Oct 30/20
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  • have a great little league season, see you in july
  • please turn in your MONEY as scheduled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • for hitting or pitching lessons call coach chuck

********************************************************************* This being our final week of the 2006 season I would like to take this time to thank everyone involved with the Knockouts organization. I would not even think of thanking everyone by name for I would be sure to leave someone out! Actually, I would like to thank all of the Knockout baseball players for making this season such a wonderful experience and still playing baseball for the fun of it!!! Now for some interesting tid bits. As of Nov. 12 we have played in 10 tournaments. For a total of 39 games. Wow!!! Our record is 26 wins and 13 loses. On average, we score 5 runs a game and give up 3.5 runs a game. We have been 1st place Champions 4 times, 2nd place 1 time and 3rd place 4 times. We have only finished lower than 3rd place 1 time, in Chino Hills. But who is counting, we had so much fun in Chino Hills any way. In most tournaments we will play 4 games in less than 30 hours. Since our first practice in the middle of July we have been together for practice 48 times, we have been together for tournaments 20 times (saturdays and sundays), and various gatherings (BBQ's, pizza, meetings...etc.) 8 times. For a total of 75 times. So for those of you who are counting at home, The Knockouts have seen each other 75 days out of a possible 110 days (roughly 3.5 months). Which for you math wizards, is 68%. Not bad for just a travel ball team or should I say a travel ball FAMILY!!! I do want to thank all of the parents for giving me the opportunity to coach, mentor and basically spend time with each and everyone of your boys. The pleasure has been all mine! So we will see you Jan. 20, 2007 for our 1st practice to get ready for our 1st tournament Feb. 17 - 19.


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