Apr 3/20
11:47 am

United States Semipro Football League
"Building a League of Champions"




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  • Building a League of Champions

Countdown to Season Football Camps/Practice
(Oct 1/10)

The USSFL has made the move to become a year round league!!!!!

  Due to the fact that Teams are jumping from league to league each season , We are going to delay our league start and Give other teams the opportunity to JOIN!!!!

With league Champs getting $2500 and Runner-ups getting $1500

and the champioship game being played at Disneys World Wide Sports Complex

Here we are looking to be the best semipro league in the United States . Unlike some leagues we understand that team owners,players and a sound business plan will sustain a league. The USSFL will be shaped by the teams . Thats why we want to do everything we can to help players and team owners succeed with things marketing and business assistance and league sponsored combines .  This is the opportunity for everyone to be apart of something great. So here are some of the opportunities that will be offered by the USSFL.

*Low start up cost for Member Teams $650.00

*Incentives for teams that stay in the league each year.

* League Sponsored Combines

* League booked refs or Book your own regular crew and we will approve them for USSFL Games

*Professional run organization

*Owners meetings and conferance calls to discuss league business

*Coaching Seminars

*NFL Rules Enforced

*League Discounts for Jerseys and Equipment

*NFL style Divisional Playoffs

*League Championship Game

*SemiPRO Bowl

The USSFL a winter/spring league that is commited to starting the best league with the best teams.

Call for info Prsident J. Hall 904-485-6875 or email


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