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Welcome to the Lee Girls 5th/6th Travel Basketball Home Page.
Play Smart, Play Hard, Have Fun! 
12/1/12 - It was a snowy ride up to Williamstown for our first "official" game, and I will be honest, even though we lost 37-12, I am optimistic with what we were able to see.  We know we need to work on our aggressiveness driving to the hoop and rebounding..That will come!   We saw that our man to man was actually stronger than our zone...THAT'S A GOOD THING!  We have adjusted a couple plays (the girls even created a new one on their own), and will work on penetration and passing in weeks to come.  For the Knights game I hope to see more driving to the hoop and aggressive play...This will be a tough game, they usually have a good team, so let's PLAY HARD!
11/24/12 - Well!  We are off to the new season....with 2 "games" under our belt, we know a little about what we need to work on...  We will get better and improve, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!   In our first game against the Boys & Girls Club, the girls showed a little nervousness in the beginning, but rallied and started to get things going. The final score was 16-8..Not bad!  In the second game a very aggressive N. Adams team the girls were definately going against a strong team (N.Adams beat Boys & Girls Club 18-7).  For most of the game we struggled to advance the ball and get movement, but the girls started to improvise and move, got aggressive and finally scored (Good Job Sierra T.!)...Final score 18-3...We will need to work on ball movement, aggresiveness going to the hoop, and rebounding...Let's Go Girls!!! 
11/10/12 - A new year of basketball is upon us!  Let's hit the court running and not look back girls!  For many of you this will be the first time playing on the "Big Court"...we will have our home games on the Lee High School Court....yes, the same court as the "Lady WildCats"...time to step up our intensity and get things going!   Let's have fun...but let's stay focused and work hard too!
Updates Coming SOON! Stay tuned for more info as the year goes on  (I will try to post more this year!!).
2/7/12 - It wasn't a high scoring affair, but it was a 3 point game for the Kitty Cats (3 points scored that is)...Final vs Lenox 12-3. We need to focus on moving, running our plays, and good passes.  We are seeing improvement, but really need to get better in the basics.  We will be working on these things throughout the end of the season, but then it is up to the girls to decide how bad they want to improve.  As the high school coaches say: "Summer is when basketball players are made...the season is when they show it".  Trying to improve during the season is good, but you have to come in at a much higher performance level than the previous year.  Now remember, these are 3rd and 4th grade players, what may work as off season drills for 5, 6, 7, or 8th grade players won't work with 3rd and 4th grade players (but they can be pushed in the off season, and drills will be helpful). For our parents and players, we have a couple positive take-aways to this point:  In speaking with the Lee Girls 7th/8th grade players and coach we learned that they also got crushed in just about every game they played their first year together...Their coach (Tom Biasin) told us that the girls kept focused and worked hard throughout the year and came back the next year better than ever and really haven't look back since!  We actually heard just about the same exact story from the CYC coach for the 5/6th grade CYC team.  This is travel basketball while we want it to be fun (and I think the girls are having more fun than the parents), we have to pick up our focus and playing levels.  WE WILL BE BETTER!  Here's to a strong finish, and an even stronger future...Go Lee!
2/4/12 - Well the girls had their first taste of tourny play, with 3 games today.  The scores may not indicate what progress we have seen.  We picked up the pace on defense, and the girls are getting more aggressive with each half of ball.  We do need to work on boxing out and helping out on defense though.  The girls seem to play better Man to Man than zone...this WILL BENEFIT them.  Most of the other teams go more with a zone defense, but as the girls get older a man to man defense is preferred... this will only help them in the future.  Offensively we struggled against very good teams today.  We will need to work on driving to the hoop, getting ball movement, and making harder passes.  We cannot stall at the top of the key, or get stuck on the sides. We did see some good passes in the last game vs Boys Club.  They didn't result in points, but the girls made better passes, including starting to look for the give and go plays we threw at them on the bench. Game 1 Adams 27, Lee7...Game 2 Dalton 31, Lee 3...Game 3 Boys Club 20, Lee 1.          _DSC3876
          A picture says it all....   :)
That's it Maeve....go to the hoop!
             Yes Kaden! (it went in)
We have to work on that foul shooting form...but it went in!
1/29/12 - Well it was a tough start for the Lady KittyCats, but they showed heart in their game against Sheffield.  The girls were a little nervous in the beginning, but as time went on they began to show their determination...After allowing 15 first half points, they tightened up and played a very good man to man defense...allowing only 7 second half points.   Give the girls credit, this Sheffield team already played a game in which they won 33-3.   They are a talented and overall older team than the KittyCats, but we WILL play them better next time!   Take-aways for the girls to think about:  1) Be more aggressive on defense AND offense. We need to go to the hoop more.  2) we will run through our plays more...and put some offensive plays to go against a zone defense. 3) We need to move on offense...   We will work on all of these this week...Keep Your Heads Up Girls!  You are getting better!  We will improve every game!
1/28/12- We will be playing our FIRST GAME tomorrow at Mt Everett Middle/High School (491 Berkshire School Rd in Sheffield).  Please be there by 2:30.  Also, we have our CYC Tournament schedule!  We play 3 games next Saturday (2/4).  They are; 10:00 vs Adams. 2:00 vs Dalton, and 5:00 vs Boys Club...please arrive to each game 1/2 hour early.
1/26/12 - We have practice this Saturday, 1/28, from 10:30 to 12:00.  We have a game in Sheffield on Sunday, 1/29, at 2:30.  Details will be given on Saturday at practice.  We are in the CYC tournament the first weekend in February and that tournament guarantees us 3 games.  We do not yet know the details of the tournament.   We will also have a game at Lenox on Tuesday, February 7th at the Morris School.  Players need to be there by 6:15.  It looks like we also have a game at Great Barrington on Saturday February 11, and will pass along details as soon as we have them.  As a reminder, we also will play Sheffield again at home (LES) on Friday February 17th.  Arrival time will be 5:45 and the game should start around 6:00.  We also have a game scheduled with Greylock at Williamstown Elementary on February 18th at 2:00.  Girls need to be there by 1:30.


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