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Georgia Adult Baseball League




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  • Welcome to the home of the Georgia Adult Baseball League
  • GABL starts May 1, 2010
  • This site is currently still under construction.
Countdown to Opening Day!
(May 1/10)

Welcome to the Georgia Adult Baseball League Web Site!
More Info will be posted soon!

*Tryout dates and locations will be announced November 1, 2009*

The GABL is an Adult baseball league based in the Cobb County, Ga area.
If your interested in playing, or for more information, send an email to:
or call (770)-757-5625

League starts: May 1, 2010

League Dues:
Each player must be 18 years of age or older. Each player must bring valid I.D and money for league fees to try-outs. Each player must pay a league fee of $210 and sign a player waiver form. The $210 will cover umpires, fields, awards, website, team sites, baseballs, etc...
**Uniforms will be purchased through players prospective teams.**

Brief Season Summary
The Georgia Adult Baseball League will consist of 12 teams divided into two Divisions with 6 teams in each, a Eastern Division and a Western Division. Games will be played at 1:00pm, 4:15pm and 7:30pm. Games will run 9 innings or 3 hour time limit. Each team will play a 12 game regular season. The Play-offs will start the following week after the regular season ends. 10 teams will be eligible for the play-offs. Their will also be a Home Run Derby and an All-Star Game mid way through the season (After the 6th game of the year). Each team will select one player to represent their team in the Home Run Derby Contest. Each team will also select three players to represent their team in the All-Star game.

CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS: Custom Championship Rings will go to the team that wins the Championship Series at the end of the year. Players names, jersey number, team, and position will be inscribed in their ring.

MVP AWARDS: There will be a regular season MVP award for the best player in the A.L and the N.L. There will also be an MVP award for the best player in the All-Star Game, and the best player in the play-offs.

PITCHING AWARDS: There will be an award given to the best pitcher in the A.L and N.L. Factors such as a players win record, era, strike outs will determine what player recieves this award

BATTING AWARDS: There will be a sluggers award given to a batter in the A.L and the N.L who leads their league in Home Runs. There will also be a Batting Crown Award given to a player who leads their league in batting average.

HOME RUN DERBY TROPHY: An award will go to the winner of the Home Run Derby contest.


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