Oct 19/20
7:41 pm

Vancouver Monarchs




Team Ticker:
  • Team BC wins first game at Westerns 12-6
  • Sengara crushes 2 run homer adds a double/ 3rbi's
  • Carusi pounds out two rocket singles
  • Sengara/Carusi go the distance behind the dish smartly
  • Team BC plays double header Friday/updates on
Countdown to Pee Wee AAA Western Final Brandon Manitoba
(Aug 18/10)


The AAA Monarchs will put the finishing touches on an incredible run tonight as the boys of summer will party it up at Coach Jeff's pad.  Let's hope the weather holds off and allows for a great time tonight.  No doubt there will be a lot of reflecting and celebrating after a year for the books.  Zach, don't forget your poker chips!  See you tonight!!!




No rest for for the ball players.  Ted Pawlick, who has just come back from a ride of a lifetime, will be getting a fall ball group ready in the next few days.  Please check his website for more info.  Congratulations Vancouver Mounties on an amazing run which saw them finish 4th at the Nationals back in Vaughn Ontario.  They won the Provincials in tremendous fashion and played extremely well back in Ontario.  I'll keep you updated as I hear. 




A few breaks here and there and the BC 1 squad could have sought revenge on Brandon Manitoba, but it was not meant to be.  Seven stranded runners was the difference after Kyle Starineri pitched a brilliant game,worthy of mention years from now.  The BC 1 team ma handled Sask in the bronze game and is leaving Manitoba with great satisfaction of the team's effort and result.  Your update on the Monarch boys is great.  Kevin Sengara crushed the ball all tournament and was awarded two game MVP's as his bat swung feverishly.  In the semi final he went 3 for 3 with a walk.  Nicholas Carusi was outstanding at third stabbing a line drive bullet in the final inning of the final game.  His bat was stinging as he laced the ball all tournament.  We would like to thank the gracious and wonderful people of Ridge Meadows for giving Kevin and Nicholas the chance to participate in the highest level of basball available for 13 year old boys.  There is no question that Canada is the home to the future of baseball.  Congratulations to Abbotsford on the title and congratulations to all the players for a great tournament.  So long from Manitoba.




The day kicked off very well for the Ridge Meadows squad as they handled a tough bunch from Manitoba's All Stars by the score of 12-6.  Coach Rey did a masterful job fitting all 18 players on roster in the game for multiple at bats.  Team BC pitched 6 different pitchers who did a fabulous job for their team.  On a Monarch note, Sengara and Carusi shared back catching duties for the game and hit extremely well.  Carusi went two for two knocking out two powerful singles while Sengara got the offense rolling early demolishing a 1-2 offering over the centerfield fence(250 ft) to bring in two.  He added another double scoring an rbi in his next and last at bat.  The boys of Ridge Meadows, now Team BC, are playing inspired ball and have jelled like they have been playing with each other for years.  Congratulations boys!!!!!!!!!!!  I will report back tomorrow from beautiful Brandon, Manitoba where the kids from BC have a double header.     




It was a battle of the heavy weight champs.  On this day it was Ridge Meadows day.  Coach Rey had his boys ready to play and they out hit your Monarchs completely.  Our pitchers did fabulous but the Royal's bats were dominating.  This brought an end to the Monarch's season.  What a season it was!  An undefeated regular season, undefeated in the playoffs, crowned league champs, crowned playoff champs, Don Breu champs, John Main Champs, Rumble at the Ridge champs.  Wow!!  Losing in the semi final of the provincials after facing the best 12 and 13 year olds this province has to offer is amazing.  The boys played with unwavering heart and spirit from the beginning and never came home with anything in the was always left on the field which is all a coach can ask for.  The sun will shine again for these boys, it has to.  Heart like that is always rewarded.  Congratulations on a spectacular season Roman, Remey, John, Tom, Tommy, Garde, Zach, Rory, Nicko, Nicky, Lucas and Kevin.  You earned my respect and admiration as ball players and young men. 

The Vancouver Monarchs would like to wish the Ridge Meadows Royals, who have become TEAM BC 1, the best of luck in the Western Finals at Brandon Manitoba.  Two Monarchs have joined this team.  Congatulations Kevin Sengara and Nick Carusi on this incredible honour!  Good luck to you both.  




Do or die.  We had to beat White Rock to get into the semi final.  Even though we hav had sucess with this team. they have the talent and bats to play havoc with a team as they showed a few days earlier upsetting Cloverdale.  We dug ourselves into a whole early as we went down 4-0 in the first inning.  This is where the boys showed their heart. A tricky White Rock pitcher kept the ball from getting murdered.  The Monarchs kept at it.  They got 1 in the first, 1 in the second, 1 in the third, 1 in the fourth, none in the fifth and broke it open in the sixth by scoring 4.  Lucas Naidu pitched with the heart of a lion.  He was nothing short of amazing.  He shut the door on White Rock for 5 innings.  The defense was stellar as we gave up no errors in the tilt.  A game for the ages, one that sent your favorite team to the semi finals of the Provincials.  One thing is for sure, there is no doubt that this pee wee program in BC has brought the very best of the best 13 year olds together to battle it out.  I give credit and my admiration to all of the 13 year old boys who have showed all week why BC is the haven for future big leaguers.  Good luck boys, on to the show. 




The Monarchs had a slower than expected start against Ladner in the first game but quickly got into gear and rolled to a mercy by scoring 14 runs on 13 hits.  Hilson had what we thought was our first homer of the day but it was tragically callled a ground rule double.  It didn't matter as he was scored moments later and he then went on to smack another one later in the game for good measure.  Sengara achieved a milestone in the game as well as he pummled his 30th homer of the year.  Congratulations on that benchmark Kevin.  We saw tremendous pitching performances from Nick Carusi, Lucas Naidu and Johnny Wallace.  Hilson added two doubles to his homer as Tom Espig doubled and singled.  Nick Carusi styled large with two doubles.  Sengara added a single and double to his homer.  Garde MacDonald rocketed a triple and a double.  Tom Armstrong rifled a single to omplete the offense for the Monarchs. 

The second game was one for the books.  A battle of the titans that had the kids pumped for serious battle.  Both teams played incredibly.  This one went Cloverdale's way.  The Monarchs had some very tough breaks that would have swayed the advantage our way but that is baseball.  Our pitchers were monsters, Espig and Sengara held them to 6 hits.  It just wasn't our day. Hilson singled, Espig Singled while Carusi had a powerful ground rule double.  Sengara went two for three with two singles.  MacDonald singled and walked asWallace and Naidu had great singles.  Okuma rounded out the offense with a single.  For as tough of a battle as it was, the boys from both teams bonded with admiration for each other on a very, very well played game.  It was great to see the boys and parents share some tacos at Taco Bell after the skills competition.  The Monarchs relay team were victorious in their division blazing to a 4/100ths of a second victory.  Kevin Sengara finished second in the Home Run Derby.  Congratulations on a great day boys.  On to White Rock and hopefully a berth in the semi final. 



The Monarchs got the mojo going early as we got our first win under our belt against the Victoria Eagles Black team by a score of 24-6.  The bats were massive as we knocked out 19 hits and gave up only 2 errors.  Garde MacDonald pitched a great 5 innings only giving up 5 hits.  Rory Hilson went 4 for 4 with a walk and included a grand slam to break the game wide open in the 3rd.  Kevin Sengara blasted a 280 footer to bag his 29th home run of the year.  He also chalked up 6 RBI's.  Espig tripled and singled and got on two more times with a hbp and a walk.  Nick Carusi was all heart behind the dish as he went the distance with no pass balls.  He doubled and scored three times.  Garde Helped his cause by tripling and adding a pair of singles and a walk.  Armstrong executed the suicide squeeze to perfection as he exemplified team work.  He was all heart throwing his body to the bag on first to secure a huge out early.  He also walked and singled.  Lucas Naidu executed his own suicide squeeze with flawless precision.  He would go on to score and take one for the team in the process.  Remey Kier stepped up and got a big out in left as well as earning a walk and a hard hit error scored hit.  Nick Okuma was styling toay going 3 for 4 with a walk to boot.  Zach Hewko blasted a rocket double and single to complete a huge day for our bats.  We get ready for a big double header tomorrow as we take on Ladner to start and meet up with Cloverdale at 3:00.  Let's keep playing Monarch baseball and keep swinging until there is nothing left to swing at boys.



Brighouse Park played host to the last game of the rundowns and the Monarchs played like a team getting ready for something big.  17 huge hits littered the field with three hitting th 290 foot mark on the bantam field.  Pitching was huge as was the outstanding fielding.  We know head to Kamloops for the show.   Talk to you from there.  Conratulations Monarchs on an amazing summer season session. 




So long Chaldecott, its been a slice but our bodies couldn't take much more.  We appreciate only losing 1 game the entire year at our home park but the field was getting pretty darn hard and I'm just glad to be getting out in one piece.  The boys got good and roughed up out there but that only seemed to get them mad.  Hilson rocked it out on the bump to start it off and made way for big Zachy and the flame thrower.  Naidu came in to shut it off and pitched brilliant.  The offense was lethal.  Hison doubled while Espy walked and singled twice.  Carusi, cool as ice cream, blasted 3 hard hit singles.  Sengara launched a double and triple and reached on error to drive in three.  He was robbed of his 29th with a fence shot catch.  Garde rifled a triple.  Armstrong crushed a double and reached on error.  Wallace comes off and smokes a single to continue his hot bat.  Naidu got a great single and walked while Remey Kier's hard work payed off for a hard hit double.  Okuma chalked up a hard hit double and single and finished the night off with a great liner grab at second.  In the end, the high flying Monarchs blasted an amazing 15 hits out on Coquitlam's aces.  Outstanding work boys.  The defense has been acting like the front side of a mullet........all business.  Let's keep this rolling.  See you at Brighouse on Thursday.




There will be times that 20 years from now that you sit back and smile about.  The Monarch AAA summer season will definately be one of those memories.  The Monarchs just put some serious miles on the cars as we played at the gorgeous Fairfield Park, home of the Chilliwack Cougars, on Thursday then jumped on a ferry Friday and headed to Nanaimo for a game Saturday only to jump back in the cars after that game and head to Victoria for a doubleheader Sunday.  Bull Durham has nothing on us.  Blessed with the greatest parents and the greatest kids, this was a recipe for a great time.  Boy did that ever come true.  The long balls, strike outs, double plays, dramatic steals were all unreal, but the time with each other, having dinner, playing in the pool, texas hold 'em, A & W that was the kicker.  Beating Max to the ferry was particularly satisfying to me.  The Monarchs are playing lights out.  They got a very good education at the start of our schedule and are putting it to great use.  They are doing what they need to do to be successful.  Garde, Espy, Kevin, Zach, Lucas, Nicky and Rory pitched giganticly and are grooving at the right time.  This team is grooving at the right time.  Welcome back big boy Tommy Armstrong!!  He made good on his condition to fly back early and lined one into next week.  Remey Kier comes off the bench to make a huge play for the team to help us find some shade.  Wallace comes up huge to get the lift the Monarchs needed.  Too Many things to mention.....We now get ready for Coquitlam on Tuesday in our final home game at Chaldecott.  Congratulations boys!!! Tuck those memories of this past week into a safe spot and call upon them many years from now.




The Monarchs got back to what they do best and launched hit after hit tonight chalking up an outstanding 12 hard hit balls.  White Rock threw a variety of great chuckers at us but the bats were ready to put the ball in play.  The Monarchs made the most of their opportunities as they stranded only 3 runners and had both the long ball and short ball game in full gear.  The entire order contributed in a huge way as total team play accounted for the solid effrort all round.  You could see the closeness of this team by the way they played tonight.  Teammates helping teammates.  Sengara threw an intimidating and unbalancing repitoire at the White Rock squad, setting the tone for the offense.  Espig came in after 3 and 2/3rds and pitched lights out.  Andy Pettite has nothing on this guy.  Huge defensive plays added to the tone as balls were tracked down by Okuma and Roman that kept the spirits of the pitchers sky high.  The infield was nasty good getting hard hit liners and tricky grounders.  Hewko, Espig, Hilson, Naidu along with an all heart performance from 6 back catching innings from Carusi made it tough to get momentum on us.  Wallace kicked off a great relay that ended the first inning.  Take White Rock lightly at your own risk.  They are probably one of the best hitting teams in AAA.  The Monarchs worked very hard all night and answered the bell when they had to.  They did not let adversity stand in their way at all.  Rory Hilson, the cool one, moved to lead off and crushed a double and homer while earning a walk.  Tom Espig is playing inspired baseball.  He rocketed out two singles and a double.  Carusi, as always, crushed a double and single as he clutches up continuously.  Kevin Sengara helped his cause by blasting 3 singles.  Zach Hewko hustled all night and put the ball hard into play.  In a farewell performance, Roman saved the best for last blasting a single to score two.  He was a monster in the outfield.  Lucas Naidu played total team ball tonight helping to score runners all night long.  His intensity is undeniable.  Jonathan Wallace hustled all night getting very patient at bats to get on three times.  His relay was outstanding to end the first.  Nick Okuma set a serious tone opening his at bats with a triple.  That's what hard work gets you.  He had an outstanding at bat to walk setting up Hilson's 8th homer of the year.  Great work Nicko.  In the end, the Monarchs 12 hits and blazing base running were just what the doctor ordered to get us back to .500.  The pitching was brilliant and completed a great night at the ball park.  "Stay classy Vancouver"!!!!!!!  Ron Burgundy out.    




