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Posted Jun 11/13 - VLB Returns!

That's right, we're back for 2013. We still have to get everything together, gather players for our teams, decide the number of teams and the names of those teams, update the websikte, etc., before we can create a schedule and get the games underway. We most likely won't have as many games on our schdules, and at the same time there probably will not be as many teams and players. But we have decided to get the league going again and we'll get out there and play some baseball!

Posted Apr 25/11 - Final Decision for a Championship
It has been decided by President of the VLB Aaron Baldwin that he will stop all play of the final VLB games. They never work out well and people always quit or don't want to play. It turns into a disaster. There will be one final game to end the VLB: A a game between all the players from the Vinton League and all the players from the South Maple League. After this there will be no more VLB.

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