat taking on the Bulls, and the Suns clash with the Lakers. My scoring system is simple. I pick the winner and the difference of the final score. If I pick wrong, I get no points for that game. If I pick right, but not within 5 points above or below the difference I pick, I get 1 point. If I get the pick right, then get the difference within 5 points that I picked, I get 2 points. If I get the pick right, and the difference right on, I get 3 points. Here are some made-up examples:

1. Chicago (+4) at Phoenix/Chicago 100 @ Phoenix 107 = 0 (points)

2. Chicago (+4) at Miami/Chicago 92 @ Miami 81 = 1

3. Miami at Phoenix (+7)/Miami 101 @ Phoenix 110 = 2

4. Miami (+3) at Philadelphia/Miami 98 @ Philadelphia 95 = 3

Here are short descriptions of the pages:

Home: You're looking at it
Divisions: Teams of the NBA
Schedule: A complete NBA schedule
Calendar: A calendar of the best game of each day
Standings: Standings of the NBA
Photos: NBA photos (Note: I did not take these pictures, these are from other websites, which I will post)
Links: Links to other websites, as well as my other pick sites
Contacts: I probably won't put anything here
Locations: I will put NBA arenas in here
Picks: The most important page; my NBA picks are here
Forum: Post your feedback here, but please make it clean

Thanks for visiting my website!!!


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