Apr 3/20
12:24 am

Puck Hogs





Pucks Forfeit a Couple times

Proving once and for all, that they suck. The puck Hogs forfeit'd their game to the Eskimos 2 weeks ago... and... We'll say.... Half forfeit'd the last one? They didn't have enough players to play. So they Called in Adam, In return, the Blazers called up Schultzy and we played shinny. whoop-dee-doo. I'll just give 1 point to each after that one.

P-Hogs Lose another! (yaaay) 10-4 in SHOOTOUT (huh?)

In a remarkable turnout, the Puck-H's were an all Aitken Clan sunday afternoon, as Nephew Spencer and Uncle Gord were left with all the responsibility.I repeat, the turn out was outrageously low and as a result, Gordon Aitken scored 100% of his teams goals. It was just in that exciting moment, that Gord took position in net and the..... puck.... I'm sorry I can't really focus right now, Me and wynn are watching a documentary on the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders... I'm just gonna pass it back to wynn now, hopefully I'll regain my focus when it's my turn to type again. Its hard to describe such a game as this but to put it into one word I would say the game was "inconcievable"...yes, that is a good word. I think I alsol speak for the audience (Renea) when I say she felt inconcieved as well. So the Puck Hogs were unable to solve Wynn the "short Stop" Bueckert, he was ferocious in net, grring like  aTiger. A Scrawny little Girly Tiger that's really nice to everybody., somehow it was threatening enough enough to intimidate Spencer! The same goes for the weather in this case, It seemed like it was going to be terrifyingly cold but in reality was quite calm and peaceful. After A long and vigorous shoot out, the Puck Hogs lived out their nickname... The Sucky Hogs (hahaha) and lost yet another game. GOOO BLAZERS punk! ...enough said.

Puck Hogs Win Season Opener 14-6

With hat tricks coming from Preston Esmond, Logan Doerksen and Alex Cave, Puck Hogs displayed their offensive and defensive skills as they deal the Blazers their second loss


Lead by Flaming Homo, Spencer Aitken, The (S)uck Hogs are still the laughing stock of the ERHL, after 7 full seasons.
Spencer Aitken, best known for wearing womens underwear to play, was once again absent from the New Years Game between the Blazers and the Eskimos... He was counted on to ref, but was reportedly attending a Telletuby Fan Club Convention, that of which he created, organized, and operated.

Puck Hogs are expected to finish 0-6, with Spencer getting MINUS 1 goal... (is it possible? come to all  puck Hogs games to find out!!!)



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