Jun 3/20
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To answer the above question, yes the blazers won in the shootout and yes it was 10-4 and no that wouldnt normally make sense and yes Joel and I will be alternating sentences again and maybe the puck hogs should be in a womens league, Joel? That's right I said they Kicked the Hogs BUTTS! Did not even stand a chance, spencer and Gord did (Talking Like Yoda I am) certainly it was Joel who lead the team in the shoot out with 5 (count em FIVE) GIno's. Slick. Very Slick. And after talking this up with his teammate, he conjured up enough courage to confront the other culprit in the matter but it was besides the point and both agreed to let go of the issue and just play hockey (*if that didnt make sence either its because you werent there*) Actually wait, i didn't mean to say that, what I meant to say was Orlando played a good game, and certainly did his part to help the team win (which was not at all like Spencer Aitken over on the puck Bog's side), (puck Bogs, not my best work, but what do you expect? I am wynn after all.)  And just like that, the B-Boyzzzza were on top of the ERHL World! KING OF THE WORLLLLLLLLLLLD! Haha, sometimes Joel likes to make stuff up on this webpage but no kidding, hes right on the money with a statement like that, it really did happen and so did much more like when we went over the shootout rules and everyone was confused but at the same time everyone was laughing and we were having fuuun and ind everything was just really light hearted and we were all just buds hanging out on a sunday afternoon like buds do, ah yes, it was just a great male bonding experience for everyone. Long story short? Blazers win Puck Hogs Lose Grass is Green. Yada Yada Yada. Next game for the blazers? show up, they'll win, they usually do.

Blazers are Back, Baby!

It took 3 games, but the Eyebrow Blazers finally secured their first win of the year, defeating the undefeated (is that even possible?) Eski-Slows. However, it was not the case through the whole game as the Blazers did some soal searching and felt a win was their best choice.  Oddly enough Wynn bueckert only scored 2 goals and 1 assist tonight. Eskimo's Rookie Kyler Stevenson had more then that... Like Really? NO doubt coach/captrain/gm Joel Bueckert is going to have a word or 2 with him! Joel, on the other hand, played phnominally. Despite how humerous this was in nature, the Eskies went home without laughing or a smile on their face, except maybe Matt Smith who, despite the fans beliefs, is actually a Blazer.

Written by Joel and Wynn... once sentance at a time. without reading the previous sentance.

Blazers Take Another 14 Goals Against In 14-6 Defeat

Without the assistance of Blazers Captain Joel Bueckert and Assisted Captain Wynn Bueckert, the Blazers matched up against Spencer Aitken and the Puck Hogs. Despite a 5 point effort by Matt Smith of the Blazers, the Puck Hogs took home their first win with their first game.

Blazers Lose Season Opener 14-10

With a near full Roster, the Blazers lost the season opener to the Defending Champion Eskimo's
Joel and Wynn Bueckert lead the charge with 6 and 4 Goals Respectively.
The Blazers are back in Action, next week, when they take on Spencer Aitken's Puck Hogs



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