Wow!!!!!What a facility in Kamloops.  We felt like we were at spring training in Tempe.  This field is nothing short of spectacular and the great people of Kamloops should be commended on such a beautiful place that the kids get to experience.  After a bumpy start to our regular summer season play, the Monarchs got back to playing Monarch baseball cutting out the errors and putting the ball in play.  MacDonald was awesome on the bump and kept the Kamloops squad a little off balance all afternoon.  He pitched a great 2 hitter.  The defense was flawless as the boys tracked down hard hit balls and liners that gave the pitchers confidence up on the bump.  The offense got its groove on like the parents did the night before at Ric's Grill.  That's another story.  The Monarchs blasted out 11 hits on the afternoon.  Sengara had a big day sending his 27th homer out of centerfield and added a double and single.  Nick Carusi blasted a triple and double continuing his hot streak.  Hilson, the cool one, did his thing like always.  He powered out a pair of singles.  MacDonald blasted an error scored shot to center and added a rifle single to right to help his cause.  Zach Hewko loves his new bat.  He lazered a single to left.  Lucas Naidu had a big day as a middle infielder and continued his hitting powering a single to right center.  Roman continues to make great contact as he FC'd and launched a sac fly to score Garde.  John Wallace had a big double to left center completing the hit brigade.  At the end we managed to put up 11 runs and play solid defense.  This field has to be a must see and a must play if you're young enough.  I want to thank the great team of Kamloops for being such a great  group of people hosting.  They have a young team and no doubt will be heard from strongly in the future.  Now we get ready to rumble at our park Tuesday against the high flying White Rock Tritons.  This week will see the Monarchs play 6 games in 7 days.  A big week for sure or as my friend Dave Manley from LA would say..big week for show.   




It was another brutal night at the plate for the Monarchs.  We waited until the last inning to get our bats going but it was too little, too late.  Errors were once again exploited like the previous game.  There really is not much to say that hasn't been said already.  The Monarchs are eating some humble pie at the moment but the after game all players meeting seemed to put a new attitude and motion forward.  We will see.  These are new emotions felt by a dominating team and perhaps was just what the good doctor ordered.  Sometimes you need to climb go down before you go back up.  We have seen how we fall, now let's show everyone how we get back up.  Practice Friday at 5, dinner at Kamloops Saturday at 6:30. 




There is not much to say when you give up 9 errors and have 5 runs score on them.  The Monarchs got a little slow start up on the sticks but found their groove when trailing by 1 in the third as Sengara blasted a 3 run shot  to give the Monarchs and Tom Espig a 3-1 lead to work with.  We added two more in the fourth as MacDonald and Naidu plated on Espig and Carusi hits.  The fifth though was a disaster as the Royals capitalized on sloppy fielding to score three unearned runs in an error filled inning.  Sadly in the bottom of the seventh the Royals took advantage of the situation and put two across to complete the 5 unanswered run comeback.  That was a heartbreak.  Holstrom pitched lights out for Ridge Meadows and kept the Monarch batters stunned.  Congratulations to the Royals for showing heart and toughness in their come from behind win tonight.  The Monarchs will look to turn things around on Thursday as Abby pays Chaldecott a visit.  Lots to think about until then, but a great effort is definately in the offing.  See you Thursday. 




It was a blistering hot one, but the Monarch bats were even hotter.  Three separate homers from Sengara, Okuma and Hewko set the tone on Thursday night at Chaldecott.  The Monarchs were anxious to start swinging at good pitches again and on Thursday they got their wish.  Ladner pitched great, but the bats were mighty and in the end the boys in blue rocketed out 14 hits in 5 innings.  That's more like it.  Nick Carusi is just a monster.  He had a night for the books.  He played unbelievable at short but really set the fire works off with two massive doubles and a lazer triple.  He scored twice and drove in two.  Kevin Sengara had a giant night too.  He bagged his 25th homer of the year, crushed a double, hustled out in infield error and got on again with the intentional walk.  He also was a wall at short.  Rory Hilson rifled out a single and got two walks remaining the cool one.  MacDonald hustled out an infield hit and played sharp behind the dish.  Nick Okuma came ready to play tonight as he blasted his 9th dinger of the year and added a monster triple and a walk for good measure.  He is an explosive weapon.  Tommy Espig crushed a fly out but got a little revenge next at bat as he pummled a double to the fence.  He also made a great catch in right to set a strong tone for the defense.  It was Hewko's night as he got his second long ball of the year to go along with a powerful double.  His pitching was the best of the season and he looks ready to make another massive step forward.  He pitched a sick 4 innings, not allowing Ladner much room to breath.  MacDonald did a great job to shut things down for Zachy in the fifth.  Roman has been on fire and tonight was no different as he started the first off with a great shot to left.  Wallace came in and crushed a double that would see him score.  Remey Kier got things started again with a great shot in the fourth.  We get a little rest until Tuesday when we head back out to the beautiful Harris Fields of beautiful Ridge Meadows. They are a serious team with a line up full of tremendous players.  We will have to be at our best to beat the Royals.  We will give it our best as they are a well prepared team led by Coach Rey.  In the mean time, we'll soak in the great performance tonight and know that we got it right back where we started from..........   

See ya Tuesday!



It was a "funny" Tuesday night as the AAA regular season kicked off at Cloverdale.  The Colts pitched a heck of a game and the mighty hitters of Vancouver found themselves a little perplexxed at what to swing at through three innings.  The Colts cashed in when they had the opportunities and attained a little revenge for the final at The Rumble at the Ridge.  The Monarchs eagerly await another opportunity at the Colts as no doubt they will be heading to Kamloops in August.  Let's hope the Monarchs get there too to try for another match up.  Ladner comes to town tomorrow for the second game of the summer.  Great effort Monarchs, let's seek out our new win streak. 




What can only be described as a battle of the ages between two heavy weight sluggers getting it on like Ali and Foreman, your Vancouver Monarchs and the monsterous Cloverdale Colts met in the final today at the prestigous Lorne Upsdell Rumble at the Ridge in beautiful Ridge Meadows.  It lived up to the billing.  Cloverdale, widely thought of as the team everyone has to beat if they want to head to Manitoba in August, showed why they are so highly thought of as they showed the skill and determination of a championship club.  They came out firing sending the flame thrower, Nick Laflamme, to the bump to get things started for the Colts.  Vancouver countered with Kevin Sengara, who eventually went on to win the tournament's pitcher MVP.  Nick Laflamme was all business as he sat down three of the first four batters he faced, as Nick Carusi smacked out the only hit of the inning.  Sengara grazed the second batter after sitting down the first to put a runner on first.  He would score on a Kris Sturrie double although Sturrie went on to be thrown out at third.  Laflamme grounds out to finish the sequence.  The pitchers took over the next two innings as both teams went scoreless.  Outstanding defense from Carusi on the hot corner, Espig at second, Naidu at short and Okuma at dead center kept things moving along as they showed great support for the boy on the bump.  Carusi came in for the Monarchs as Sengara left for pitch count reasons and showed what team work is all about.  He got the third out and pitched great to start the next inning as Garde Macdonald came in to take over the chucking.  Carusi went behind the plate and we were set for the rest of the game.  The Monarchs gave up a run on an error scored shot up the middle but that would be all she wrote for runs allowed.  MacDonald came in and pitched an absolute gem.  He would keep the high flying Colts completely off balance the rest of the way.  The fourth inning proved to be the turning point for the offense of the Monarchs.  After Carusi barely missed an infield hit, Sengara walked and got on for the COOL ONE....Rory Hilson.  He blasted a double that scored Kevin all the way from first.  MacDonald, in one of his vintage at bats, took Laflamme to nine pitches and got on with an outstanding at bat walk.  Hilson stole to third and then feeling full of himself decided it was time to steal home.  Blessed with blinding speed, he beat the tag and evened the game up at two a piece.  The fifth saw the same intensity.  Mr. Steady Eddie Roman KD started things off in the fifth by getting an outstanding walk.  He was moved around by a Naidu ground out and was eventually scored by our new sensation, Nick Carusi.  He blasted a double to the fence and the table was set again.  Sengara steps up and goes down two strikes to the hard throwing Kris Sturrie.  This kid can pitch some serious heat.  Sengara rockets the 0-2 pitch to the fence and scores Carusi to complete the scoring in the fifth.  MacDonald steps up in the sixth and blasted what looked like a homer.  It fell just short but he scored a solid double.  Okuma moves him to second as Tom Espig gets a great walk in a very patient at bat.  He gets moved to third by the big man Roman KD as MacDonald scores.  John Wallace clutches up huge and scores Roman on a great hit behind the runner.  MacDonald comes up huge again.  After stunning the crowd earlier by catching a comebacker that he doubled the runner on first off with he settled in to finish off the game for the Monarchs.  Finish it off he does.  Carusi puts the cherry on top by scorching a throw down to Hilson on first to pick off the runner and end the game.  Game over......Monarchs continue their love affair with Ridge Meadows by getting crowned champs of the Lorne Upsdell.  A very special thank you to all the great people of Ridge Meadows Minor Baseball for putting on an outstanding tournament once again.  Congratulations Monarchs......on to the playdowns and our buddies in Cloverdale on Tuesday.     




There's nothing like getting a grand slam scored against you to awaken a vicious kick back.  Well awaken a beast Nanaimo did.  After going down 4-0 in the second inning, the Vancouver Monarchs decided enough was enough and let their bats do the talking.  Rory Hilson, the cool one, decided it was time to settle things down and rocketed a lazer beam over the left field fence.  The dam had burst and boy was it about to get a whole lot worse.  MacDonald has a great at bat and gets a free pass down to first.  He steals all the way to score on some pass balls as speed as sound Nick Okuma wallops a single and steals three times to score.  Zach Hewko then gets a walk and steals second only to be rifled in by Roman who crushed a single.  Roman scores on a blast by Naidu who gets a triple in a great at bat.  End of two......Monarchs 6 Nanaimo 4.   That's heart.....all heart.  Rory Hilson leads off the third after Zach Hewko left Nanaimo wondering how they would catch up to his fast ball by sitting down 3 of the four Nanaimo batters.  Hilson singles,MacDonald singles then Okuma singles and before you know it three more runs cross as Hewko drives in the final one of the inning.  Hewko heads back out and shuts them down as Carusi leads off the fourth.  He rips a double to start it off and is scored by Sengara, who drives a single.  Sengara scores via an Okuma hit who himself scores after stealing twice and scores on a pass ball.  Three more runs Vancouver.  Lucas Naidu comes in to shut it down and shut it down he does.  He keeps them totally off balance and gets his boys back to the bats.  Wallace comes in and drives a double.  Outstanding.  Nick Carusi strides up cool like and rips a rocket single that score Wallace.  Kevin Sengara comes up and blasts a single to score his good buddy Carusi and that is all she wrote.  14 unanswered runs.  I told you these boys have heart.  Great job boys.....see you Sunday at 11 am.  




Canada Day had the fireworks started early at beautiful Harris Field in Ridge Meadows.  The great hosts put on their usual unsurpassed welcome mat for the teams and that seemed to get the Monarchs ready for some airfare.  The boys in blue rifled out 18 hits and struck out only twice on the night to take the first game of the tournament from Ladner by a score of 12-5.  Vancouver kept firing as they got 4 in the first, 2 in the second, 1 in the third, 4 in the fourth and 1 in the fifth.  Hilson and Espig shared the duties on the mound each pitching 3 1/2 innings.  The Ladner team put the ball in play as they only struck out twice on the night as well but the defense was rock solid.  The double whammy lefties pitched lights out as the Ladner team just could not string them together on the cagey lefties.  Offensively the Monarchs were brilliant.  Kevin Sengara demolished his 22nd home run of the year having it touch down on Lougheed Highway.  He doubled walked and singled to go along with the long ball.  Lucas Naidu, our new face on lead off, had a brilliant night.  He made some of the most incredible outs on the night playing magic man on second.  He got things started off for us by hustling out a single and earning a walk only to be robbed twice by amazing defensive plays as he got stabbed out on first and circus caught in center.  A great start.  Nick Carusi, another of our new family members, was stunning.  He started things off with a patient walk, a crushing single to go along with his stinging double and another single.  Outstanding.  Rory Hilson helped his cause by blasting two doubles and a single to add to his sac fly.  Garde MacDonald punched out 2 singles Nick Okuma lined a hard hit single as well.  Roman KD was unlucky to have his crushing first hit find leather but got payback in his next at bat blasting a gorgeous single up the middle.  Tom Espig added to his cause as well well as he hit to his favorite part of the field to score a hard hit double.  Zach Hewko was a monster at third base.  He made highlight reel plays all night long.  His night was just as good at the plate as he walked with a very patient at bat and then rocketed two singles and a sac fly.  Great night Zach.  John Wallace came in to scorch a hard hit single to left in a great and patient at bat.  Remey Kier also played a patient game at the dish as he earned a walk.  A great start to the weekend as we tried some new things that will help us tremendously later in the summer.  The chatter was great even with our walking boss, Tom Armstrong 7,000 miles away.  We get ready for Nanaimo tomorrow night for our second game of the tournament.  Great job fellas, keep working hard and video games.





With two smoking practices under their belt and freshly shined crowns on their heads, the monsters of smash are looking forward to the new challenges of AAA. No doubt the competition will be fierce, as Ridge Meadows, Cloverdale, Abbottsford and a host of others are coming with monsterous teams.  We will be ready though, and give them all a good fight.  Our two new additions have been glowing and have improved the ball club tremendously.  The transition has been seemless as it feels they've been here from the beginning.  Everyone is looking forward to seeing our good friends in Ridge Meadows as they host the Rumble starting Thursday.  They know how to host an event and this weekend promises to be a great one.  The new schedule will be uploaded shortly as will our practices.  We bid a safe and happy journey to The Armstrongs as they head out for a little pond jump.  Looking forward to a quick and safe return Armstrongs.  Ciao for now. 



