Mar 28/20
2:57 am

West-Shore Mudbugs




Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of the West-Shore Mudbugs
  • Graham Cronk Will not be going anywhere
  • Mudbugs are 3-0
Player of the game:
(Apr 20/08)

Countdown to Next Mudbugs Home Game
(Apr 26/08)

                             Mudbugs Off To A Good Start

The Mudbugs are the hotest team in the SRHL this year at this point they have steller goaltending and awesome offence. Everything is clicking in the roster they have started the year with a 3-0 record beating all the teams so far and there looking not to stop. Captain Roman White said this. " from now till the playoffs we are going to destroy everyone that comes in our way and we are going to win the league and we are going to win the playoffs" then when we talked to the hottest goaltender in the league he had this to say, " there is no one better then me im going to win the top goalie award theres nothing to it, Kody also mentioned on the Sheeran gooning.... he said" Sheeran is a bum and a poor sport that kid needs to suck it up or get out of the league"


                              Possible Trade

The Sliverbacks were hopeing that the Mudbugs would trade Graham Cronk for Matt Sheeran but the GM of the Mudbugs said no. That means there is still no trades happening in the SRHL



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