Apr 6/20
8:52 am

Asheboro Honda Pony




Team Ticker:
  • Honda plays tonight....Friday, June 16th at 7:45pm! 1st round of tourney
2006 Asheboro Honda Pony – Parent’s Meeting (content of meeting from April 29, 2006).

• Player’s, coaches and fans must conduct themselves with class at all times.
o It’s easy to be a good winner….we will win with class and lose with dignity.
o Players, coaches, umpires and league officials will be treated with respect in all situations.
• Every player needs to know the Lord’s Prayer.
• It is required that you come to each game and each practice and are on time.
o On time means on the field ready to perform at the time requested by the coaching staff.
o Brief discussion of rainouts.
o In the event of an absence, a call to the coach prior to the event is expected.
• Brief discussion of practice away from practice. Greensboro Batting Center will provide $1 tokens for members of this team.
• Brief discussion of All-Stars.
• Brief discussion of expectations and requirements. Attitude, hustle, tough, etc.
• Team webpage:
o Please email updates for your personal information as desired.
o Check webpage for updates concerning times, etc.
• Brief discussion of player positions, playing time, etc.
• Atmosphere will be safe, fun and competitive.
• Failure to follow these rules may result in loss of playing time including complete games in the dug out.

3917 High Point Rd. Greensboro, NC 27407


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