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Member of the NRV Juniors Volleyball Roanoke,VA

Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of the NRV 14 Club
  • Our first practice is December 4, 2012 at The edge from 12-2. Our regular practices will be Monday 5-7 and Sunday's 12-2. (The Edge)
  • The Edge Sports Complex is located at 3710 Tom Andrews Road Roanoke, VA 24019.
  • The Edge is now called Spectrum Sports Academy. (Same place)
Countdown to First NRV 14 Club Practice !!!
(Dec 4/11)
Posted Nov 2/11 - Join me in Welcoming Coach Stump to our team
I am excited to announce that Coach Kayla Stump with be joining our team this year. 

Kayla Stump

Kayla has been involved with volleyball since middle school. She played as a setter for 8th grade, JV, and Varsity teams at Giles High School. She also played for NRV for one year. Kayla was invited to play in the King Kamehameha Classic in Hawaii in 2007. She attended various volleyball camps throughout high school. Since graduating from high school, she has played on adult recreational teams. Kayla has coached Junior Olympic volleyball for the past 2 years. She was the head coach of 16U and 14U teams. This volleyball season, she was an assistant volleyball coach at Giles High School. She is IMPACT certified. Kayla has graduated with a bachelor's degree from Radford University and is now attending PT (Physical Therapy) school at Radford. Kayla looks forward to helping each player learn and develop their volleyball skills.

Coach Adams
Posted Nov 1/11 - Tasks we must get accomplished !
Provide Coach Adams with the following: 
1. Uniform Sizes
2. ODR Number 
3. Select NRV JUNIORS as your club in Webpoint
4. Send Karen Bolton your deposit. 



Welcome to the NRV 14s Club Team!  You should have heard from Coach Adams (me), by now, that you are going to be part of a great club team.

I wanted to drop you a note (beware it is a long note) and let you know that I am excited to be Coaching the NRV 14s this year and give you an idea of what you are getting into.  Below gives important information about our team.

You should have heard from Coach Adams (me) by now, and that you are going to be a part of a great club team.


Yes we are a club level team. Some of you had questions about developmental level programs and what I expected from our team this year. I may have used a poor word choice when speaking to some parents during the notification process.  We are a young 14s team; most of our players do not meet the USAV 14s age definition. We are not a development program team. We are and will be a competitive team.

WHAT CLUB LEVELS MEANS TO ME: We are a serious group of players wiling to make hard sacrifices to learn and play volleyball.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a developmental program and some players need to have the chance to be part of those types of programs.  But, the level of commitment, desire and skill is different in my view with a club level team.


 Volleyball is a great sport. Players do not need a lot of expensive individual personal equipment to play Volleyball. They need volleyball shoes, kneepads, a water bottle and a whistle (a whistle is a great stocking stuffer gift because it is not needed until we start tournaments). We will talk about active ankle supports and other add-ons as the questions come up.  

The team players are not required to buy anything more than the basic equipment.  Although, Parents and players as a team can decide to purchase matching items ONLY if it is a unanimous decision. For example, socks, hair ribbons, etc.

As part of a team bonding exercise in the past, we have asked the girls to buy cheap sweat pants (Wal-Mart $6) to decorate during a team gathering by using puff paints.


As listed on the website.

David Adams just moved back to the area from Texas a couple of years ago.  He grew up in Salem, VA.  He has been coaching youth sports since he graduated from high school.  He has coached football, girls T-ball, basketball, and volleyball.  He has actively been coaching volleyball since 2006.  He has coached both Youth Volleyball Recreational Leagues and juniors with a club in Texas. David led his NRV 14s and 13s team to several victories and the teams were ranked in the top ten in the ODR.  He is USA Volleyball IMPACT certified and CAP level I certified, and enjoys watching kids learn the sport of volleyball and expand their personal skills.  His daughter, Faith, plays volleyball, and he has two sons, Ben and Jacob, that keep him active. David received Coach of the Year Award in 2010.  This past Fall 2011 season David coached the Dayspring Christian Academy Lions Junior Varsity team, located in Blacksburg, VA.

 I have coached youth sports for many years. I have coached Volleyball for the past 6 years. In Texas, the recreation department has both a spring and winter league and I coached year around. I believe that as a Coach I have a responsibility, just as the players, to continuously learn about the sport.

 Not listed on the website is my playing experience. I have played recreational volleyball on and off for many years.  I also played on my Squadrons team while I was active duty Air Force.  I do have some practical hands on experience playing the sport, but my main gift is coaching.  Not all players are great coaches and not all great coaches were/are great players. (I am by no means saying I am great!)

You were all chosen to join this team based on several different factors during tryouts.  (Some of those are listed, in no special order, below):

  • Physical Ability
  • Potential
  • Confidence
  • Attitude

Some of the ladies were well rounded in all three and some stood out in one area so much that we could not help but want them on the team.

We have a team made of 12 players and 2 Coaches. And I want to make something crystal clear...
We are a team of 14. Period.
We are only as good as our weakest player/coach.
We will work (and I do mean work!) as a team.
We will win and lose together.
We will laugh together and cry together.

During the first practice, we will start that delicate dance of getting to learn each other and expectations.  

I will do some unconventional things during tournaments with the line-ups.  (Be warned now)
I need players and parents to be comfortable knowing ahead of time that I DO NOT have a starting six, or an A Team or B-Team. I do not work that way. I have 12 amazing and gifted young ladies that I can use on the court to be competitive against another team.  But, I want to be clear that does not guarantee everyone playing time either.  I want each young lady to learn their gifts and skills so we can find the right situation to use them. I believe, in Club, the importance is all about practice time and what we learn during that practice time. Tournaments are a way to measure how we are doing against others.

I mentioned briefly to a couple of you already I have a very simple coaching philosophy.

  • Breathe
  • Have Fun
  • Learn Something

You can find my philosophy on this website under documents.

I have HIGH expectations from my assistant, this team and myself.  And, those expectations may not mean winning every match we play, but rather growing from where we are to a place that is better.

John Kessel Has a quote--
never be a child's last coach That is something I want to aspire to.

Blessings and I will be letting you know when our first practice is scheduled.

Coach Adams

Yoda said Do or do not, there is no try.



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