The impossible dream came to full conclusion on a glorious day at Chaldecott.  From the cold days of early February tryouts to the heat of the healing sun on Saturday, much was dreamed by these fine young men.  Will we win a game, will we win a tournament, will we be able to to compete with these associations that have so many kids.  Saturday answered them all with a resounding and crystal clear answer.  Monarchs 16 - Spurs 6.  The very, very good team from Cloverdale came to knock the boys in blue off their perch.  It was a valiant effort but the Monarchs had only one thing on their mind......Victory.  Garde MacDonald led the way to the bump with Kevin Sengara completing the battery.  He pitched a mercy shortened Championship Game in fine style.  He held the high powered offense of Cloverdale to 10 hits as Kevin Sengara went the distance behind the dish putting in a powerful performance.  The defense of the Monarchs was brilliant, keeping everything in front and making big plays.  When Cloverdale put hits out into the field, the Monarchs stayed cool and stopped the bleeding.  The offense was unstoppable.  16 powerful hits rocketed all over the field.  Armstrong set the tone firing an in the park homer.  Kevin Sengara blasted his 21st home run of the season.  Hilson was breathing fire all day.  He launched line drive after line drive after line drive.  He could not be stopped on the bases as he stole at will.  Nick Okuma kept rocketing crushing hits all afternoon and could not be stopped on the bases.  Armstrong has been on an absolute tear ripping up the baseball and the base pads.  MacDonald had a brilliant day getting on base all three times walking in the first, error scored single in the second and a massive double in the fourth.  He scored all three times.  Radiuk managed to get a hit in the first.  Kevin Sengara struck out in the first only to seek out a little revenge and boomed out a double in the second and his homer in the fourth.  Tom Espig struck fear into the hearts of the opposition early driving in the first two runs of the game with a massive double shot.  Hilson scored two big doubles and a single that saw him score all three times he was on the pads.  Zach Hewko finished the day off in style knocking in a run ona hard single which eventually saw him score.  Okuma went three for three and ripped it up on the pads like always as he scored twice as well.  Armstrong was dominate getting on and in each time except for his last as he put the brakes on in the last inning.  Roman has been so patient and opportunistic as he got on twice on great at bats.  Wallace hustled out an error scored single and walked in his next appearance.  There were so many weapons at the plate on Saturday that we managed to keep the pedal floored all day.  It was a fairy tale season in so many ways and it was a fitting conclusion to our Spring Season.  We hit the superfecta this season winning the Don Breu Tournament at Ridge Meadows, the John Main Classic, the regular season and this.....the playoffs.  What an outstanding accomplishment by these fine young men who poured their heart and soul into all they did all season long.  Congratulations to you and know that your parents, coaches and fans all over the league are very proud of not only the feats but in the way you boys carried these feats out.  Like true gentlemen.  Now we turn to our summer season and look with great anticipation to our first tilt at the Rumble at the Ridge.  We also look forward to our two newest Monarchs joining the family.  Welcome Nick Carusi and Lucas Naidu.  It's time to have a ball.   



Monarchs 10 - Cloverdale Red Sox 1

The match up everyone was waiting for, took place down at Chaldecott on a beautiful hot summer night.  The Cloverdale Red Sox came fired up and ready to play bring in their super ace.  Kris pitched lightening at the Monarchs but the boys in blue were ready to answer the bell and answer the bell they did.  The Monarchs countered with heat throwing Kevin Sengara who has been keeping batters completely of balance with a nasty off speed option.  Sengara walked the first batter to get things started and that runner advanced on a pass ball all the way to third.  That was the only break we were going to give the Red Sox.  He got cashed in on a 4-3 as Sengara struck the next two batters out.  That was all she wrote for the scoring on the Red Sox's behalf.  The Monarchs were just getting warmed up.  The Monarchs got on the bats at the bottom of 1 and had our first two batters sat down.  Kevin Sengara hustled out an infield hit and promptly stole second.  He then showed great instincts when he stole third on a pass ball but was in full flight to home when a surprised catcher realized he was all turbo in for the plate.  He slid in beating the tag and got even with the Red Sox after 1.  The Red Sox were retired in order in the second as Sengara continued to dominate the mound.  Back to the bats for the Monarchs at the bottom of two.  Nick Okuma got things rolling when he laid down a beautiful bunt to get down to first.  He didn't let his speed stay idle for long.  The big man was up.  Heart and soul Tom Armstrong had a game for the books.  He pushed Nick Okuma around to third with a lazer up the middle.  He stole second when sassy Roman KD got into the act.  He punched out an infield hit that scored Okuma and sent Armstrong to third.  Blessed with blistering speed Armstrong stole home to bring in the Monarchs second run of the inning.  Sengara went back out for the third and struck out another two and groubded a runner into a force.  Monarchs back to the bats.  Remey Kier has been shoing so much heart lately and tonight was no different.  Playing hurt he went up to bat and belted out a hard infield hit that gave the fielder trouble and left Remey safe on first.  Radiuk moved him around to second on 6-3.  Garde MacDonald clutched up and put a hard infield hit into play and ran it out to score Kier which gave the Monarchs the only run of the inning.  Sengara goes back in for the fourth and after walking the lead off batter flew the next batter out to Nick Okuma who made a great catch in a blinding sun drenched left field.  He then grounded the next two batters out to bring the Monarchs back to the bats.  Fire works started the fourth at bats for the Monarchs.  Tom Espig is drilled with a first pitch fast ball to the head.  He goes down but does not stay down for long.  He dusts himself off and gets ready for a little payback.  He steals second and awaits for his buddy Nick Okuma to come to the plate.  He has an incredible at bat as he tries to lay down two bunts but fouls them off only to take the fourth pitch and crush it up the middle.  Espig scores in style.  Nick "Michael Johnson" Okuma gets on first.  You know what that means.  Well lets just say this.....two pitches later and he is standing on third after heart and soul Tom Armstrong plays the team role and swings at two pitches while Speedy Okuma dances on third and scores on an over throw to third.  Monarchs cash in another two in the fourth.  Kevin Sengara comes back in with a few pitches left and gets the first batter to fly out to Hilson in center, who has dominated that spot for the Monarchs.  He walks his last batter as he leaves the bump with the Monarchs shuting out the Red Sox in the second, third and fourth allowing an error assisted run in the first.  His buddy and partner in crime Tom Espig comes in to try and get Kevin the win and earn yet another save as one of if not the very best lefties in the game comes to get it on.  Espig did not disappoint.  He was vintage.  He was dominate, absolutely dominate.  After seeing the hard throwing rightie through 4 and a third the Red Sox did their best to adjust but just could not figure the cagy lefty out.   After walking the first batter he grounded out the second out to first while striking the final out of the fifth.  Monarchs grip the steel and get ready for the fifth.  What is so dangerous about the Monarchs is they can beat you from every part of the order.  Everyone contributes and everyone lifts each other up.  The fifth was no different.  Roman gets it started with an awesome and courageous at bat.  He rifles a single to start things off and moves to second on a pass ball.  Jonathan Wallace walks after the most patient at bat and sets the table.  With 2 outs Garde MacDonald gets a walk after a great at bat and gives Kevin Sengara a chance to drive a stake through the heart of the Red Sox.  Bases loaded, 2 out, semi final....what pressure?  He takes a first pitch offering and drives a bases clearing single that puts 3 more runs on the board for the Monarchs.  After a strategy induced strike out for Espig he takes the bump with fire in his eyes.  Cool as ice cream Mr. Espig is.  Top of the order.....strike out.  Error scored runner on first and you know what's going to happen.   Andy Pettite move over.  Espig fires him out on a run down after freezing him like no other can do.    Next batter grounds out.  Back to the bats with time running out.  Rory Hilson, the cool one, hustles out a dropped third strike and makes them pay as he steals second and then steals third.  Our boy, sassy stylin' Tommy Armstrong comes to the plate and crushes a two strike missle up the middle after being a team guy for two pitches.  Outstanding at bat, probably his best of the year.  He is a monster at first and is peaking just in time for the show.  He drives in Hilson to finish the scoring for the boys in blue.  Espig walks the lead off batter then strikes out, grounds out and grounds out the next two.  He was just dominate.  In the end the combination of Sengara and Espig give up three hits and allow 1 run through seven.  That is serious pitching.  Garde MacDonald is a giant tonight as he catches all seven innings in a courageous performance behind the dish.  With this.........we wait for the sister team of tonights opponent, the Cloverdale Spurs.  So here we are, a date with destiny has been set.  12:00 Saturday at Chaldecott Park.  All the marbles.  This Monarch team can get no more words out of me.  I'm just not that well read.  I would need the mind of Shakespeare to drum up the descriptions of heart, tales of character, volumes of determination.  I can't find the like all season, I'll just let the boys in blue do the explaining themselves.  See you at the FINAL.            




The Monarchs finished their scheduled playoff games going 6-0 while displaying wicked pitching and devastating bats.  The work is not done, far from it.  We play the semi final game at Chaldecott Thursday at 6:00 against the powerful Cloverdale Red Sox.  We won't focus too much on our earlier meeting in the season as they will no doubt be bringing their ace to fire at us.  The boys are ready though.  The bats are going well and our pitching has been firing on all cylinders.  Hopefully good fortune continues to meet the Monarchs and we bring our best on a most anticipated Thursday night tilt.  The boys are playing inspired baseball and have a dead pan look of desire chisled onto their faces.  Keep it up, all the glorious hard work and unwavering resolve.  See you Thursday for the next leg of our journey. 




The Monarchs wasted little time flexxing their muscles today as they crushed the ball early in the 1st putting five runs up.  Garde rifled a line drive double and Sengara stepped up to fence shot a single to score Radiuk, who walked, and MacDonald.  Espig flyed out that allowed Sengara to tag and go to third.  Hilson pounded him in one pitch lated as crushes a double.  He then steals third and one more pitch later steals home with blazing speed.  Okuma punishes the ball rifling a single and does the same as Hilson.  Three steals later and he scores.  We unluckily get doubled off in the second that brought up the third.  Radiuk pitches well for the first three and allows a run on a balk.  White Rock threatens in the fourth scoring 5 runners in a row.  The threat didn't last long as Okuma steps up to rocket a blast to left center that also scored Zach Hewko who had an outstanding at bat to walk.  MacDonald shuts the door in the fifth to allow our party to continue.  Wallace walks and Kier singles along with Radiuk.  MacDonald pounds out a triple to clear the bases and put the game in the books.  Sengara pounds a double to score MacDonald and the game went into the books 14-6 Monarchs.  Sengara finished up the last two innings striking out 4 with a hit and two walks.  He holds the shutout and with that the Monarchs go 5-0 in playoffs.  Well done boys!  After the game the great parents of White Rock threw a BBQ for us and continue to show what great fans are all about.  Thank you all for such a wonderful BBQ.  It was so wonderful to see the kids from both teams having a great time together and creating amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Mark, Scott....well done and congratulations to both of you for having such a well coached team.  We move our attention to Coquitlam at Town Center on Tuesday.    




The Monarchs were every inch of themselves Thursday night at Chaldecott as they beat the Richmond Chuckers and their ace 7-1.  Zach Bester started on the bump for Richmond and did a great job, but the Monarch bats were just to relentless and powerful as the hitters put runs up in each of the first three innings and capped his night by cashing in 3 more in the 5th.  Kevin Sengara started out for your Monarchs and he pitched a stunner, as he shut out Richmond through three throwing a no hitter walking two and striking out 5.  Espig jovially takes the bump in the fourth and allowed one hit an amazing 7 strike outs and 1 unearned run.  Outstanding mental strength.  We handed it over to Matt Radiuk in the 7th and he dazzled as he faced the top of the order and sat them down in order to give the Monarchs their fourth playoff win in a row.  All of our pitchers are eligible for our tilt with the White Rock Yankees on Saturday.  What a day on the bats.  Matt Radiuk started it off in the first getting on after a great at bat walk that went 8 pitches.  Garde MacDonald just missed and flew out to 4 sending Matt back to first on a heads up base running play.  He promptly stole second and got moved to third on a Sengara single.  He got cashed in on a pass ball.  Sengara crashed the plate as well on the play and looked to have scored but got punched out on a close play.  What hurt worse was Tom Espig lined a single the next at bat.  So goes baseball.  End of the first, 1-0 Monarchs.  Tom Armstrong powered a single through the infield and promptly stole second and third.  Dancing on third, he induced a throw to third that ended up in left as he trotted home to give the Monarchs a 2-0 lead.  John Wallace clutched up big again and rifled a single as did Remey Kier but they went uncashed sadly but the entire order was just pounding the ball.  Start of the fourth and Sengara crushes 2-0 stand up double to the fence.  He takes third on a pass ball and gets cashed in by an Espig sac fly.  3-0 Monarchs.  Rory is left stranded at second after he rips apart the ball for a double.  Quiet 4th as the Chuckers get an unearned one but the Monarchs get back to the bats quickly and come out blazing.  Remey Kier decides that he doesn't need a third base coach and legs out a powerful double to start it off for the Monarchs.  Radiuk scores an infield single that moves Remey to third.  Garde MacDonald comes up and puts Kier across on a sac fly.  Radiuk holds patiently at first as the big man Kevin Sengara comes to the plate for his third appearance of the night.  Radiuk is not at first for long as Sengara goes down to find one and lazer shots his 20th home run of the season to put the game away in the fifth inning bringing in two runs making it 6-1.  Zach Hewko completes the scoring in the 6th by blasting a single up the middle.  He steals second and moves to third on a pass ball.  Jonathan Wallace executes the hit and run to a tee and scores Hewko on a solid hit to left.  Game over.........7-1 Monarchs.  Outstanding work from all parts of the order and exceptional fielding has the Monarchs playing inspired ball right now.  They work as hard as any team I've seen and with that take their confident game to their next opponent.  We'll see the Yankees of White Rock on Saturday. Proud of you play with heart and have a blast doing it.  That's all a coach could ask for.    




