Apr 4/20
7:58 pm

Spring Garden Cougars




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(Sep 17/05)
Jordan Bradford

Hitting and fielding.
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(Sep 17/05)

Welcome to the Spring Garden Cougars Home Page.

The following are the Mustang Rules:

• 1 Paid Umpire from MCBUA-Behind the Plate
• 1 Volunteer Ump (Parent/Coach) on the filed
• 5 Runs per Inning
• 1Hr 30 Min Drop Dead Time Limit
• Allowed to Steal 2nd and 3rd
• Cannot Advance from 3rd to Home w/o Being Hit or Walked In
• All Kids Must Have a Cage on Their Batting Helmet
• Leeway on Balks - 2 Warnings
• Defensive Coach Allowed on the Field
• No More Than 4 Coaches per Team
• Catchers Must Wear a Cup (All Players Recommended)

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your children this season. It should be a fun and exciting season. If you ever have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to let any of the coaches know.

 Uniforms – Grey Spring Garden shirts, grey pants and kelly green hats
 Equipment needed. Helmet with mask, glove & cup protector for boys

Coach’s Expectations:

• To have fun! This is FALL ball and is instructional only. No official scores are kept.
• To show up for practice and games on-time with a "CAN DO" attitude.
• To keep up with your equipment – Names on hats, gloves
• To realize that baseball is a game. School and other activities are more important. Please focus on your grades.
• Sportsmanship and respect. Must be displayed all times with your teammates, coaches, other teams and the officials.
• To work, hard and always try your best!
• To gather as a Team (1/2 hour) before and (10 min) after games. We will celebrate and share disappointments together as a TEAM!


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