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1. What is your Team name?___________________________ 2. What are your team helmet/jersey/pants colors ?_____________________ 3. What City and State are you located in ?____________________________ 4. Do you have a .jpg of your logo?____________________________________ 5. Owner name?_________________________________________________________ 6. Owners phone number?________________________________________________ 7. Owners/team address?________________________________________________ 8. Do you have a home stadium?_________________________________________ 9. Do you have a practice field with lights?___________________________ 10. Do you have a team web site? If so give web address._______________ 11. Have you ever been a member of a league? Please list:______________ 12. Please give a phone number and time best you can be reached:_______ Email this to
Posted Apr 1/13 - New League Now Accepting Applications
The Southern Amateur Football League is currently accepting applications for 2014 spring and summer season. We would like to invite you to come be a part of the action.The Southern Amateur Football League is now accepting applications for the 2014 spring and summer season. We are presently accepting teams in the following states: AL, FL, GA, SC and TN. Come and be a part of a dynamic league. The league that your players WANT to be a part of. We also is currently accepting applications for Referees that can officiate games within the perspective Division areas. The league is looking to fill several operations positions including Director of Football Operations. We will be adding applications for teams, officials and executive level positions over the next several weeks so please check back often. Email us at
Welcome to the Southern Amateur Football League New Home Page. The SAFL is the newest developmental amateur full contact football league in the south. The SAFL is comprised of quality teams in the southern region "Georgia, Flordia, Tennessee, and South Carolina" for the 2014 season.

Our purpose is to elevate the deserving athletes to the collegiate or professional level of competition. League management believes that a developmental league such as the SAFL, can successfully bridge the gap from the high school level to the college level and it can also enhance the collegiate athlete who has completed his college career and propel him to either the CFL, an Arena football team or to the professional European Football League.

The Southern Amateur Football League is dedicated to providing leadership, organization, professionalism, pride and integrity, for what we fill is destined to become the most successful minor league organization in the south east. The SAFL looks to expand into Alabama, south Georgia and Florida in 2014. Please remember the SAFL is an organization where young men have the chance to continue their football careers, and also provides a place where some players can play for the love of the game. In any case it helps these young men stay out of trouble. As we all know here in the south we love football and for local communities it is a great source of entertainment. Please check back with us over the next few weeks as our web site is under construction.

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