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Countdown to Christmas
(Dec 25/13)
Posted Sep 2/13 - Matt names MLGPRO9 as MHA Comissioner

Matt has named MLGPRO9 as the Comissioner of the MHA. He was recommended by someone else (Name Unknown). "He was the only one to be up to the task, so I really had to accept him," Matt said on the subject. "I hope the only guy that wanted to do it does it well."

Posted Aug 17/13 - Matt hires TekCraft Team to build arenas

Owner Matthew Ford has hired a small team of builders, The "TekCraft" team, to build the arenas going to be used in the MHA. "I think that a team of builders is better than just 1 builder," he said on the subject. "I believe that they can build well even though I haven't seen them, I only hope they don't dissapoint."

Matt's must haves for an arena:

182m rink (3 zones of 60m with faceoff lines, offside lines, nets, etc.)

At least 2 rows of 360 view of the playing area.

Locker rooms for each team.

A room with an entrance to the stands for the spectators. The room will contain things like Food/Drink stands, etc.

Follow Matt on twitter: @Almost8bitGamin

Posted Aug 17/13 - Matt name Mstremn2 as MHA Co-Owner

Matthew Ford, Owner of MHA, has found a rightful Co-Owner of the FHA. His name: Mstremn2. He has had ssome other applications (via Minecraft Forum and YouTube) but he has decided on Mstremn2 to take the owner's right side, leading the MHA into some great seasons.

"I saw some applications, and Mstrem was the one I had to go to." Matt said on the subject. "I hope that he can welcome all of the other staff who are being hired in this league, and together we can grow."

Follow Matt on twitter: @Almost8bitGamin

Welcome to the Official Minecraft Hockey Association Page! Here you will find the teams, schedule, and staff of the MHA, along with the standings and awards!

Also, please let me know if you have a (port-forwarded or hamachi) server I can use for the games at!


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