Jul 11/20
12:30 am





Team Ticker:
  • We are in 5th place 10 games back of first
  • Erubriel Durazo leads our teams homeruns (6)
Countdown to Mario Baseball Comes Out
(Aug 30/05)

Bobby (Athletics) 14-20

THANK YOU SPONSERS!!!! CHECK OUT OUR SPONSERS!!!!Hi my name is Bob but some people call me the bob, and the other day i was walking in to Roger Clemens house because i found his contact and I go in the house and he is like you cant come in because u have dirt feet and i said "but i have Roger's contact" then he said then he said clean your feet then i said "o ok"!! Anyway my name is bobby, i have a dog names Butch( skins,king) and he likes to chase wabbis. This is the my teams home page for the mvp baseball league. The league home page i believe is or sumthing like that.Ya so for more information go there.And dont forget Lingo Interactive tonight at 10. Also you can look at the roster, standings, links, contacts and fields and photos if i figure out how to them


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