Oct 24/20
11:57 am

JCC Lakers



Livingston/West Orange

Team Ticker:
  • Congratulations to the Lakers Players on a great season. We hope everyone had fun.
  • GM Lerman to decide fate of coaching staff by weeks end. Coach George already has his resume posted on
  • Save the Date - Lakers 10 year reunion set for February 10, 2018.
  • Last week's Laker's trivia answer was Tommy Falus who lead his 3rd grade soccer league in goals scored.
  • Lakers Trivia - I go to Riker Hill, shoot left handed and have an older brother, who am I?
Player of the game:
(Feb 10/08)
Kyle "Kobe" Gold

Kyle was awesome all season long, hitting big outside shots, taking the ball to the basket and passing the ball to open teamates.
Countdown to Playoffs
(Feb 2/08)
Welcome to the Lakers Website.

Home of the most exciting and hardest working team in the league.

The Lakers play in the 3rd/4th grade boys basketball league at the JCC in West Orange, NJ .

A unique blend of 7 well conditioned athletes, straight A students, and great sportsmen, the Lakers are sure to make everyone forget the great Celtic and Bulls teams of years past as they display their talents en route to the JCC League Championship.
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