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Welcome to the Lee 7th & 8th Grade Boys Travel Basketball Home Page.

Before we get started, take a look at the links tab and see some pics of these boys 2 years ago as 5th and 6th graders...boy how they have grown!!

Heck look even further back: Yup, Noah, Nick, and Austin back in "biddy ball"!

And there's Noah and Devyn...with some other folks trying to keep up...who's that young looking man running behind there...not to mention the young lady keeping everyone in line!
bball 02

Ooops another sport, but had to include biddy baseball!
noah austin

noah baseball 03

12/4/10 vs Lenox2 @ Lenox -  WIN 58-33!  The guys were ready to play and, after seeing the 5th/6th grade boys win a hard fought, down to the wire battle, they came out strong!  Everyone was able to get some good playing time and opportunities.  Sam "Too Tall" Kelley racked up 18 points including a few wide open endzone reception layups.  Noah "Downtown" Johnson had 17 points as well.   Matt "I'll burn ya with my dribble" Reynolds (4pts) and Devyn "QB" Olds set up the offense all night.  Each had great looks all over the court.   The defense took some adjusting to game speed play, but the guys will pick it up quickly..."CALL OUT THE SCREENS!" (in the words of Coaches Jess and Dave of course!).  Dom "Shmedium" Ingegni(inside joke there) dropped in 6 pts, as did Jordan "the missile" LeProvost.  Logan "take it to the hoop" Zerbato and Austin "get outta my way" Bona rounded out the scoring with 3 and 4 points respectively. 

12/5/10 vs Greylock Black @ Lee - WIN 53-37! A tougher opponent was in line for this game...Greylock teams always give the teams from Lee a tough game, and in the first half that rang true.  With the score 20-18 (Greylock ahead), the guys went to the locker room where the coaches let it be known to "get your heads up and let's go".  With some huge rebounding by Austin "get outta my  way" Bona (8pts),  press breaking passing by Matt "I'll burn ya with my dribble" Reynolds (5pts) and Devyn "QB" Olds, and three straight treys by Noah "downtown" Johnson (15pts),  the boys took off in the second half.  Jordan "the missile" LeProvost shut down Greylock's speed with his persistent and pesky defensive play.  Logan "take it to the hoop" Zerbato (10 pts), Bona, and Sam "Too Tall" Kelley (11pts) proved to be too much underneath for the boys in black.  And once again, everyone got into the act.  Nick "can't touch this" Pow, Dom "I can drive" Ingegni (4pts), and Matt "take it on the chin" Heppleston all gave strong performances.  Way to overcome and adapt guys...GREAT GAME!!


12/12/10 vs Boy's Club LOSS 46-39 -  No nicknames in this game (only in wins...).  In a game that really should have been won (this "reporter's" own opinion here), the boys let this one get away.   After a great first half, many of the boys came out looking flat and tired in the second half.  After the Boys Club jumped out to a double digit lead early in the second half, it proved to be too much to come back from.  Without Austin Bona to help split up the time among the "big guys", the rebounding and inside game fell a little short.  Noah Johnson and Nick Pow led the way with 9 points each.  Matt Reynolds, in addition to his assists, added 6 points. Logan Zerbato and Dom Ingegni added 4 each, while Jordan Leprovost, Matt Heppleston, and Sam Kelley each added 2 points.  In addition to heads up play, Devyn Olds rounded out the scoring with 1 point from the line (AS A TEAM FOUL SHOTS COULD HAVE HELPED... A COMBINED 10 FOR 24 FROM THE LINE).  Many facets of tonights game looked a little disjointed...Remember boys, come with your game faces on...And " PRACTICE like animals, PLAY like beasts...If you don't, you see what happens.  Don't let another one slip away guys...YOU ARE A MUCH BETTER TEAM THAN YOU SHOWED TONIGHT!   Heads up, and come back strong next week against Lenox...they are following every game you have played!