What a night!!!!!The Monarchs played their 3rd playoff game of the post season tonight and met a very scrapy and tough Burnaby Braves team.  They pitched their ace and he kept the mighty bats of the Monarchs a little quiet for a while......a while.  The Braves got an error scored run in the first, taking advantage of a mentally worn team but got on the board first nonetheless.  The Monarchs could not answer back in the bottom of 1 as the Braves could not extend in the top of 2.  Hilson got us going in the second as he hustled out a single and promptly stole 2nd, 3rd and then stole home to get the tying run across.  The Braves cashed in an error scrored lead off hitter by stealing 3 bases in the third.  The fourth proved a very frustrating inning after we went three up three down in the bottom of three.  After an HBP and a walk got on, the HBP got moved around on a few pass balls as the walked batter was small balled in to get the Braves their fourth and last run.  We just couldn't get a groove going and frustration could have poisened our team......It did not.  Matt Radiuk clutches up again and gets on for us at the top of the order.  He steals second on the hit and run only to have a dead goose fall and gets doubled off.  Just plain old tough luck.  Again we could have packed our bags and shut down but that's  not Monarch baseball.  Kevin Sengara comes to the plate and crushes a 2-1 offering 280 feet to dead center.  This gives him 19 round trippers on the year.  This cuts the lead to one but they can feel the Monarchs breathing down their necks.  Espig comes in again and shuts them down in the fifth but the Monarchs are snuffed out by a very tough double play ball in the bottom of 5 to snuff out a rally.  In comes the 6th and all you know what breaks loose.  Espig has a 4 pitch inning and sits them down in order.  Back to the bats for the Monarchs.  Roman KD is told to get on first one way or another before his at bat.  He DELIVERS BIG TIME.  He hustles out an infield hit to get on with 1 out.  Wallace is told the same thing and HE DELIVERS IN A HUGE WAY.  After Roman got to second on an over throw to first, Wallace steps out and crushes a base hit to right center scoring Roman and getting to second on a throw to home.  Guess who's up......Matt "the clutch man" Radiuk.  This kid just does it.  He gets down 1-2 and just blasts a double to right scoring Wallace.  He then took it upon himself to steal third when he saw an opening.  MacDonald has yet another clutch at bat.  He battles and gets out of the way of a pass ball so Radiuk stela home to get us the lead.  MacDonald end up walking as Sengara comes back to the plate.  Randy Downes makes an executive decision to intentionally walk him and puts him on first with two out.  MacDonald and Sengara steal on a pass ball but we could not cash them in.  No problem, Tom Espig takes the bump again and is as cool as ice cream for the top of the 7th.  His pick off play is better than anyone I have ever seen.  Maybe Andy Pettite but that's a stretch.  He catches the lead off runner then grounds out and strikes out the remaining players to end this epic battle.  The Braves played an unbelievable game and are a very, very well coached group of kids.  They are playing playoff baseball and take them lightly at your own risk.  This game was very good for the Monarchs because if anyone questions this teams heart, it was answered tonight.  We made some errors....that's for sure, but this group of warriors stood by each other and rallied the soldiers to get what they started, done.  They can take adversity and make it work for them.  Outstanding effort again boys.  Congratulations to both teams on a great playoff game.  Now we turn our attention to Richmond on Thursday at Chaldecott.  See you then.  




Baseball weather has hit in full force.  Just like your Monarchs.  It was a beautiful sunny June day and a perfect day to go after a second playoff win.  Kevin Sengara started on the bump with Garde MacDonald completing the battery.  A powerful duo that did not disappoint the large crowd on hand.  Kevin Sengara was untouchable, throwing an intimading fast ball and off speed that had the great hitting Yankees off balance from the get go.  He went 6 2/3 innings throwing brilliantly.  He put a two strike HBP on in the last as EJ Mabone was absolutely drilled in the back by a two seam fast ball that squeezed away.  Happily he dusted himself off and scored on a single two batters later.  That was about it for the offense that the Yankees could muster.  Tom Espig came in to shut down the last out for his good buddy an induced a 6-3 to end the game.  The Monarchs were very professional scoring their first run in the first and second run in the second before opening up the flood gates in the 4th.  Radiuk, brilliant as usual, battles his way on in the first to be scored by a big hitting Tom Espig who tripled.  We couldn't cash him in but the Monarchs were on the board.  The second was quiet butthe third say the heart and soul kid Tom Armstrong crush a double to the fence.  He was lightening on the steal to third and got cashed in on a Matt Radiuk 5-3.  After Sengara continued to sit down the Van Minor batters, he led off the 4th.  You just knew something big was about to happen as teh Monarchs were very unlucky to not have more runs up as Van Minor made som great outs.  Well it happened, Kevin Sengara demolished a 1-1 pitch that say it clear the score board in dead center.  This gave the big swinging rightie his 18th of the year and the damn was about to burst wide open.  Tom Espig, playing like a man posessed, stepped up and boomed a triple to his favorite part of the field.  He promptle stole home on a pass ball.  Cool, stylin' Rory Hilson steps up and wastes no time in rocketing a double to left.  He stole to third on a pass ball and then stole home after the pitcher mishandled the ball.  That finished the day for Justin, on the bump for Vancouver Minor, and saw Darrin step in.  He walked his first batter, Zach Hewko, who got moved to third on a Nick Okuma single.  Nick stole second and then Darrin balked to send Hewko home and Okuma to third.  Okuma stole home on a pass ball to complete the five run inning.  Sengara remained unhittable and the innings moved quickly as we stared at the seventh.  After striking out the lead off hitter, Sengara hit EJ with two strikes on him and then saw a drippy blooper fall to have him go to second.  Darrin snuck out a single that scored Cam Fay but that was all she wrote.  Kevin recovered to pop up Justin Maunahan, the clean up hitter.  Good buddy and loose talkin' sassy Tom Espig high fived his buddy and told him he'd take it from here.  He throws three pitches and grounds out Tyson Wong to end the game.  Tom Armstrong gets huge kudos for reaching for the stars and completing the out on first.  He has done that all season long.  Zach Hewko was dominating on third making high light play after high light play.  Nick Okuma and Rory Hilson also came up with huge catches in the outfield.  Roman was as cool as Fonzie at the 6 spot.  This brought the second win of the playoffs your lovable boys in blue.  We get ready for Burnaby on Tuesday back home at Chaldecott.  Great to see the stands packed with Monarch faithful as they cheered on their boys.  The boys felt the love every inch of the way and did not disappoint them with an outstanding effort.  Also great to see some new fans pop by as we gave Levi and Frank Soper some love from the Monarchs.  Nice medal Levi.  This train has no stops......keep the cylinders pumping.      





It was a beautiful night to usher in the playoffs for 2010.  Even the #1 west bound was agreeable tonight as your Vancouver Monarchs kicked things off with the bats of giants.  Matt Radiuk stepped and promptly ripped a two strike rocket up the middle to get things started.   He stole second then got moved around on a single from Garde MacDonald.  Radiuk scores on a pass ball as MacDonald goes to third only to be trotted home by Kevin Sengara's 17th home run of the season and fifth at Towne Centre.  Not to be outdone and completely looking for some payback, Tom Espig pounds his custom shot home run to the same spot as he solo shots his 5th dinger of the year.  Hilson steps up and lazers a single then quickly steals second.  Zach Hewko comes forward and he also pounds out a rocket to move Rory to third.  John Wallace pounds a sac fly to score Hilson to complete the scoring for the first.  Kevin Sengara takes the bump and strikes out the first three batters.  Monarchs back to the bats.  Matt Radiuk starts things groovin' for the boys in blue by getting a lead off double.  Garde gets another single to move him to third while he moves to second on a stolen base.  Sengara has a patient at bat to get a walk and load the bases.  Espig comes up and crushes a single to score Matt and Garde while moving Kevin to third.  Rory Hilson pounds another single to score Sengara and move Espig to second.  Nick Okuma pounds out a single to score Espig which completed the scoring for the second.  Sengara took the bump again and kept the Reds totally off balance striking out the first two batters and grounding a walked batter into a fielder's choice to end the inning.  Monarchs back up to bat.  Third inning gets going when big, sassy Tom armstrong gets a lead off double only to be moved around on a Kier hustled out error scored single.  Radiuk and MacDonald score those two runners to put the Monarchs up 11-0 after three.  Sengara came back out and after walking the lead off batter and got serious and sat down the next three in order completing an awesome and intimidating outing by pitching a no-hitter through three innings.  Matt Radiuk would take things from there on the bump.  First however, the Monarchs got back on the sticks with a revenge seeking Tom Espig leading things off.  Lead off he did by parking a solo shot bang bang to the same spot as his other in the game giving him 6 on the year.  All of them to the same spot.  A brilliant coaching job.  Hilson continued his power game by demolishing a double.  He would score on a Kier hit to right as Okuma would as well following his FC.  14-0 after 4.  Radiuk struck out two batters at the top of the order and induced a fly to Hilson at Center to make quick work of the Reds in the fourth.  He would get things going yet again by getting on with a lead off single.  Sengara boomed a single to left that brought Matt to third only to be scored by another solid blast from guess who......Tom Espig.  That completed the scoring as we put up our 15th run of the night.  Radiuk went back up to shut things down and that he did.  Game over.  First win of the playoffs in the books and we turn our attention to the Yankees of Vancouver Minor.  Congratulations on a outstanding performance and conduct of gentlemen.       




 It was a wild roller coaster week for the Monarchs.  Huge win at the John Main Classic, followed by a gutsy win in Burnaby and then the tragic accident of Shane Curran.  Well I guess the Baseball Gods decided to let a little good fortune shine down on the boys in blue.  After receiving a phone call from Surrey Canadian stating they would like to forfeit their game with us, we headed to the beautiful fields in Cloverdale to play the mighty Cloverdale Rangers.  This was a rematch of the final from the John Main Classic a week ago.  Thomas Espig started on the bump and pitched a game for the ages keeping the Rangers completely off balance.  He pitched 5 complete innings and allowed no runs on 2 hits.  Garde MacDonald came in to close things down for the Monarchs and close things he did.  He pitched 2 complete innings and allowed no runs on 1 hit.  The pitching was deadly today.  Kevin Sengara showed his stripes again today catching all 7 innings and calling a great game from behind the dish.  Nick Okuma lazered his 7th home run of the season putting him in a tie with Hilson for second on the team.  Matt Radiuk started things off with a crushing double as he was driven in by a another double off the bat of Garde MacDonald. He scored two pass balls later.  Sengara earned a patient walk and promptly stole second then went to third on a move around hit from Espig.  He came in on the Okuma home run.  Roman singled and stole second only to be cashed in by Wallace's single.  5-0 after 1.  Okuma hustled out an error in the infield and stole second.  He came home on a wild pick off play to score the only run in the third.  Matt Radiuk got a great walk and stole second.   He went to third on a pass ball on scored on the sac fly from Garde MacDonald.  We then headed into the 7th and Kevin Sengara got his third walk of the game to go along with a fence shot single.  He stole second then third and and then went for the trifecta stealing home when they tried to pick a runner at 1st.  He was safe to get the first run of the 7th.  Tom Espig got on and stole to third on two pass balls as Okuma got a walk and got to second only for both of them to cashed in by Roman who pounded out a 5-3 but took a curve ball that got past the catcher.  It was game over.  This was an emotional game for the boys and they showed their heart and grit every step of the way, just like all season long.  They are due a little freshening as they are all pumped and waiting for the playoffs to come.  Congratulations on the day and the season.  It takes a special team to go 19-0 and allow only half the amount of runs as the next closest.  Heart, huge heart, is about the best way to describe this team of fine young men.  Now we wait............ 




What started out like a beautiful night with great weather, great pitching, great hitting, great teams, great kids, great fans took a very unfortunate turn for the worse in the fifth inning when perspective paid a visit to Chaldecott.  On a freak play where Shane Curran came in then back out on a bunt saw the conclusion end in a horrific collision that laid him out.  He broke his leg in two places.  This was a complete accident that happened so incredibly fast that no one could quite believe their eyes.  The White Rock player was ok and very fortunately did not get hurt in anyway.  The agonizing part for everyone at the field was seeing our soldier in excrutiating pain while waiting for the ambulance to arrive for over an hour.  The teammates of Shane were visibly shaken as were the great parents of both teams and the wonderful coaches of White Rock.  This was just a brutal accident.  Happily, I can report that I visited with Shane at Children's Hospital and he is resting with more comfort although this promises to be one heck of a night.  I would like to thank the great coaches of White Rock who showed so much class, respect and immense compassion for our injured player and all of his teammates.  I am extremely grateful for your amazing character.  I would also like to thank the players of White Rock for being such gentlemen.  You are getting the highest level of coaching in both parts of the game, character and ability. 




     June got kicked off on the right foot as the Monarchs pounded the ball all night to get by the tough Burnaby Braves 18-7.  Rory Hilson shot out two home runs including a grand slam as Okuma and Curran added home runs as well.  The offense was patient and opportunistic as we cashed in our baserunners all night.  Matt Radiuk scored a single as Garde MacDonald pounded out a double and single while Zach Hewko lit up a double and single too.  Okuma added a double to his homer as Hilson put up a single to go with his.  Curran added a single in the second while Kier and Wallace guided singles out in the second as well.  Roman continues with the hot bat two singles and getting on base all night.  The pitchers had quite the task last night but stayed cool under pressure and threw great to keep the Braves off balance.  MacDonald went three while Espig shut things down.  Of special note, Armstrong and Curran helped out their pitchers making exceptional catches to take the wind out of Burnaby's sails.  With this big win, the Monarchs clinched first place in their league.  Congratulations Monarchs, let's keep the train rollin'.  We still have work to do....... 




After your Monarchs finished May on the highest note possible, beating the best of the best to win two classic tournaments, it will be back to work for the big hearted Monarchs with a contest against the always tough and ready Burnaby Braves tonight at Kensington.  The very well coached Braves played Vancouver tough last time and we expect another tough battle tonight.  Hard to believe May is in the books and June is here.  Where did this season go?  Great to see the vast improvement in all the players and all of them make the adjustment to the pee wee style and pace.  So now, with all the celebrating behind us for a bit, it's back to work to finish what we started. Good luck boys, June is here.




