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Countdown to Halloween
(Oct 31/14)

Posted Oct 28/15 - Halloween Double Elimination Tournament
This upcoming tournament will be at the Marvine Dutch Gap Little League.

The first game will be Thursday (tomorrow) at 5:45 and the directions are as follows:

Marvine Dutch Gap Ltl League
Marvine Avenue, Scranton, PA 18508

Merge onto I-81 N
21.1 mi

Take exit 190 toward Dickson City/Main Avenue/Johnson College
0.2 mi
Continue on N Main St. Drive to Marvine Ave in Scranton
3 min (0.9 mi)

Sharp left onto N Main St
0.7 mi

Turn right toward Wells St
0.1 mi

Turn right onto Wells St
164 ft

Turn right onto Marvine Ave
Destination will be on the right

Posted Oct 15/15 - Scrimmage in Jenkins Township
This Sunday (October 18th, 2015) at 4:30 we will have a Scrimmage game against the GWV Blaze 12u team. They are a startup team and reached out to us to get some playing time, which we definitely need as well.

The Game will START at 4:30 so please be at the fields no later than 4:00.  The directions are as follows:
From Wilkes-Barre Public Square:
1.Start out going west on Public Sq toward W Market St.

0.06 mi
2.Turn right onto W Market St.
  • City Cafe is on the right
0.2 mi
3.Take the 3rd right onto N River St.
  • N River St is just past N Franklin St
  • If you are on Market St and reach N Dawes Ave you've gone about 0.3 miles too far
4.2 mi
4.N River St becomes River Rd.
1.3 mi
5.River Rd becomes Main St.
0.7 mi
6.Turn right onto May St.
  • May St is just past Delaney St
  • Baloga Funeral Home is on the corner
  • If you reach W Coal St you've gone a little too far
0.03 mi
7.Take the 1st left to stay on May St.

From Mountaintop:

1.Start out going north on N Mountain Blvd/PA-309 toward N Main St. Continue to follow PA-309.
3.3 mi
2.Merge onto I-81 N/PA-309 N.
5.1 mi
3.Merge onto PA-309 N via EXIT 170B toward Wilkes-Barre.
2.7 mi
4.Take EXIT 3 toward Plains/Wilkes-Barre.
0.4 mi
5.Keep right to take the River St/Maffet St ramp toward Plains.
  • If you reach PA-309 N you've gone about 0.2 miles too far
0.03 mi
6.Turn slight right onto S River St.
2.5 mi
7.S River St becomes River Rd.
1.3 mi
8.River Rd becomes Main St.
0.7 mi
9.Turn right onto May St.
  • May St is just past Delaney St
  • Baloga Funeral Home is on the corner
  • If you reach W Coal St you've gone a little too far
0.03 mi
10.Take the 1st left to stay on May St.

From Scranton:

1.Go south on I-81 S.

6.1 mi
2.Take EXIT 178B toward Avoca.
0.2 mi
3.Turn left onto William St.
0.2 mi
4.Turn slight right onto PA-315.
0.7 mi
5.Turn right onto Main St/PA-315.
0.3 mi
6.Turn left onto US-11 S/Pittston Ave. Continue to follow US-11 S.
  • US-11 S is 0.1 miles past Almond St
  • If you reach Russell St you've gone about 0.2 miles too far
1.9 mi
7.Turn slight right onto William St/US-11 S. Continue to follow William St.
  • William St is 0.4 miles past Rachael Dr
  • Joe Shags is on the right
  • If you are on N Township Blvd and reach Broad St you've gone a little too far
0.8 mi
8.Turn left onto Kennedy Blvd.
0.4 mi
9.Turn right onto S Main St.
  • S Main St is just past East St
0.4 mi
10.S Main St becomes Plank St.
0.3 mi
11.Plank St becomes Main St.
0.2 mi
12.Turn sharp left onto E Coal St.
  • E Coal St is just past Orchard St
  • If you reach May St you've gone a little too far
0.03 mi
13.Take the 1st right onto May St.

From Wyoming/West Pittston:

1.Start out going southeast on Luzerne Ave toward Spring St.
0.4 mi
2.Luzerne Ave becomes Water Street Bridge.
0.2 mi
3.Turn right onto Kennedy Blvd.
  • Dominos Pizza is on the right
  • If you are on Water St and reach Cron St you've gone a little too far
0.3 mi
4.Turn right onto S Main St.
  • S Main St is just past East St
0.4 mi
5.S Main St becomes Plank St.
0.3 mi
6.Plank St becomes Main St.
0.2 mi
7.Turn sharp left onto E Coal St.
  • E Coal St is just past Orchard St
  • If you reach May St you've gone a little too far
0.03 mi
8.Take the 1st right onto May St.
  • If you reach Front St you've gone a little too far

Posted Sep 10/15 - Drums Tournament
The Northeast Venom 12u Green Team will be in yet another tournament for the year, this weekend September 12th and 13th at the Freedom Park Complex in Drums, PA.

