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Posted Jan 5/17 - Dyscalculia ?

What? Dyscalculia is a disability that affects about 6% of the population,it can affect the understanding of mathematical symbols.

Difficulty with addition,subtraction,multiplication and division or may find it difficult to understand the words "plus," add, "add-together

Difficulty with every day task like checking change and can sometimes cause problems even with basic level estimating.

Causes are many it can be from head trama in early years and other causes.

Now before we go on what is the basic concept of math

1. Foundational skills- research has shown that visual perception,visual memory, and logical thinking(make problem solving possible) and are considered the most important foundational skills of math.

2.Mathematical skills- are based around counting, adding and subtraction of multiplication and division.

3.Knowledge-one has to know and learn terms ,definitions,symbols,theorems and axioms, these are things one must know not things he must know how to learn how to do.

Now a haha moment is some of these very people can solve math problems having to do with algerbra and other more advanced math while struggling to add a simple 6+4=10 math problem, or which way is north.

There is no cure for this but understanding what it is can start the process for making adjustments in the learning processes to make learning easier for those who suffer from this disability, kids may show signs early on when entering school but no one will catch it leaving the person to have their own misunderstanding of why they don't get it and those around them to think they aren't trying hard enough.

Research this topic more if you as a parent have questions about your childs slow development in understanding math or sence of directions, it could be nothing or it could be that Dyscalculia is causing  problem that is unexplainable by the person as this afflication affects adults as well as children, but in most cases it started as a child and no one understood the problem, many adults suffer with this and still don't know or understand why they can't understand simple math.

Posted May 16/16 - Youth Sports Concussion and Brain Injury Hearings

A follow up hearing from the March 2016 discussion on concussions and brain injury by the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Chaired by Rep. Tim Murphy (R) Pennsylvania was held on Friday the 13th of May. Specific to prevention and research of youth sports concussion.

While over 30 million participate in youth sports (football) from age 5-18 making them the largest demographic within the sport of football, they also are the most underserved when it comes to prevention,research and information.

Question- in regards to youth sports are whether there are educational policy guidlines in place for coaches, players and parents and if so how are they implemented? was one question asked by the committee of the panel.

Question number two- was based upon the challenges of youth leagues and team data on concussion policy information and injury reporting on concussions.

Rep. Diana Degette (D) Colorado ranking member stated that experts in the March 2016 round table meeting suggested that in 7-10 years they would have enough evidenced based recommendations for policy involving safety protocol for youth sports, she goes on to state that if that were to be taken as true she herself as a mom would say that would be to long. And experts on the May 13th panel also said that is rediculous and that the information can be collected right now, but one of the problems is how to collect it since their probably is no process in place within youth sports currently to do so.

Some of her questions were based upon when is a safe start time for playing, football how many times per week should contact be allowed, and what type of education should be implemented for coaches.

One other surprise came from the hearing was the number of concussions from practice within the high school level numbers like 60 to 70 % does this suprise you while reading this, after all you probably thought the high school coach was better at this well guess again, he too also has some learning to do, the NFL USA Football arm also came under fire when asked why if they think and now know that the possiblity of practice contact can cause concussion why does it still support a 4 day contact practice advocation (the representitive went silent and had no response) this same representitive stated that the USA football arm didn't have the money to reach out to all levels of football with education on concussion, but one problem with that statement is that in 2014 the NFL gave $40 million dollars to USA football question would be where did all the money go?

Now what was gained from the hearing one very clear agenda and that being that in the future the government is about to mandate an educational policy into youth football but will enter every other youth sport as well.

The Benbrook Stars prep academy is already ahead of this our program is a school of football training, the coaches are required to attend classroom study and receive a certificate in introduction to coaching which covers CPR, Health and Safety, Concussion Awareness and other protocol involved in being a coach, who in today's game is a teacher of the training health technique and mental understanding of the game, Gno Metric Analytical to track injury and any concussion to players data. 

Posted Mar 30/16 - Concussion Education

Our players will receive information that gives parent's an understanding of what concussion's are and what to look for also as an organization the player will receive a direct conversation about talking with coaches about any out of the ordinary head pain not usually associated with them from normal day to day experiences the player may have away from the field.


Posted Oct 28/15 - Geometry and Football work together

Geometry terms and definitions




Definition/ Description



A location in space - a dot on a piece of paper



Connects two points via the shortest path and continues indefinitely (forever) in both directions

Line Segment

Part of a line between two points

Perpendicular Line Segment

Line Segments that intersect (cross) at an angle of 90°

Parallel Line Segments

Line segments that never intersect (they are always the same distance apart)

Right Angle

An angle that measures 90°

Acute Angle

An angle that measures less than 90°

Obtuse Angle

An angle that measures more than 90°


Point at which two line segments intersect (forming an angle)


Scalene Triangle

A triangle with all three sides with different lengths

Isosceles Triangle

A triangle with two equal length sides (and two equal internal angles)

Equilateral Triangle

A triangle with all three sides of equal length (each internal angles = 60°)


Distance (line segment) from center of a circle to any point on that circle's circumference.


A line segment (or length) joining two points on a circles circumference and passes through the circle's center (twice the length of the radius)


Distance around a circle (the perimeter)



A line segment joining two points on a curve.


Part of a curve



Posted Jul 15/15 - Heat and practice

The rules for Independant schools districts are if the temperture is too high no outside practice allowed .

But youth sports have yet to fully adopt a certain set of universal rules pertaining to this subject, but should its a new day for organized football and certain things must be conducted differently .

With kids dying from heat exposure every year youth coaches must become deligent in understanding that some of a teams players have issues that can't be ignored so here are just a few simple things coaches should do.

1. Issue information on eating well fruits and vegetables should be on all players diet list and kids are exposed to them during school lunch at the minium .

2. Talk about the importance of being hydrated drink fluid two hours before the practice and plenty during the practice.

3. Vary the workout and young players have a want to push through certain injuries this is a no no the body will tell you when it needs rest and you the coach should suggest to that player while if he is able to attend the practice he can't fully participate in certain aspects of the practice.

Football today is becoming more of a technical game and you the coach must understand this as well in order to teach the game you must truely understand each players needs on the team from the physical standpoint before assertaining any mental understanding of each player and the roll each will play on the team.


                                                              Moto: Reach for it and you can !


                                            Mission Statement


Community pride ,respect for and of all who may be different but very much a like

education life skills and knowledge.

While football is a competition our first goal is to build a foundation of self respect and understanding of our players as a person, and as that goal is attained the physical aspect of the players game will increase.And that will translate into wins or losses.

Either way our players will leave the program knowing the score doesn't always tell the whole story of what is really just a game.



 Our Five points of lessons learned within the structure of our program


2.Team Work










































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