In a dazzling display of heart, focus and determination your Vancouver Monarchs beat the White Rock Diamond Backs in the semi final only to face the daunting task of meeting the Cloverdale Rangers in the final.  The Monarchs finished what they started and beat the Rangers and their ace in 5 innings by a score of 11-1.  The Cloverdale Ranger's Nick Laflamme started on the bump and pitched an intimidating 3 innings but the hitters from the Monarchs went unfazed as they knocked in 5 runs on the monster chucker.  Kevin Sengara started on the bump for the Monarchs and kept the Rangers off balance and intimidated blowing his fast ball by them to go the distance in an absolute dominating performance.  He allowed only 1 run on 3 hits while putting up 5 K's in 5 innings.  The Monarchs cashed in early when Garde MacDonald had an 8 pitch at bat walk and was moved around on Sengara's doubleonly to be cashed in on Tom Espig's sac fly.  Rory Hilson crushed another double to score Sengara.  We left two runners on as Hewko also walked but went uncashed.  We went three up, three down in the second but that only seemed to wake a giant as the Monarch's hearts grew to the size of giants.  Shane Curran started things off getting on base with a walk and promptly stole second.  Roman KD then came up and clutched up to rocket a single that scored Curran.  Roman then stole second and Matt Radiuk rifled a devastating single to score Roman.  Matt Radiuk got moved over to third promptly when Garde MacDonald launched a double.  Kevin Sengara cashed in Radiuk and and MacDonald was promptly put across by Tom Espig.  The two out rally was about to start.  Rory Hilson gets on with a walk moved to second on a balk and stole third.  Hewko had a great at bat to walk as well and promptly stole second.  Nick Okuma blasted a rocket single to score Hilson and move Hewko to third.  Jonathan Wallace walked when Tom Armstrong strided to the plate with pride and heart fully intact.  He crushed a double that scored Hewko and Okuma.  Wallace charged home from first and just missed by the slimmest of margins possible getting called out on the plate in a heart breaker.  No worries, the damage was done.  The Monarchs put up 7 and the dagger was in place.  The Rangers mustered up a run in the 4th but the Monarchs quickly answered back with one of their own when Shane Curran singled and stole three times to score on a pass ball.  The fifth inning, destiny calling loud and clear, Kevin Sengara starts things off with a booming double.  Tom Espig runs out an infield fly to get on first.  Hilson comes up and gets a walk to load the bases as big srtriding, sassy Zach Hewko comes up to the plate with bases loaded.  He has a huge at bat to get a walk that put Kevin Sengara across the plate to mercy the ultra tough Cloverdale Rangers in the biggest tournament of the year. 

Shane Curran pitched a game for the books to get us to the final with pitching a plenty.  He kept the tough hitting White Rock D Backs completely off balance.  The Monarch hitters were in rare form though as 3 separate hitters had home runs.  Tom Armstrong blasted his second of the year as his Jericho alumni Zach Hewko crushed a monster blast for his first of the year.  Tom Espig, not to be outdone, launched his signature blast to right to clear the fence and give him his 4th home run of the year.  Garde MacDonald came in to shut things down and do that he did.  Awesome performance by the smiling kid with # 11 on his hat.  Also getting huge hits were Kevin Sengara with a double and single, Garde MacDonald with a single, Rory Hilson singled as Espig added another monster blast triple.  What a day for Espig.  Remey Kier rounded out the hitting with a lazer beam blast up the middle.  In the end, the Monarchs got by 6-2 to get to the final.

This was an awesome display over the weekend by a mentally worn out bunch that won the Don Breu last weekend.  They dug deep and answered the bell like true champions.  We would like to thank Mike Sarai and the entire group of volunteers from BC Minor and Tsawwassen that put on a first class tournament that lived up to its billing as the Grand Daddy of them all.  We would also like to thank all the teams that played so well and acted like true sportmans of the game.  Congratulations Monarchs........hearts of lions. 




After only getting 4 hits in a sleepy start against Richmond, the Monarchs caught a break thaks to the great play of the North Delta Red Sox who beat Richmond to pave the way for the Monarchs to "win and you're in".   They took advantage and beat a wondeful group of kids from Nanaimo to earn a spot in the semi final tomorrow against White Rock.  Good luck and see you at the park at 9 sharp. 




Your Monarchs donned their new colours yesterday and ushered in the new era of uniform with a great win over their good buddies of North Delta.  This Red Sox team is a great bunch of kids and are led by their outstanding coaching staff.  The Monarchs started hitting the ball from the get go and at the end of 5 had shot out 15 hits.  We did allow 3 errors on the night but aftert a few nights off, that can be expected.  Kevin Sengara started on the bump and shut the Red Sox down through 3 2/3rd innings allowing no runs and no walks with 2 hits.  Garde MacDonald was vintage as he relieved Sengara in the 4th and went 1 and a 1/3rd allowing no runs and no walks with 1 hit.  Awesome work pitchers.  The catching was fabulous with no pass balls.  Fielding and base running completed the successful night as the Monarchs, wearing their new blue jerseys, went on to beat North Delta 13-0. Radiuk was top notch as usual going 4-4, Curran went 2-4  Sengara went 3-3, MacDonald blasted a double, Hewko was on fire again going 2-3, Okuma stylin' 2-3, Armstrong found his mojo baby and crushed 2 doubles and was unlucky to scorch a line drive that found mit, otherwise he would have had another double.  Roman is focused and groovin now baby....he goes 2-3 with a walk for perfect on base percentage.  John Wallace added in with another single.  We get Friday off to reboot but will be ready to fire Saturday morning against the always tough Richmond Chuckers.  We will then get a long break and face Nanaimo at 6.  Great people, great tournament and great baseball.  All you could ask for.  See you out there.




The boys with big bats but even bigger hearts rode a tidal wave of confidence into the great Ridge Meadows tournament and finished what they started by beating West Kelowna in the semi final and the White Rock Yankees in the final.  The first game of the day saw a very, very good West Kelowna team put up a great fight but the Monarchs prevailed under great base running and out of the world pitching to only give up 2 runs.  The Monarchs got timely hitting led by Kevin Sengara's 15th home run of the year.  Garde MacDonald rifled out 2 singles as Rory Hilson fired out a hard single as did Nick Okuma.  Tom Armstrong completed the hitting with a bean up the middle.  Shane Curran started on the bump for the Monarchs and went 4 outstanding innings allowing no runs.  He was relieved by Garde MacDonald who came in to middle relieve that saw him go 2 innings before Kevin Sengara came in to shut the door in the last inning getting two strike outs and a pop up.  The pitching on this team has been total shut down.  We have a deep, deep squad of fine arms that keep this team in games so the offense can do their thing. After a quick break we headed to the main diamond to play White Rock for the championship.  Kevin Sengara started and got down to work allowing 2 runs over the next 4 innings.  Tom Espig came in to relieve Sengara  and pitched a jaw dropper blanking and confusing the powerful bats of White Rock for the rest of the game.  After going scoreless in the first inning, The Monarchs were ignited from the second on after finding themselves behind 2-0 early.  They went on to score 3 in the second, 2 in the third, 4 in the fourth 2 in the fifth and 5 in the seventh to put away the Yankees 16-2.  Matt Radiuk went ballistic to scorch a double and 2 singles to score three times.  Shane Curran blasted a double and scored once.  Kevin Sengara walked and singled to score once.  Garde MacDonald scored twice and singled to go with his sac fly.  Tom Espig ripped a double to score once.  Zach Hewko walked and scored once on the sraight steal to home which completely baffled the Yankees.  Nick Okuma hustled out an error thrown single that got him all the way to third on his way to scoring on that error.  Tom Armstrong singled and scored.  Remey Kier went crazy launching the ball all over the field.  He ripped 3 singles and scored once.  John Wallace scored twice and lasered a single to right.  This was such a gratifying win for the Monarchs as they have grown and matured over the last month and put everything together to play hard, smart, aggressive baseball.  The pitching has been overwhelming and the bats have been unforgiving to go along with flawless fielding.  The base work has finally gotten to where we need it and this team continues to work hard and tirelessly.  They have acted like gentlemen and have made their fans and coaches extremely proud.  We would like to thank the outstanding people of Ridge Meadows Minor Baseball for putting on one of the finest tournaments seen for some time.  A special thank you to Brad Ross and the great coaches of Ridge Meadows.  Your volunteers are first class.  Thank you for making us feel so welcomed at your tremendous facility and outstanding tournament.  Congratulations to Rory Hilson on your MVP.  You  have worked and acted in the highest regard.  We now get ready for the John Main Tournament that starts on Thursday.  We are very excited to get going and keep the games a rockin'.  Congrats champs....Hearts of lions.    




It's been a good day.  The Monarchs finished up their pool division play by playing Ridge Meadows Gold and Gibsons.  We were victorious in both games by winning 12-0 against Ridge Meadows Gold and 10-1 against Gibsons.  Kevin Sengara started the early game and pitched with fire in his belly.  He pitched a 1 hitter through for scoreless innings while only facing 14 batters.  Garde MacDonald continued the dominating mound work by retiring the next 9 batters to earn the save.  Matt Radiuk doubled and scored once, shane Curran knocked out two singles, Kevin Sengara went 4 for 4 pounding a double and three singles, Garde MacDonald singled and ran out an FC, Rory Hilson hit two hard ground balls, Tom Espig doubles, Zach Hewko rips a double and single, and the Pitt Meadow's loving Nick Okuma launches his third homer in two days at the same park.  Tom Armstrong singles, while Roman gets an FC as Remey Kier gets hot again pounding out a single and double.  The hits rocketed all over and the conservative, focused play saw the third win of the tournament go into the books.  We scooted back up to Harris for the skills competition and the second leg of our double header.  After the boys won the relay competion they ponied up for Gibsons.  The Monarchs got a great performance from Shane Curran on the bump as Hewko and Hilson helped out their starter by throwing lights out to finish the game off.  Tom Armstrong had the game of his year so far by crushing a homer that saw itself find Lougheed Highway.  He has worked so hard this year and was rewarded with his first long ball of the season which will definately not be his last.  He also made a circus catch in center to snuff out any rally light Gibson's had.  Outstanding work Tom Armstrong, you lead by example and your coaches are very proud of you.  Rory Hilson pouded out his 5th dinger of the year and Remey Kier joined in on the fun blasting a bomb of his own.  Matt Radiuk also got in on the circus catches as he made a Wille Mays catch in Left.  Matt pounded the ball going 3 for 3 with a double and two singles.  We played error free baseball for the third game in a row and put away Gibsons 10-1.  We now get ready for Monday where we will play the second place finisher of pool B.  Hopefully we can get to the final and put on another good showing.  Ridge Meadows is nothing short of spectacular hosts.  They have put on one of the best tournaments we have ever been part of and we are very appreciate of their tremendous volunteers who do amazing work.  Good on you Ridge Meadows.  They really know how to have a great time.  Congratulations Monarchs, going 4-0 in pool play.  On to the semi's.




After battling heavy long weekend traffic, the Monarchs arrived at the beautiful Pitt Meadows Athletic Park ready to play baseball.  Sitting in the visitors side of the diamond, the Monarchs kicked off the first with 7 runs.  Shane Curran did a great job keeping the Red team of Abbotsford off balance allowing no runs through 3 innings in another great performance on the bump.  We jumped on the hit parade again in the third putting 10 more runs on the board.  The fourth inning was also kind to the Monarchs as we added another 7 runs.  Abbotsford's bats came alive in the bottom of the fourth as they put 4 on themselves.  Matt Radiuk knocked out a single and a double and scored 3 times.  Shane Curran scored three times and hit a double and a single to go along with an FC and an E9.  Kevin Sengara doubles and knocked out his 14th home run of the year and scores three times.  Garde MacDonald scores once and adds a sac fly, double and a single.  Rory Hilson singles twice and scores twice.  Tom Espig hustles out an E1 and doubles to score twice.  Zach Hewko singles and doubles and gets an FC to score 3 times.  Nick Okuma has shown me how you get up when you've been knocked down.  He has battled back from a tought stretch to come alive in a big way.  He crushes two home runs, four on the year, and adds a single in a performance for the books.  John Wallace singles, gets on three times and scores twice.  Roman continues to show his coaches his toughness as he smashes the monkey again and scores once on two singles.  Remey Kier scores once and gets an FC as he also laser beams a shot back to the pitcher which could have been any kind of hit.  Fortunately, the Abbotsford pitcher was able to knock it down in amazing fashion and kept himself out of harms way.  It was a very scary moment and everyone was relieved to see the pitcher react to the hit so quickly.  In the end, the Monarchs put up 19 hits and earned no errors on the night and were able to earn a 24 -4 win in 4.  The Abbotsford red team were a very classy bunch of kids.   They played with their heads high and showed tremendous sportmanship as did their great coaches led by Theo Abery.  Their fans too were very supportive right to the end and showed how great they were with their kids.  Sometimes the line drives find mits and at other times they find the green grass.  For the Monarchs, it was a night when the balls found the open grass.  Congratulations Monarchs on a great night.  You guys worked very hard and displayed sportsmanship every coach would be proud of.  See you early Saturday as we get ready for the gold team of Ridge Meadows.      




After weaving through traffic on a busy long weekend eve night, the Monarchs got to beautiful Harris Field, home of Ridge Meadows, to start their tournament play.  The Ridge Meadows Blue team started off strong cashing in an unearned run on a pass ball to start the first.  This did not faze the boys in red as we put two runners on base to answer back.  We were unlucky not to cash in the first inning but the second inning saw one of the best at bats of the season when Nick Okuma took the 2-2 pitch to the other side of Cleveland to bring Hilson across too.  We added another 2 runs in the third when Kier walked, Radiuk singled and Curran and Sengara drove them in.  In the fourth inning the Monarchs really hit the gas when Hilson started off the inning with a solo homer.  Espig came up next and hit the exact same pitch Hilson hit, curve ball inside, and watched it land on the other side of the field.  Okuma hit another single after Hewko walks and watched Wallace get on with an E9 as Roman continued his hot bat rocketing a double down third base.  Kier got on with a walk and Sengara completed the inning with another single.  At the end of the inning the Monarchs put up 8 runs and MacDonald came in to relieve Sengara, who pitched lights out for 1 unearned run through 4 and shut down the 5th.  Great effort by all the boys and a great start to start the tournament.  We play the Abbotsford Red team tonight at 6.  Good luck and see you there.      




