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Lil' Cudas
T-ball team (weeball)




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Lil' Cudas



Welcome to the home of the 2011 Lil' Cudas wee-ball team


The Lil' Cudas will be a newly formed T-ball team made up of 3-4 year olds from the Ada, OK area. The Team will practice and play at the Homer complex next season. The team will be coached by Chris Watkins (current head coach of the Byng Barracudas). The team will consist of 12-13 players.

What to expect?

Children should first learn to love the game before they learn to compete. What we will teach the players during their first few years are (1) To LOVE to play (2) To have fun (3) To make friends

Whats expected of the players?

(1) To respect their coaches, team mates, parents, and umpires (2) To try hard during practice and during games (3) Great attitudes

Whats expected of the parents?

(1) To have your child at practices and games on or before the time agreed upon (2) To allow your child to be coached by his/her coaches (3) To remain in the stands and not on the field or in the dugout (3) To stay positive during practices and at games

Whats expected of the coaches?

(1) To to the kids to have fun (2) To remain positive at all times (3) To encourage the players to do their best at all times (4) To create a positive, fun atmosphere for players, parents, coaches etc

What will the players learn during the first year?

(1) How to run bases (the most important tool for the T-ball years) (2) How to field a ground ball and make the throw to 1st base (3) How to make contact with the ball off the tee (4) How to have fun playing "T-Ball"

The baseball season can be as fun as the coaches, players, and parents make it. In order for the season to be positive one, parents and coaches must work together to make sure the the kids are having fun & learning at the same time. The lil' cuda team will be one that won't win a lot of games (because of the style of play that we will use during the first year), but will have lots of fun.


We are currently looking for players. If you have a child or know someone who would like to play for us, please let us know.

320-1069 cell



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