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Welcome to the BC Baseball Parents' Blog.

This site has been set up as a tool for parents of baseball players.  There are many of us in British Columbia and we all possess experience and information that could be of great benefit to other parents.

I, myself, have struggled over the years on many issues relating to the baseball players I've raised such as:

- Little League or BC Minor Baseball - and then, later, PBL?

- should my kid "play up"?

- train all year long or take a break?

- are showcase tournaments worth it and, if so, which ones?

- who is a good baseball physiotherapist? trainer? doctor? and God forbid - surgeon?

- how do I select a post-secondary baseball option? 

- do I need to pay someone to help find my kid a scholarship?

- does my kid need an advisor / agent?  If so,  how do I pick one?

- how does the draft work?

As the administrator of this site, I won't have all of the answers but I'm betting that there are baseball parents out there who will be able to provide answers and that is what this site is hoping to facilitate - a forum where parents can ask and answer questions relating to all of the issues that can come up for our young baseball players. 

So, if you have a question, please feel free to register on the site and post it on our forum page and we'll see what type of conversations we can get started and see if we can help each other.


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