The Monarchs kick off the Don Breu Tournament on Thursday night against the always tough Ridge Meadows Blue Team.  This promises to be a great tournament with many great teams showing up trying for gold.   The next two weekends have the Monarchs playing in high profile tournaments with the John Main Classic taking place the following weekend.  No doubt this will be great fun and the boys will learn much seeing these great teams playing.  Hard to believe that June is right around the corner and playoffs are in the offing.  Time flies when you're having a blast.  See everyone tomorrow night at Ridge Meadows.




The Burnaby Braves came calling today and put up a great fight.  They kept us off the score sheet for two innings but the bats kept calling too and we put up a run in the next three only to explode for 4 in the sixth.  Our pitchers have been answering the bell all season as we put three different pitchers on the bump.  They kept the Braves off the tally sheet until the last inning when the got 4 runs( not all earned) but Hilson stayed tough and shut it down.  Curran allowed only 2 hits through three as Radiuk allowed 1 hit through two.  Hilson allowed two hits through the last two.  Sengara remains hot going 3 for 3 with an rbi, Radiuk has been scorching, crushing a frozen rope double and adding a single driving in 1.  Curran chipped in with a hit and was unlucky on two other solid hits that foung the mit.  Garde put three hard balls in play but cashed in only on the sac fly.  Hard hits though.  Hilson blasted a double as Zach Hewko continues to punish the baseball.  He goes two for two.  Nick Okuma gets firing again lacing a triple to the fence.  Armstrong singled and cashed in a HBP as did Kier.  Sengara fired out a thief at second and MacDonald made a circus catch to double up the runner.  Espig added his own unassisted double play spearing a rocket and touching his base.  Sengara picks up the fly bunt and crosses out the runner at first for a total of three double plays on the day.  The most gratifying thing for the coaches today was the fact that onle 2 strikeouts were recorded for the Monarchs.  They continue to make the other teams make outs as the ball gets into play almost all the time.  We now get a break from interlock to concentrate on the Don Breu Tournament, which kicks off on Thursday and the John Main Classic which starts a week Thursday.  These will be great tournaments and the Monarchs eagerly await them.  Congratulations Monarchs on a great effort today and a remarkable start.  See you Tuesday for practice. 




The North Delta Red Sox played off the charts defense to keep your high scoring Monarchs a little in check tonight.  In one of the best performances by a back catcher seen so far this year, North Delta's catcher caught 7 innings and threw out 3 runners at second.  He took a whole element out of our game and did not let us run wild.  Their pitcher did well in the later stages in the game, keeping us off balance as his defense made some incredible outs for him.  Having said all that, the Monarchs had the game in control from the start led by 6 different dominate pitchers who had their way with the batters.  The group only allowed 2 hits in what continues to be a dominate group of chuckers.  Kevin Sengara got walked in the first as Garde Macdonald executed the hit and run scoring Kevin from first to get the first run of the game.  The second inning brought bats gone wild to town as we rattled off 4 consecutive blasts that scored three.  Rory Hilson started it off with a single as Espig pounded out a double while Zach Hewko joined the fray launching another single only to be scored 1 batter later later when John Wallace pounded out a single. Hilson pounded another double as Tom Armstrong man handled the ball to single and then went wild stealing to two and getting all the way home on an over throw.  Espig got another hit and Remey Kier and big steady Matt Radiuk completed the hit squad by pounding out a hard singles.  This was a very strong game played by your boys in carinal red tonight.  They have had a lot of baseball this season and were a little mentally tired.  This was the 25th game of the season for them and they have played full tilt in every tilt.  Congratulations Monarchs on your 14th consecutive win in our league.  That is an amazing achievement.  We continue to develop our pitching depth and our bats are white hot.  We practice tomorrow from 4-6ish and get a well deserved break Saturday while we wait for the Burnaby Braves to come calling on Sunday at noon.




Zach Hewko, Matt Radiuk, Tom Armstrong combine for a 2 hitter in a tremendous pitching performance.  Kevin Sengara throws out two thiefs at 3rd as Remey Kier makes a big catch in left to keep Coquitlam at bay.  While the defense played brick wall baseball, the bats took to the sky with Kevin Sengara and Shane Curran launching long balls over dead center field.  Matt Radiuk had a huge night at the plate as well blasting two singles and a triple scoring all three times on base.  He has taken to his spot at the top of the order in style.  Shane Curran pounds out a single, double and home run as Kevin Sengara adds a double to his homer.  Rory Hilson hits a frozen rope single as Tom Espig comes alive in a big way by pounding out a double and two singles.  Zach Hewko, sporting a stylish new do, blasts out three singles.  Jonathan Wallace adds in with a single.  The Coquitlam Black Sox are a young team but are much improved from earlier and promise to be a force next year.  We now get ready for the North Delta Red Sox who come to Chaldecott on Thursday.  Great work and effort from all the boys tonight.  Congratulations, now we get ready for the next one. 




We finished our tournament at Burnaby on Sunday with a 1-2 record.  This record does not show in anyway haow incredible your Monarchs played.  In our final game, Thomas Espig put on a pitching clinic keeping the Abbotsford team completely off balance while they could only muster a hit.  Kevin Sengara unleashed a monster bomb, crushing 1 and 2 offering 300 foot homer.  Not to be outdone, Rory Hilson came up a few innings later and launched an absolute crushing missle taking the inside offering 290 feet to right center.  Sadly the 3-1 lead slipped away on 5 errors in the last two innings and the Abbotsford team scored a game winning run on a crowd induced balk.  Sad for the game to end in that way when Shane Curran pitched so unbelievably as Abbotsford could not get near him to hit.  Our pitching has been on a tear and the coaches could not be more proud of them.  Now that the tournament, which kept us waiting for 4 and half hours to play our game, is over we can get down to serious business as we head to Coquitlam to play the Black Sox.  Monarch players have been educated the past two weeks and are really looking forward to getting it on this week.  See you at the beautiful Town Center field in Coquitlam. 




The Monararchs played a huge game against Abbotsford in their fisrt contest but due to "tournament rules" had to stop the game at the fifth inning as the second game had to start.  That was unfortunate as the Monarchs opened up a lead 2-0 only to have Abbotsford come back and get four which led to the Monarchs tying it back up again 4-4 when they got three runs on two balls that rolled over first base.  We had the thick of the order on its way back up but the game was called.  Too bad.  Sengara and MacDonald combined for allowing only 4 hits as we out hit Abbotsford again 6-4.  The team played exceptionally well and deserved a better fate, but that is baseball.  After a fun day of hanging out with each other, we got down to business for our second game when we played a great group of kids from Chilliwack at Harwood Park.  Shane Curran pitched another great game as MacDonald got out of a bases loaded jam showing great toughness and Zach Hewko came in pitch a two pitch save.  Love those pitch counts.  Tommy Espig powered out a moon shot three run homer.  Great at bats and powerful line drives from the Monarchs was all that was needed to get us to .500 for the day.  The team showed great heart and energy as they continue to develop into a mature hard playing team.  We get ready for Abbotsford Red today.  Good luck and see you at Kensington Park for a 10 warm up. 




The Vancouver Monarchs came out on top for the battle of Vancouver.  Their cross town rivals played very well and pounded some nice hits out but they could not keep up with the great pitching of Garde MacDonald who pitched 4 shut out innings while Mr. Reliable Tom Espig came in to close it down and earn the save.  Rory Hilson rocketed two doubles while Tom Armstrong pounded a double and a single.  MacDonald helps his cause by shooting out a couple of singles while Sengara launched a double.  Tom Espig gets on three times and cashes in while pounding out a single.  Shane Curran does the same pounding out a single and gets on base all three times and scores each time.  Roman has another strong game singling and walking to score each time.   These boys have worked extremely hard since February when they were learning how to pound out these missles and pitch with the intensity they are now.  I am very proud of all your great effort and nothing can minimize the results you have achived.  Going 12-0 is not a fluke, it is spawned out of your dedication and commitment to your goals.  Congratulations and continued success Monarchs.  We now turn our attention to our first tournament at Burnaby where we get the opportunity to get some revenge from last weekend.  We play a very good Abbotsford team Saturday at 9am.   This game promises to be a hard nose affair.  The draw of the Monarchs was far from easy as we play three very hard teams.  Let's see what happens.  Good luck Monarchs, see you tomorrow night for practice at 4-6.




The Monarchs were frustrated and angry on Saturday in what should have been a "hey how are ya" double header.  Well this is the wrong team to get mad as they are going to come back and keep coming back until someone else is on the canvas.  The recipient of the take down just happened to be a great group of boys from Richmond.  The Monarch's pitching staff combined for a 2 hitter.  Shane Curran started things off tonight for the boys in red by pitching lights out.  He threw 3 and 2/3 innings recording 6 k's in a dominating perfomance.  Big, sassy Tommy Armstrong came in to relief Curran and did not disappoint.  He struck out 4 batters over 2 1/3 innings not giving up a hit and walking 4.  Kevin Sengara chipped in rifling out runners at 1st and 3rd to help his boy Journey out.  Zach Hewko came in to close out the game and struck out three in a row to finish the game. The Monarchs took to their bats in a big way punching out 12 hits.  Matt Radiuk does his thang like always and gets on only to be scored two batters later when Sengara powers out a single to drive him home.  Garde MacDonald rockets out a single only to be scored along with Sengara two batters later when Hewko guns out a long single.  Hewko finishes the night with another single in the 7th.  Sengara adds another double and a single while Garde hustles out a dropped third strike which eventually turns into a run.  Tom Espig powers a single while Johnny Wallace has three great at bats and gets on base three times.  Armstrong gets very unlucky as he pounds out 4 line drives that find Richmond mits.  Shane Curran comes up big with two towering doubles that he scores on while taking a high fastball to the head.  He hustles down no worse for wear.  Remey Kier pounds out a single and a double and promptly steals 2 bases.  He crushes that double which surprised everyone by not leaving the field.  Roman continues his much improved batting rifling out a single which he later scores on.  The boys were sharp tonight, amping up their game in anticipation of a tough Vancouver team Thursday and the big tournament this weekend.  They have refocused themselves and quite clearly have some revenge on their mind.  They work hard at every at bat, ground ball, pick off play, droopy fly ball or even a lightening shot right at them.  If they keep this intensity up, they will be a handfull.  These brothers in arms continue to pick each other up and it really showed tonight.  A special shout out to the under the weather Rory Hilson and the banged up Nick Okuma.  These boys were very much missed tonight and we are looking forward to getting them back very soon.  The Yankees of Nanaimo Park are here Thursday in what promises to be a full tilt.  Congratulations Monarchs on a very, very solid effort and execution tonight.  Keep this intensity up.  See you Thursday.     




The Monarchs had a few well deserved days off to heal up from a rough and tumble affair on the weekend.  We look forward to getting Garde back and hope that a few days off helped Wallace, Okuma and Radiuk get back to perfect after dealing with some pretty good blows.  Onwards now, a rejuvenated team will be taking the field tomorrow night to play a tough Richmond squad.  We learnt much from the weekend and look forward to putting it to good use as we get ready for the Midway tournament at Burnaby on the weekend. 





What happens to them if someone gets close?  What happens if they don't mercy in 5?  What happens if the other guys score first?  What happens if a team comes back on them in the last inning?  Well.......they'll do what they always do!  They will fight you until there is no life left in them.  They will stay loose and happy grab their bats and pound you into the ground.  They will rally around young pitchers and make them feel like giants.  They will lift each other up until there is no one left to pick up.  They will all be MONARCHS.  Thomas Espig puts on a show for the ages pitching the Reds into the ground.  He picks off two runners at first and stays as cool as Scott Baio before he turned 20.  He pounds out two frozen rope singles for a night for the books.  Rory Hilson pounds out a double and two singles for a three for three performance.  He pitches a smokin' one inning leaving the Reds blanked.  Johnny Wallace got a hit and scored.  Kevin Sengara blasted a rocket single to drive in the first run.  Matt Radiuk drives a single to get in scoring position and scores one batter later.  He takes the bump facing 2-5 and takes a line from Pitbull and shuts this thing down.  Awesome baby!  Zach Hewko continues to pound them out scoring while singling.  Tom Armstrong flexes his muscles and launches another double as he just punishes the ball lately.  Roman saw another big hit tonight and was unlucky to not have two deep flyballs not fall in.  A lot of questions got answered tonight as we bathe in an awesome supply of pitchers.  On an off night by comparison, we still pound out 11 hits.  A key note on the night was seeing our lion Garde MacDonald out in full uniform supporting his brothers in arms while he nurses his injuries back.  Outstanding team work Garde.....OUTSTANDING.  Great parents round out the night with great support for ALL the boys from the stands.  We eagerly await our road trip to Abbotsford to play a great team and continue our bonding.  Everyone is looking forward to dinner afterwards.    What a great April it has been.  Here's to you May.......




If you have happened to see the boys of cardinal red play, you would have noticed some wonderful things.  These boys play as hard in the last inning as they do in the first.  They win as a team and play not as individuals, but as a strong, unbreakable entity.  They fight for each other and pick each other up when needed.  Tonight was awesome.  The bats continued to blast away.  Kevin Sengara, Nick Okuma and Remey Kier launched laser guided missiles to score long ball doubles.  Matt Radiuk defines his role on this team as good as anyone.  He gets on base twice and scores twice as he pounds out two singles.  Mr. Reliable.  Nick Okuma adds a single to his big night and scores.  He pitches awesome to finish the night.  Kevin Sengara scores and adds an rbi.  Garde Macdonald rifles a single and scores to drive in two.  He is fabulous behind the dish as is Nick Okuma.  Zach Hewko starts the ball rolling throwing heat and adding a new aspect to his arsenal.  He pounds out a hard single and scores while driving in a run.  Rory Hilson crushes a single up the middle to keep his hard hitting carrying right along.  He steals standing up and scores.  Jonathan Wallace continues his hot bat scoring twice while pounding two singles that scores a run.  Plays a brave two innings behind the dish.   Remey Kier has been an inspiration to his team.  He has chipped away and chipped away and just crushes the ball at will.  He pounds his double and adds a single to drive in a run run and scores too.  Roman has found his groove.  He blasts a hard hit liner to score a run and scores himself while playing unflappable defense at second.  The infield played lights out tonight making exceptional defensive plays to help their boys on the bump focus on the job at hand.  Kevin Sengara makes dynamite stops at short while Roman is as cool as ice cream in Antarctica playing the other side of the middle infield.  Shane Curran takes the bump and pitches an exceptional 4 innings keeping Cloverdale of balance.  He throws 4 k's over 4 innings inducing a lot of ground balls and a flyout to first.  Great team work.  We now get ready for a solid Coquitlam Red Sox team making there way to Chaldecott Thursday at 5:30.  Congratulations Monarchs, you are working very, very hard and it shows in every part of your game.  You pounded out 12 hits while making no errors and allowed a single run over 5 innings.  Like we said before, you can only control what you do.  Keep playing baseball the Monarch way.  All out.  Have a great couple of days and we'll see you Thursday.    