There are six (6) teams in this weekends tournament, including us.  The teams signed up as of our last notice this evening are:

1) Valley Regional Warriors
2) Northeast Venom
3) Steamtown Maulers
4) Impact Panthers
5) Phantoms
6) Rampage

The first game for us will be at 8:30 on Field #2 against the Steamtown Maulers.  The next game will be at 12:00 Noon against the Valley Regional Warriors on Field #1. The third game of the day will be at 1:30 against the Phantoms.  We should be leaving the fields by 4:00 on Saturday barring any rain delays.

Sundays Schedule as you all know is still up in the air, dependent upon our showing on Saturday.

The Field address is as follows:
Freedom Park
415 Butler Drive
Drums, PA  18222

Google Maps will take you right there, or you can Click Here.

Please be at the fields by 7:30am so we can register, check in, and warm up.

We missed practicing this week, due to the holiday and the weather, so lets get a good warmup and be ready to play!

See ya there!
Coach B!
Posted Aug 20/15 - Tournament Weekend
This weekend (August 21, 22, and 23) the Northeast Venom 12u Green Girls will be in a 6 team tournament in Moosic.  The first Game is on Friday, August 21st at 7:30.  Saturday's Games are scheduled for 12:00pm and 3:00pm.  Sunday, we play until we win the championship or get eliminated.

The field is located at:

Four blocks After Gerrity's Supermarket on Birney Ave, Left onto Church St.

Get Map to Moosic Lydon Lane and Church Street Moosic, Pennsylvania  18507

Clicking on the Map button above will give you directions.

Take I-81 N to US-11 N/Birney Ave in Moosic. Take exit 180 from I-81 N     12 min (11.4 mi)

Use the left lane to take exit 180 to merge onto US-11 N/Birney Ave      0.3 mi

Follow US-11 N/Birney Ave to Church St      3 min (1.4 mi)

Merge onto US-11 N/Birney Ave      1.3 mi

Turn Left onto Church St      -     Destination will be on the right

Have everyone you know come out and support our young Ladies!  See ya all there!
Posted Feb 1/15 - Notes from 1/31/15 Meeting
Ok, the girls had a fun night out at Stanton Lanes hitting up their bowling skills!

Let's get right down to the meat of what went on:

1) Uniforms:  There were a few different styles that we chose from, and you can view the winning pick by clicking this link:  View the design here.
     - The logo will obviously be different - it will be the Snake wrapped around the ball (like we have now, minus the "Venom Softball) text.  The Text "Northeast" will wrap around the top of the ball, while "Venom" will be wrapped around the bottom of the ball.

2) Important:  Donut orders will be picked up February 8th, 2015 (Next Sunday) due to Krispy Kreme having the 15th booked already.  Please have your donut order complete and any monies turned in on Tuesday.  Coach Bryan will call everyone Wednesday/Thursday to confirm everyone's count.  If you are able to sell a box or two between Tuesday and Thursday, feel free to do so, as you can turn in any extra moneies you have collected when we hand out the orders.  However: Please make sure to get as much funds turned in on Tuesday evening as you can.

3) Getting a 2nd set of uniforms was brought up, for those overnight stays or multiple tournament days (they are all multi-days....) that we as parents do not get a chance to wash the first set.  Great idea, but it does require funding as they are not free or cheap.  Let's get one set of uniforms paid for first, then we can work on a second set.

4)  Once MVP gets their final inspection (should know Monday, February 2nd) we will be transferring our practices over there.  The cost for each child will be $51.00 for a month.  This will probably be required before we start practicing.  Breaking it down, it comes out to about $13.00 per week for each player.  Not bad for 2 days that everyone can be there, and for 2 hours each session with the newest equipment and a clean facility.  Please watch your messages Monday for notice.

5) Speaking of practice times, everyone is available Sunday (5:00pm) and Tuesdays (6:30pm) from the sheets the parents filled out.  These will be firm since everyone has seemed to agree on them.  This will be for when we transfer over to MVP - which will hopefully be this week.

6) Ok, back to the multi-uniforms and the fundraising.  Many great ideas were brought to the table about raising funding for extra tournaments, an extra set of uniforms, and more training equipment. 
     a) Another Bucket Drop:  Miss Jackie has secured the following dates for more Bucket Drives at Schiel's:  February 8th (this upcoming Saturday) and March 7th.  The times are the same as last: 11:00am until 5:00pm
    b)  A flapjack breakfast at Applebee's:  Proposed date would be March 7th. Figured then they can shoot over to Schiel's - two fundraisers in one day....
    c) Domino's Pizza Cards.  Buy the cards for $1.00 each and sell for $10.00 each.  The recipient gets a buy one- get one deal, 10 times.  Seems very lucrative and there is no time limit to sell them.
    d) Bucket Drop at a Wal-Mart.  This can be huge and more information is on the way for it.  Good days at a Walmart can easily bring in enough to cover 1 full set of uniforms.

7)  Overnight stays:  If we have enough funding, it was brought up to stay at the Sunbury tournament overnight. 

8) Tournament Dates:  Once we get a final word on Tuesday about OUR tournament, the tournament dates will be posted here on the calendar.  You will be notified via our GroupMe Text App and Text messaging about the dates we have in mind after that one.  Our tournament will be the first (with blessings) and we will use the proceeds from it to book our next tournaments.

Thank you,
Coach B.

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