Oct 21/20
12:00 pm

Bantam Cougars




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  • Snack and Drink Assignments will be posted on the Calendar Page soon.
  • Thanks to Abbe Williams, Tracy Slicker, and LeeAnne Irion who have graciously volunteered as Team Moms!
Countdown to Turning OUt the Lights on C
(Oct 21/06)
Dear Parents,

Bantam White's "Homecoming" game is scheduled for this Saturday, Oct. 21st @ 5:00 @ Colleyville 2. We have a few special things planned for the day for the players:

Each player received a gold football poster to decorate. The posters will be displayed on the sidelines at the homecoming game. Please turn in completed posters at Thursday's practice (to Abbe or Carla). We will get them hold punched and ready for the game. (If your child cannot complete the poster by Thursday, please plan to bring it to the game... but don't forget it... we do not want anyone to feel left out!)

Jennifer is making a special Blue and Gold Homecoming sign for the boys to run thru.

The stands will be decorated with blue and gold balloons

Mickie Dozier has arrange to have a squad of Cougar Cheerleaders to cheer us on to victory.

Finally, I have reserved at the private room at Chuck's Hamburger's for a post- game celebration. The team will head to Chuck's (following the close down of the stadium) for hamburgers. Each family will be responsible for their meals. We will provide a cake for the celebration. Chuck's hamburgers is located at HWY 26 and HWY 114. (right in front of Target .. just a few minutes from the game field)

We are requesting a small contribution of $5.00 per player to cover the cost of the cake, balloons, and cowbells (distributed at before the pep rally). Please give the money to me at your convenience. I will be at practice on Wednesday and Thursday evening and at the game on Saturday. Thank you to all those who have worked to make the game special for the boys. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Our team gave yet another valiant effort against an undefeated team. After the game, the opposing coach confirmed our coaches' beliefs by tellling us that our team is much better than our record. Though we lacked for no effort, if we are to become the team we know we can, we must improve in the fundamentals, e.g., blocking, tackling, executing, and focus. As we near the end of the season, we will begin to help build other skills, for all the players, e.g. running and catching the football in practice and scrimmages. However, in game time, we will need to use our skills as best as possible, and execute to win. We look forward to putting together a five-game winning streak (including two playoff game wins) to end the season! Who is up to the task?"

Also, our Homecoming game is the next weekend - October 21st @ 5:00 p.m. Tomorrow each player will receive a large football made out of gold poster board. It will be their sign for the Homecoming game. Each player is to decorate the football with his name, jersey# and decorations. The boys may be as creative as they would like. All the signs will be displayed at the homecoming game. The players will take them home after the game as a souvenir.

Thank you to those who help make Bantam white a special team. See you after practice on Thursday.
Abbe Williams

We look forward to growing from last week's experiences and having fun this Saturday at 5pm, Crosstimbers Middle School.

Snack and drink list will be posted on the calendar page. Check to verify your day.


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