Your boys in cardinal red were back in action at the beautiful and newly renovated Chaldecott Park.  We have our wonderful parents to thank for that.  The grey skies gave way to blue and the sun hit the faces of the baseball clan like a cold ice tea hits the back of your mouth on a July day.  A very nice group of boys from Newton came calling and the Monarchs welcomed them ready to play baseball.  Newton threw an off speed pitcher at us to start that kept us a little off balance but once we got the timing down, it was over.  The Indians tried four different pitchers but at the end of the day, the bats of the Monarch were too much to handle.  The offense chimed in with 15 hits including a rocket triple from MacDonald.  He also added a single on a fine afternoon that saw him, Curran and Armstrong throw a 6-4-3 double play.  Shane Curran smacked a double and scored as Matt Radiuk knocked two hard singles out to drive a run in and score himself.  Kevin Sengara blasted a double and added a single scoring once while pitching absolutely lights out.  He threw 3 innings and scored a no hitter.  Rory Hilson came in to relief Sengara after not hitting the bump since little league 2009.  What an entrance, he threw 2 strikeouts and allowed a run over two innings.  Outstanding work from those two and the wall of defense behind them that were cooler than Fonzie.  Besides the double play, Roman took down a rifle shot at second while Wallace and MacDonald played great at short.  Armstrong stood on his head again at first while Radiuk almost threw out a runner at first from right field.  Nick Okuma has been a beast behind the dish and today was no different.  He dominated back there.  He also scored a run.  Zach Hewko rifles his own double and gets on base all three times and scores each time.  Hilson had multiple singles and scored all three times he was on base.  Armstrong singles and scores while Remey Kier keeps his hot hitting alive scoring another single and scores himself only to be robbed of another single as the pitcher saves himself while knocking a laser down.  Jonathan Wallace has come alive scoring a double and single while reaching base all three times and scoring twice. He drives in 2 rbi's on the day.  Roman has found his stride as he punches a single out and walked while scoring twice.  All the Monarchs can control is themselves.  They know that if they continue to work hard at practice and throughtout the games, they will be dealt a great fate.  They know they must have great at bats, support the defense by staying focused and ready and have the pitching that keeps them in every game they play.  Together as one unit, one very strong and tight unit they will continue to strive to reach their goals.  Don't give up.....don't ever, ever give up.  Congratulations boys, see you tomorrow night for practice at 5. 




Congratulations Monarchs on your 15 hits tonight.  Very good at bats resulted in plenty of offense with Hilson, Armstrong and Wallace powering multiple extra base hits.  Curren puts up two singles and scores twice, Matt Radiuk singles and walks and scores twice, Kevin Sengara smashes a double to score two, walks and scores twice.  Nick Okuma runs out infield single and scores and drives in a run, Tom espig singles and walks to score.  Garde MacDonald pounds out 2 singles and scores twice and drives in 2 runs. Zach Hewko walks and singles and scores twice.  Rory Hilson smashes two doubles scores and drives in a run.  Tom Armstrong rips the ball apart.  He doubles and triples scoring three times and driving in 2.  Remey Kier launches another double and scores while driving in a run.  Jonathan Wallace pounds out the hits launching two doubles, driving in a run and scores.  Roman KD stands tall at second.  Garde pitched a great two innings allowing only two runs through the first two.  Tom Espig starts lights out and gets through an inning before Zach Hewko comes in to get through the fourth.  Shane Curren pitches fabulous and shuts White Rock down.  We now wait for Newton to slide into town on Saturday at 12.  They are a high scoring, solid team that will play our boys very tough.  Practice is at the other diamond tomorrow night.  Keep swinging away.  Congratulations.  




Your Monarchs came back firing on all cylinders after an extended break.  The pitchers were lights out again.  Kevin Sengara took the bump to start and shut down North Delta in the first two innings with 4 k's.  Shane Curran jumped on for the 4th and 5th and pitched great allowing only one run while North Delta scored an unearned marker.  He showed great poise and maturity out there tonight putting 5 k's up over two innings of work.  Zach Hewko closed it out and off at the bottom of 5 retiring 3 of the four batters while throwing two k's.  The offense of this team has me searching for new words.  I have run out trying to convey what these boys are doing out there.  They are facing fabulous pitching from these teams but they find ways to put their bats on the ball in a big way.  Tonight saw what hard work gets you.  Remey Kier has worked himself raw so far this year and tonight he got his first bomb.  He has been robbed in his last two games at the fence with long balls but tonight was his payback.  Remey launched a two strike missle to center that had him touching the bases with a big smile.  Well done Remey.  Kevin Sengara has been on a tear .  He absolutely crushed a first pitch that saw it clear the Green Monster and land across the street into the neighbour's yard giving him his 5th homer of the regular season and 9th overall.  He also added a fence shot double two score two runs with a total of 4rbi's on the night.  Not to be out done, Thomas Espig decides to steal Armstrong's bat and launch his own moon shot to deep dead center.  This could be hazardous to Thomas' life as Armstrong's bat was waiting for Armstrong to send one out with it.  We will send a security detail out with Espig to keep him safe for the season.  No doubt Armstrong will be biding his time for payback.  Perhaps Espig's bat for Armstrong?  Matt Radiuk had a massive game tonight as he went perfect for on base appearances while smacking two singles out to continue his hot bat.  Nick Okuma continues to dominate the dish as he shows how that position is supposed to be played.  Runners don't want to test that missle for an arm he has.  Garde MacDoanld showed great determination in the field tonight diving after everything showing that our record is no accident.  He has a hard hit single to drive to drive in a run.  Rory Hilson continues his hot bat scoring another hit and stealing two bases.  Tom Armstrong anchors first like Fort Knoxx guards gold.  He tracks a high fly ball for a key out in the second.  Jonathan Wallace catches two great innings and steals two bases while scoring as well on a pass ball.  Roman KD puts a rifle shot to the fence to score a double and scores himself to kick start a big third inning.  These boys will walk through walls for this team and each other and does it ever show.  Everyone looks confident and on launch.  Their desire and hard work has made the coaching staff extremely happy.  They are loose and happy but take that out of context at your own risk.  When the words play ball are called, they put their opponent squarely in their crosshairs with the finger on the trigger.  Keep the pedal firmly pressed boys and keep having the time of your lives.  See you Thursday for White Rock.




The beautiful weather on Sunday only made the waiting harder for your high flying boys in cardinal red.  They are eagerly awaiting the road trip to Bob Bunnett field of Annieville on Tuesday so they can resume their fifth gear playing.  This has been quite a start for the boys as they have allowed only 5 runs through the first five games while piling on the offense.  Looking at the pictures that scroll through on our opening page made me very clear on why the Monarchs have enjoyed a high level of success so quickly......PALS....they bonded with the strength of crazy glue and have achieved incredible chemistry while working forward with the same shared goal.....winning while having the time of their lives.  Keep having fun boys and enjoying a crazy great ride.  See you at Annieville for North Delta on Tuesday.




Sadly our game tomorrow against Surrey Canadian has been postponed due to a lack of players available from Surrey.  Thought hockey season was over.....Too bad.  We will practice at Chaldecott tomorrow from 5-7.  This game will be rescheduled for a later date. 




Your Vancouver Monarchs work for perfection.  In doing so, they raise the bar for what is expected of them to something that challenges them deep inside their hearts.  Tonight, they delivered for their fans, their coaches and each other.  They strarted off well putting two on the board in the first and adding two more in the second.  After a sleepy couple of innings that saw Coquitlam put two runs across the plate the boys got refocused by their coaches.  They were asked to be the Monarchs they have been, they were asked to be the Monarchs they expect themselves to be.  They answered.  The pitchers shut them down and the defense made sure it stayed that way.  The offense took it personnally and responded with 17 unanswered runs.  Nick Okuma and Garde MacDonald threw two runners out at second that really took the air out of the balloon for the Coquitlam Black Sox.  Kevin Sengara drove a stake through the heart of a young Coquitlam team when he launched a dead shot center grand slam.  He came back up and launched another home run bomb to left center that scored two more runs.  He added another fence shot double in a dominating performance at the plate.  Shane Curran scored three times and added a single and an inside the park homer.  Matt Radiuk was steady as ever walking and shooting out two more singles while scoring 3 times.  Nick Okuma walks twice and launches two singles scoring three times while stealing 9 bases.  This guy is uncatchable on the bases and has been a monster behind the plate.  Tom Espig walks twice and drives a bomb double while getting an error scored centerfield bomb to round out the night.  He scores twice on the night.  Garde MacDonald reaches base all four times with a walk and three singles that he hustled out all night.  Zach Hewko walks and adds a base hit while throwing absolutely lights out to start the game.  Rory Hilson walks once and hits two singles while scoring twice.  One of those singles sprouts a fire tail in its wake.  Tom Armstrong goes four for four singling all four times and steals four bases.  He dominates first yet again being a monster at the corner.  Remey keeps making contact as he was very unlucky to not have a homer as the Coquitlam centerfielder grabs it at the fence for the second straight game.  Jonathan Wallace come in and throws a great inning on the bump to finish the game off.  Roman looks smooth as ever on second and gets a walk to score a run.  The Monarchs throw 6 different pitchers and dominate the batters.  Zach, Nick, Tom, Garde, Shane and Jonathan did a fabulous job and increase our pitching depth in a huge way.  This makes the job of a manager much easier when you have game ready gamers ready to take the bump on a quick nod.  Congratulations Monarchs on challenging yourselves to be what you can be........great.  Don't ever, ever ease up.  Always work hard.  Now we work for the weekend!    




The Monarchs slowly chipped away on a great Vancouver Yankee pitcher through 4 but it was only a matter of time before the mighty bats of your boys in red unleashed a fury of line drives.  With unforgiving conviction the line drives found gaps all over the outfield bringing a spread out outfield defense.  The Monarchs brought a Johnny Allstaff pitching crew, trying to spread the touches.  They delivered in a big way as we allowed only 1 hit as the defense stepped up like eagles on a river bed not allowing any fly balls to touch down.  The offense pounded 18 hits into the Nanaimo Park Field.  Shane Curren continued his hitting with a powerful double that scored a run.  He scored himself in the same inning.  Matt Radiuk was like Willie Mays in right as he tracked down two fly balls that stuffed out rallies from the Yankees.  He also drove in a run in the fifth.  Matt also scored the first run to get the onslaught started.  Kevin Sengara ripped apart the Yankees D and the pitching as he went 4 for 4 smashing out 3 doubles and a single to drive in 4 runs.  One of those doubles missed being a homer by about 6 inches.  Nick Okuma was huge behind the plate and on the mound while he continued the hot hitting murdering the ball tonight with a double and two singles while stealing bases at will.  If he's on, he scores.  It's that simple.  Tom Espig drives in another run and pitches lights out for an inning.  Garde MacDonald puts in time behind the plate and on the mound as he pitches great and puts up a wall behind the dish.  Garde hustles out an infield single and rifles a single to right.  Zach Hewko gets things started with a dominant trip on the bump that put the Yankees on their heels.  He continues his scorching hitting pounding a double and a single while scoring two runs.  Rory Hilson in the second cleanup spot unleashes his bat once again driving in 3 runs and pounding two singles and a double.  Dominating the batters box.  Tom Armstrong.....what can you say....he puts his body on the line for his team like a true general would lining up infront of a scorcher at first.  He continues to make those close outs happen as he stretches for three outs that would have been safe if not for his Albert Pujols approach to playing his position.  OUTSTANDING TOM ARMSTRONG.  He continues with his hot bat pounding two singles and a long fly ball that just missed the dirt.  What has gotten into Remey Kier?  He has absolutely pounded the ball and continues to show his confidence tonight ripping into the ball for two powerful doubles while scoring a pair of runs.  Jonathan Wallace picks up where he left off as he scores a run and rips a double while swinging with reckless abandonment.  Roman KD just dominates second with the coolness of Robinson Cano.  Nothing gets past him as he moves with the feet of a gazelle.  Gets on base and scores two runs.  The work effort is outstanding boys....and you win like gentlemen.  Your coaches are very proud of you as you continue to show desire , heart and commitment.  This recipe brings very good things to ball players.  Keep this conviction rolling as we all enjoy this great run of fortune.      




Much anticipated match up tonight of some high powered offenses.  The Monarchs are hoping to continue with their swing away style and lock down defense.  The Yankees have shown an ability to put runs on the board and the Monarchs will have to pitch a great game to limit that characteristic.  They do have a tendency to allow a few runs and this is what the Monarchs will look to exploit.  Please arrive by 4:25 for warm up.  I have had an enormous response to our website and how wonderful it looks with the added features.  The standings have now been added along with these great pictures.  Okumas, our deepest thanks for getting this site looking fly.  Bring your cuddle blankets tonight as it will be a cold one.  I'll stop by between innings.  See you tonight.  




