Apr 22/18
7:44 am

Wasted Talent Softball




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  • Congradulations Tuesday Mens D on 1st Place going UNDEFEATED 16-0! and Thursday Mens D Winning the tournament in dominating fashion!
  • 2nd session indoor is fast approaching! Time to get ready!


Welcome to Wasted Talent's New Website


 Home of the Most Successful Softball Organization in DeKalb Park District History


Summer is right around the corner boys. Obviously there was a bit of an oops with 2nd session indoor. Fear not Wasted guys, summer will be back on track and back to normal. What's going to go down is most of the kids will be gone back to Joliet but, the undefeated team will still be around. We would like to get the guys from that same team for at least one night, hopefully two. I'll (Adam) be settin it up so there's no confusion anymore. Boys, it's time to do to summer, what we did to fall...make'em all look stupid like we always do!



Sign up for the season will be coming soon. You can do so at the DeKalb Park District. Or use a credit card over the phone, 815-758-7756



If you need a new jersey please contact Adam ASAP.


What does success look like?

Here's a taste...


..     2009 Fall Thursday Mens's D League Tournament Champions

..     2009 Fall Thursday Mens's D League 3rd Place

..     2009 Fall Tuesday Men's D League Tournament Champions

..   2009 Fall Tuesday Men's D League Champions (undefeated)

¨       2009 Summer Co-Ed Monday GOLD League Champions

¨       2009 Summer Tuesday Men’s D 2nd Place Tournament

¨       2009 Summer Tuesday Men's D League 3rd Place

¨       2009 Winter Indoor Session II Tuesday Men's League Champions

¨       2009 Winter Indoor Session II Thursday Men's League Champions

¨       2009 Winter Indoor Session II Co-Ed League Champions

¨       2008 Winter Indoor Session I Co-Ed League 2nd Place

¨       2008 Winter Indoor Session I Men’s League Champions

¨       2008 Fall Co-Ed Sunday League 3rd Place

¨       2008 Fall Co-Ed Monday League 2nd Place

¨       2008 Fall Co-Ed Monday Tournament Champions

¨       2008 Fall Men’s “E” Wednesday League Champions

¨       2008 Fall Men’s “E” Wednesday Tournament Champions

¨       2008 Fall Men’s “D” Thursday League Champions

¨       2008 Fall Men’s “D” Thursday Tournament 2nd Place

¨       2007 Fall Co-Ed Monday League Champions

¨       2007 Fall Co-Ed Monday Tournament Champions

¨       2007 Fall Men’s “E” Wednesday League 3rd Place

¨       2007 Fall Men’s “E” Wednesday 2nd Place Tournament

¨       2007 Fall Men’s “D” Thursday League 2nd Place

¨       2007 Fall Men’s “D” Thursday 3rd Place Tournament

¨       2007 Summer Co-Ed Friday League 2nd Place

¨       2007 Summer Co-Ed Friday Tournament Champions

¨       2006 Fall Co-Ed Sunday Consolation Tournament Champions

¨       2006 Fall Men’s “D” Tuesday League 2nd Place

¨       2006 Fall Men’s “D” Tuesday Tournament Champions

If I do not have all your information under our roster link, email us when you get a chance. or Adam at

I have nothing to do with the store link, this website did that all on its own. I have no knowledge of these products.

This Fall was the best run for Mens league yet! We can only continue and keep getting better as we move on!


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