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Countdown to Woodward Dream Cruise
(Aug 18/12)

Welcome to the home of the Berkley Dodgers!

Great game tonight boys, awesome hitting!! 

Another undefeated what a great group of ball players!!

I would just like to say thank you for all your support this season, getting kids to practices and games and working with your kids at home. It has been a lot of fun working with your boys and watching them grow as baseball players and as people.  I hope they have enjoyed the season as much as I have.  I would also like to thank Paul, Alex and Mike for all their excellent pitching and Rob, Andy and David for their help as base coaches.  And a big thank you to everyone for helping with practices.  There is a lot to do when coaching a team and we had a lot of great help............thanks for making it all happen so easily.   

Fall Ball - 

SIGNUP DAYS at the Rec Center are:
Thursday, July 12 from 6:00 PM till 9:00 PM
Saturday, July 14 from 10:00 AM till 1:00 PM



Here are some great quick videos to check out on You Tube:
(click on the position to link to the video)

How to play 1st Base
How to play 2nd Base
How to play ShortStop
How to play 3rd Base
How to play Right Field
How to play Center Field
How to play Left Field


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