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Welcome to the LYAA Pinto White Sox Home Page.


Well, we finally got a break with the weather and played some games. With six games left, we get a little break this week. We donít play again until next Sunday (6/11) and then we play six games in the final two weeks of the season.

Attached is the latest schedule, which also includes the two games we still need to make up. Again, if you know your son/daughter will be missing any games, I would appreciate it if you let me know ahead of time.

See you next Sunday!


Wow, what a weekend! While we didnít get in the game on Saturday morning, I have received the make up date. The game has now been re-scheduled for June 1st (6:00pm at Converse). The calendar has been updated on the website and I have attached a copy for you all as well.

We play 2 games this week (Tues & Thurs) and then we are off for Memorial Day weekend. Last year, the entire LYAA league participated in the Wauconda Memorial Day Parade. I believe we will be able to do this again this year, but I donít have any information yet on this. As soon as I find out, Iíll let you know.

Tuesday Ė 6:00pm at Greenleaf Park
Thursday Ė 6:00pm at Converse Park

Again, if you know your son/daughter will be missing any games, I would appreciate it if you let me know ahead of time.



Well, after a week of watching it rain, it looks like we are about to become baseball intensive over the next few weeks. I received the new schedule (see attached) with all the make-up games. Iíll have new copies for everyone at the game.

We now have 3 games this weekend - 1 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Were playing 2 on Sunday, with a field change at half-time . . . .
Saturday Ė 10:00am at Greenleaf Park
Sunday Ė 2:00pm at Greenleaf Park
Sunday Ė 4:00pm at Converse Park

Also, please let me know ahead of time if your son/daughter will be missing of the upcoming games. As you have seen, but may have forgotten over the long layoff, I like to set the player rotations before I get to the game. It would be helpful to know in advance if anyone wonít be coming so I can adjust accordingly.



I have received a date for the make up game. We will now have a game on Saturday, May 13th at 12:00pm. Also, we do not have any practices scheduled going forward. Other than the 1st week in June, we play twice a week, which should be plenty.

Also, opening day festivities have now been moved to this coming Sunday, May 7th, so please be there at least 30 minutes early for player announcements (hopefully) and to warm up.

See you Friday night.


After a month of good weather, our luck ran out and Opening Day was washed out. At this point, we donít have any more practices scheduled or a make up game.

There is an LYAA Board Meeting on Monday night, so hopefully they will have both a make up game date and a new practice schedule for us.

See you for the game on Friday.


Finally got the game schedules!!! Our first game is this Sunday at 12:00 at Converse Park. Please be 30 minutes early for the game. This will give us time to warm up and they should announce the kidís names about 15 minutes before the first game.

Iíve updated the schedule page and the calendar for everyone. I will also hand out copies at practice on Thursday night.



The big week is finally here. Our first game will be on this coming Sunday (4/30). I still havenít received game schedules yet, but hopefully Iíll have them by practice time on Thursday.

See you Thursday night at Greenleaf (5:30-7:30)



There will be a lot of activity this week that I want to remind everyone about. For starters, at this Thursdayís practice, I will be handing out the LYAA Pinto Rules, a team roster, and game shirts. I still donít have the game schedule yet, but as soon as I get it, Iíll pass it out.

Sunday will also be very busy. Itís a ď3 PĒ day. Pictures are at 8:00am at the high school. Pancake fund raiser is after that at the legion hall. Practice will close out a busy day of baseball activities at 1:30pm.

See you Thursday night at Greenleaf (5:30-7:30)



Another change to the schedule: While we decided to just have practices on Sunday, next Sunday (4/16) is Easter. So, we will be having practice on Saturday this coming weekend (4/15) and skipping the Sunday practice.

See you Thursday night at Greenleaf (5:30-7:30)



Well, the season has finally started . . . . just to make sure everyone is on the same page. We decided to forgo the Saturday practices and just have weekend practices on Sundays. So, we will only be having practices through April on Thursday nights 5:30-7:30 at Greenleaf and Sunday afternoons 1:30-3:00 at Converse.

Also, as I mentioned this evening, if you need to reach me during the day, please do not hesitate to email or call me at work.


I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the team and the 2006 season.

While I donít have a team photo yet for the front page, I put a photo of my son and me out here so you can identify us at the first practice.

The first practice is scheduled for April 6th at Greenleaf Park. For those of you new to LYAA Baseball, maps to the parks are located under the ďFieldsĒ link. We will be having practices 3 days a week until the games begin. While I would like to use every available practice time, I understand this may be difficult, if not impossible. For now, I have put all the practice times in the calendar, but we may not utilize them all. I will keep you up to date as the schedule evolves.

The practice times we have been assigned through April are:
Thursdays 5:30-7:30 at Greenleaf Park
Saturdays 12:00-1:30 at Converse Park
Sundays 1:30-3:00 at Converse Park

The game schedules have not yet been published, but Opening Day will be April 30th. Also, when the games begin, the practice schedules will change. Once everything has been finalized, Iíll post it here and pass out updates along the way.

Lastly, in regards to uniforms, each child will receive a shirt, hat, and socks from LYAA. However, it will be up to you to purchase baseball pants for your child. You should be able to find these at Sports Authority, MC Sports, or Dickís Sporting Goods without too much difficulty. For consistency purposes, I would like everyone to have gray pants, but itís not an absolute requirement.

Iím looking forward to a fun and rewarding season. If you have any questions or concerns, please donít hesitate to call me.

Mark Weller
847-487-9141 (H) (H)
847-402-6793 (W) (W)
847-691-2101 (C)


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