After a few longer commutes this past week, the Monarchs are looking at a skip, hop and a jump to their next game as they take on the Vancouver Minor Yankees.  They have had no problem putting runs on the board over their first three games and no doubt will be a formidable opponent for the boys in cardinal red come Tuesday night.  The Monarchs are very pumped to play their neighbour's to the east and are riding a wave of confidence right now.  We have some outstanding news as the Monarchs have a genius in their midst.  Music may have Harry Connick Jr. and the art world had Picasso, but the Vancouver Monarchs have Thomas Okuma.  He has taken some shots that rival anything I have ever seen and in doing so has become vice president of artistic control for the Vancouver Monarchs.  He will be controling the great photos that are coming to our website.  Good on you Tommy boy.  It seems to run in the family as Yukari put on a show with the score book the other night that left me wondering if I was in the press room at Yankee Stadium.  Well done family Okuma.  To all, wishes of a fabulous week.  See you tomorrow at Nanaimo Park at 4:25.




The Monarchs finally get some nice weather to play in and did they ever take advantage of it.  Kevin Sengara takes to the bump and doesn't look back.  He pitched a 1 hit complete game shut out that set the tempo for the bats.  Shane Curran dug deep and showed up and played an outstanding game scoring on two steals while over coming a very painful neck injury.  Kudos Shane.  Matt Radiuk pounds two hard hit line drives and drives in two runs breaking the game open in the 5th.  Nick Okuma is a gladiator as he sits behind the dish for the second straight game and lasers a rifle shot to left field.  For the second straight game, Tom Espig pounds hit after hit after hit.  Launches a monster triple.  Garde MacDonald comes up huge at short and puts the team on the board first with a sac fly.  Zach Hewko continues to beat up on the baseball and finishes the game in style as he charges the grounder and rifles across the field to bring our final out.  Rory Hilson Launches his first homer of the year with a tatoo to left field that left Cloverdale in a big whole.  He come up again and powers another line drive.  Tom Armstrong dominates the field on first with a huge stretch to complete the outs.  He also does our little secret better than anyone.  Continues his hot bat with a powerful shot to center.  Remey Kier gets on a roll scoring and and getting on base both times.  He hits a bomb to continue with his hitting.  The Monarchs continue to work hard and bring intensity to every inning they play.  You continue to pick up each other and keep the pedal floored.  Congratulations, keep it up.     




On a very gratifying night for all the people who came out and transformed Chaldecott Park from a forgotten corner to a stage that rivals any beautiful field in the lower mainland, the Vancouver Monarchs made quick work of a much improved Richmond Chuckers team.  The game took an hour and thirty-five minutes as the Vancouver Monarchs won in a mercy with tremendous pitching from Garde MacDoanald and a great close out job from Shane Curran.  Nick Okuma was a monster behind the plate as he caught 5 straight innings.  Brilliant catches from Remey Kier and Zach Hewko in the outfield kept their pitchers full of confidence.  Tom Armstrong had a very strong game as he made a phenomenal stretch to close the out.  Tom Espig was a beast at the plate running out an infield single and adding two more hits.  Matt Radiuk had a powerful double that started a tidal wave of runs.  Kevin Sengara was very solid at short and got things rolling driving in the first run.  Rory Hilson ended the fourth with a great catch in the hot corner that ended a rally by the Chuckers.  We had our first throw out at second when Nick Okuma lasered a throw to Kevin who layed down the tag.  Garde picked off a runner at first that really took the air out of the Chuckers early.  A total team effort made this game what it was.  Great job boys, keep the effort going and keep that amazing work habit strong.  Congratulations everyone.




The good people of Abbotsford have agreed to host us on May 1st for a bbq and a double header.  This is the same team that took home the spoils from the Don Breu Tournament in Ridge Meadows last year.  The Monarchs appreciate the gesture very much and look forward to this fun date on the first Saturday in May.  The great parents of the Monarchs showed their heart in pulling a full day in on our field preparation to have it looking lights out.  One more day will have it perfect as long as the weather cooperates.  Again a special thank you to Bill Robinson.   We will keep a close eye on the skies as tomorrow is supposed to be wet, wet, wet.   Please check the website for updates. 




It was bitterly cold for our season opener, but that did not dampen the fire burning in the Monarchs as they overcame a curve ball fest opening two innings to pour it on in the last three.  Kevin Sengara launched back to back homers with a runner on each time to deep dead center.  The whole team pounded the ball all over to score runs and keep the pedal down.  The pitchers were lights out on a day when they could hardly even hold the ball it was so cold.  In the end the Monarchs had 13 hits which came from every part of the order.  The boys worked very hard on a miserable night in weather terms and showed their toughness once again.  The Coquitlam team was very good and pitched extremely well.  They made highlite reel defensive outs and showed how classy they are with their great sportmanship.  They will definately be a force this season.  The Monarchs now shift their sights to their home opener against Richmond on Thursday.  The field continues to take shape with the hard work from all the parents and Bill Robinson.  Thank you volunteers, we could not do this with out you.   




With a great batting practice in the holster the Vancouver Monarchs are eagerly awaiting their season opener tomorrow against Coquitlam.  Game time is 5:30 at Town Center Park.  It was a great day on getting our field ready as our fence was erected and great headway was accomplished on the surface.  Two solid days of work lay ahead but an eager group of parents are at the ready to get it all done.  The league and community appreciate these efforts very much.  A special thank you to our league President, Bill Robinson, for his tremendous commitment and dedication in getting our field ready and looking amazing.  Another special shout out to our own Yukari for taking the boys to the oval today to enjoy the final day of public skating.  The boys loved it and really appreciated your generosity.  Spring is definately in the air.   





As hard as it has been waiting for the season opener the rest was well needed.  With such a steady schedule of games on the way, reloading and refueling is just what the coaches ordered.  Please be on time  for tomorrow's hitting practice in Richmond.  Session starts promptly at 11:00.  Anyone wishing to come out during the day Tuesaday to help get our field ready is most welcome and in fact wanted.  Wednesday will see the big ensemble of parents coming out during the evening, however, if anyone can make it out during the day, please do so.  See everyone at practice.




Happy Easter everyone.  The Monarchs will take advantage of the weekend to get well rested before a very steady schedule of games and practices takes hold.  However, there will be batting practice on Monday at Home Field Academy at 11:00.   Everyone must make every attempt to attend.  This will be the final touch before our first league game on Tuesday against Coquitlam at their beautiful Towne Centre Park.  The pee wee AA season kicked off today out at the glorious fields of Cloverdale.  It was great to see our good friends of North Delta battle back strongly and score a 4-4 tie with the very good looking Cloverdale team.  Both teams showed great pitching and timely hitting.  Newton also played out there against the other Cloverdale team and again, both teams looked very good.  Judging from what has been seen so far, the season looks to be very competitive in this strong pee wee AA division.  It is a pretty safe bet to say that this weekend may well have been the coldest and harshest to play ball in.  Baseball in BC during April will definately make you stronger.  The Vancouver Monarchs would like to wish all the other pee wee AA teams the best of luck in their seasons.   




A vastly improved and ready to play Richmond squad kept the game very tight through 5 innings.  Line drives, hard hit ground balls and deep fly balls all seemed to find their way into an out.  What could have frustrated a team out of a game seemed to lite a fire under the Monarchs as they pounded their way to a solid and in the end uncatchable lead in the last inning that saw them put away Richmond 11-6.  The Monarchs showed their grit and willingness to scrap toe to toe with an opposing team.  The pitchers did very well on a cold and damp night.  Many positives came out of the game and capped a solid foundation for the Monarchs to build from the rest of the season.  We want to thank Richmond very much for hosting us back to back and readying us for the show that starts Tuesday at beautiful Towne Centre.   Somehow the boys managed to keep enough energy in reserve to fire up the lazer tag guns and go crazy for hours at Kevin's surprise birthday bash.  What is more amazing is that these boys kept mum for over a week about it.  Well done  boys, that type of stealth work will prove very useful on the basepaths this year.       



In an amazing turn of events, your favourite Pee Wee AA team is back from the brink and ready to put on a show for their lovable and gullable fans worldwide.  In what can only be described as the biggest prank since Cam Neely was traded away from the Vancouver Canucks or perhaps more realistically, the balloon boy, your Monarchs had some fun on this great day and made the best of what the day had to offer.  As much as Ted would have loved to had us to play against, we are back in our world and ready to head to Richmond tonight and prepare for our season opener in Coquitlam on Tuesday.  Rumor has it a certain website has also been given a second lease on life in which they plan to make the most of.  On behalf of the Vancouver Monarchs we would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy April Fool's Day.  Play ball!!!!!!




In an absolute shock in the baseball community, the Vancouver Monarchs have been asked to play there season in Bantam AAA.  No doubt a strong start and lanky kids had something to do with this amazing decision.  League president Bill Robinson offered no defense for our team and complied fully on behalf of the league.  A new schedule will be fast tracked by weekend's end.




We travel to Richmond Thursday for our second meeting in a row with our neighbour to the south.  The weather looks promising as we sneak in between spring showers.  Make sure to arrive at 4 for a 5 pm start.  This game will close out our preseason as we get ready to face Coquitlam in our season opener on Tuesday.  We want to thank all the teams that have hosted us during the preseason while our field has been getting renovated.  This is the first year of pee wee style baseball for all the kids and having this foundation for them has been a huge help.  Please check emails for field updates.  See you guys tomorrow at 4 in Richmond. 



On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, the Monarchs blew into Richmond to take on their division rivals.  Like the previous three preseason games, the Monarchs were all business as they jumped on the solid pitching from Richmond and put five runs up in the first inning(max out limit).  The Monarchs continued with their fine pitching and shut them out at the bottom of the first and got right back on their bats by putting another five up in the second.  The great pitching carried us through the rest of the way as we went on to add six more runs and held them to one.  With the early start, we managed to get seven innings in.  The Monarchs pitched seven different pitchers and each one looked in midseason form.  We missed three key players tonight but added the recently tanned and well rested Aussie import to help our team meet the challenge.  This is a very good Richmond team and the Monarchs appreciate them for hosting us tonight and also Thursday.  We eagerly await the return of the three amigos that couldn't be there tonight.  It looks like a work party on our field is very near as we get very close to the start of our regular season.  Once word comes from our president Bill Robinson, I will pass it on and convene the best grounds crew around.  Congratulations Monarchs on a great start.  Keep working hard, keep humble and keep those hits coming.  See you guys on Thursday at the same field at 5pm.     




After a few last minute alterations, the Vancouver Monarchs have the final schedule for their 19 game regular season.  Click on schedule to the right and view the line up.  Not included on the schedule are the three tournaments that the Monarchs will participate in May.  May 7-9 the Monarchs will be at Kensington to play in Burnaby Minor's tournament.  Over the Victoria Day long weekend we will play in the Don Breu Pee Wee AA Invitational at Ridge Meadows.  May 27-30 sees our squad in the highly anticipated John Main Tournament hosted by BC Minor Baseball.  This tournament will be played over two associations due to the size of event.  Tsawwassen and Ladner will offer up their fields for this 16 team tournament.  It looks like there will be a steady stream of games as we kick off the regular season.  We have our season opener at the beautiful Town Centre Field in Coquitlam against the Reds on April 6 at 5:30.  The schedule did leave open the first weekend in May, which might lead to a road trip to Safeco to see the visiting Texas Rangers.  I'm sure there will be some discussion on this idea.    Our preseason continues tomorrow out in Richmond. 



The Monarchs came to North Delta ready to play on Sunday.  After the great parents from North Delta took a near flooded infield and made it perfect, the players took to their bats and swung away.  A special thanks to the great parents from the Monarchs that helped get the field ready for the game.  The Monarchs' hitting on Sunday was gigantic as we homered twice in the first two innings and pounded line drive after line drive.  Six different pitchers took the bump and just dominated throughtout the game.  The pitching staff allowed only two hits in the 6 inning contest.  By the time the dust settled the Monarchs put 20 runs up and allowed only 1 to cross.  This was a great effort from the boys today.  We continue on the road this week with games in Richmond on both Tuesday and Thursday.  Start time for both tilts is 5 pm.  We want to give a special thank you to the great players and wonderful parents of the North Delta squad today.  The cheered and played with tremendous class and showed how great a community they are part of.  As the season continues on, we will definately see this North Delta team be a very tough battle.  Congratulations again Monarchs, keep that hard work and effort up.   



The Monarchs will be in North Delta tomorrow to play the always strong Pee Wee AA team.  It looks like the weather man is smiling at us as the forecast calls for the showers to lift at 10 and stay away until after the game.  We'll keep our fingers crossed.  Richmond has been good enough to host us on both Tuesday and Thursday Night at South Arm Park.  Game times for the Richmond games will be a 5pm start.  We would like to thank the Wallaces for graciously hosting our team meeting on Friday.  The newly named players have taken to there new names.  Welcome Harold and Kumar, Espy, Chuck, Walker and Texas Ranger, Stewie, Miyagi, Blaze, Dundee, Effron and of course our boy Journey. The coaches have settled into there new names as Diddy and Akon have closely aligned to their personalities.  Big Pappy out. 




The Monarchs hit the road on Tuesday to play their good pals in Coquitlam, who like Burnaby a few days earlier, hosted the Monarchs while the field is under construction.  The boys hit the ground running as every player scored a hit and the pitchers played in mid season form allowing no runs.  We executed our first successful pick off at first and also watched our second home run off the young preseason.  In the end the Monarchs put up 13 runs in six innings.   Great effort from both teams as no doubt this Coquitlam team will be heard from in the thick of the season. 




The Vancouver Monarchs kicked off there preseason on Sunday when our gracious neighbours in Burnaby hosted us in a game that just made it in before the rain.  It was funny seeing the boys getting used to lead offs and balks but in the end they got used to it and started to do the right things.  This is the first spring season of Pee Wee for all these boys.  The offence kicked in with the Monarchs putting 16 runs on the board including our first home run and the pitchers did not disappoint either as they allowed only 6 runs in seven innings.  Congratulations on getting the first win of the preseason under their belt.  A special thank you to the good people of Burnaby who hosted us while our field is getting worked on.




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