12/19/10 - vs Lenox @ Lee, LOSS 53-38 -  
Well, once again the intensity and drive of the opposing team seemed to overcome the boys from Lee.  The boxing out rebounding, fast break offense, and defensive pressure just wasn't there.  While Lee was an overall taller team, the speed and tenacity of Lenox proved to be the difference.  Sam Kelley led the way with 14 points,  Noah Johnson added 7 points, with Matt Reynolds, Devyn Olds, and Jordan LeProvost adding 3 points a piece.  Logan Zerbato, Dom Ingegni, and Nick Pow rounded out the scoring with 2 points each.  


1/9/11 - Scrimmage vs Greylock Red - LOSS 64-34.  Mom always said if you can't say anything nice...Well, I will only say what I heard the coaches say most of the game, and maybe, just maybe, we might see it next game..."box out", "move", "hands up", and my personal favorite of the night: "BOUNCE PASS".  I really hope that the energy level comes up for the next game......go back to the style of play you had in the first few games...Energetic, moving to get open, aggressive rebounding, good hard passes.  Good Luck Guys!

1/10/11 vs Mt Everett - LOSS (Not sure of the score because by our book, we won?).  As in years past, a good match up for the Lee team.  This one came down to the wire.  The boys bounced back from a couple bad losses and played tough.   Dom "The bomb" Ingegni led the way with 13 points followed by Sam "I got touch under the basket" Kelley with 11.  Noah "If the shot ain't droppin', I'll drive" Johnson added 7 points Nick "so smooth" Pow and Logan "big men CAN dribble" Zerbato each added 4 points, with Devyn "tank" Olds rounding out the scoring with 2points.

1/15/11 - Greylock Red (CYC Tourny) - LOSS 66-34 - Well, even though the scrore was nearly identical to the first loss against Greylock Red, this was a much better game (they used more of their starters for more time this game).  The defensive pressure was better this time and the energy level was higher.   The Lee guys still need to press break better and move the ball up worked, a majority of the points were generated off of quick up the court baskets or foul shots generated from driving up quick and to the basket...not from set plays...Noah "take it to the hoop" Johnson came off the bench to lead the scoring with most of his 12 points from the foul line (7 points).  Austin "Rip it down" Bona scored 9 tough points underneath.   Devyn "get me some knee pads" Olds tossed in points,  with Logan Zerbato, Dom Ingegni, and Matt Heppleston added 2 points each.

1/15/11 - CYC (CYC Tourny)- LOSS 53-24.  A tough start to each half really hurts (only 2 points in the 1st and 3rd qtrs).  The CYC team moved without the ball, made good passes and ran the court well...LEARN FROM THESE GAMES GUYS>>>you can play this well too, you have to stay focused and step up!  Austin "I bring the Intensity every play" Bona scored 10 to lead the way.  Sam "Too Tall" Kelley added 8 points and Logan "Big men can dribble" Zerbato had 4.  Matt "I'll buckle YOUR knees with my dribble" Reynolds drained a trey for his 3 points, and Matt "Still perfect from the foul line" Heppelston added to 2 from the line.

1/15/11- Adams (CYC Tourny) - LOSS 64-47.   A much better game than the score indicated.  The boys were within a couple points, but then some some costly turnovers by bad passing, helped Adams create a lead that was too big to overcome.  The Adams 3 point shot was a killer, with at least 21 points coming from the bomb.  Austin "Never give up" Bona again led the way with 15 points.   Dom "The bomb" Ingegni had 8 points, with Noah "my 3's are droppin' again" Johnson adding 7 (each had a couple treys).  Logan "Steppin' it up" Zerbato added 6 points, followed by Sam "I can bang" Kelley with 5.  Nick "so smooth Pow" and Jordan "I can fly" each added a bucket for 2 points, with Devyn "get me some ice" Olds and Matt "boxing out" Heppleston rounding out the scoring with a foul shot each.


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