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Welcome to the Boston Piggers Home Page.

The Boston Piggers are a team in the Europe East A #5 League on Goal Line Blitz.

Whats Goal Line Blitz????

Goal Line Blitz is a web-based, American football MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). Goal Line Blitz was created by Peter and Jesse. In-game the two are known as (Bort) and (DigitalDaggers). It has approximately 200 thousand players and is still growing after creation in March 2008.

Goal Line Blitz allows users to sign up a free account and become an agent of a choice football player. Once he/she creates a player, the user is allowed to customize the player to his/her liking by editing their first and last name, position, and physical attributes. The user is then allowed to add equipment, sign a contract, displace skill points to their penchant. When getting more in depth with the game, users are able to pursue interests towards various in-game staff jobs - namely, ownership, general management, coordination and/or coaches of human-controlled football teams.

To sign up you can go to:

Latest News:
"As you all know, the first season in Boston Piggers franchise history was a major disappointment. I, as well as everyone else on the team had very high expectations. But after some bad plays, bad games, bad gameplans and some bad luck....we learned a lot and are now moving forward onto next season. All I've got left to say about season 4 is its over, in the past for us, and it is what it is. Now its time to get excited for next season.

I've got a few goals that I want to share with everyone. I'm sure I'll forget a few, but heres most of them (not in any particular order):

1.Improve our "big play ability" in the passing game
2.Be more consistent on the offensive side of the ball
3.Improve special teams. Improve Kick returning, and kick coverage. Also we need more consistency in the FG kicking and punting game as well
4.Strengthen our D-line
5.Get atleast 1 more big time playmaking LB to add to our rotation
6.Improve our secondary (mainly depth, and a big time play making CB)
7.Dont drop so many passes
8.More sacks
9.Force more turnovers
10.Make the playoffs
11.Win the championship

Those are just a few of the goals I have in mind. If you have anything you think we should be adding to the list please tell us. Despite going 5-11, I still expect us to be in the running for a championship one season from now

We had a tough season, I honestly felt we had a good team. I actually went through the schedule prior to the season and compared rosters and felt we would have a good solid 12-4, 11-5 season and be a threat to make a run at a championship. As you know, that wasnt quite the case. But I never gave up, and dont plan to. I see a bright future ahead for this team. I've already begun work to prepare us for season 5. I have high expectations for next season. I'm very excited about the opportunities I see for this team." -Piggers Owner pats4892



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