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BAYFL Cowboys




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  • Welcome to the new home of the BAYFL Cowboys
  • Practice Wednesday, Aug 15th @ 5pm at Crimmins Field.
  • ďFootball is an honest game. It's true to life. It's a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life.Ē
Countdown to Opening night!!
(Aug 29/12)

Posted Aug 29/12 - Kick Off Night

Tonight is the Annual BAYFL Kick Off Event - remember to meet us in our practice area for 4:30pm - promptly since the event starts at 4:45 sharp! Ends around 7:45-8pm. Concession stand will be open for snacks/dinner!

Players should be dressed in full uniform including royal blue socks. We will be playing at 5:50pm against the Dolphins and 6:05pm against the Jets.


Welcome to the Home of the BAYFL Cowboys

Great First Game vs the Auburn Falcons...12-0 Cowboys.


Welcome 2012 Cowboys

I would like to take a moment and welcome all players, coaches, and family to the 2012 Cowboys. This is my Second year as a head coach as well as Second year for my assistant coach, we are very excited to meet and work with every one of you.

Letís all remember this is football a contact sport , we need every one coming to practice and games ready to pay attention and give a 110% at all times. After looking over the roster we have a great group of athletes that have either played the game of football before or have knowledge of the game and should help us right from the first practice to the last game.

Coach Rapoza 

New Helmets

Here is a good video on proper fitting of the new Schutt DNA Recruit Football Helmets.

Could be useful for all parents if your child is having a hard time with the new helmets. If you have any questions please contact one of the coaches and we can see what we can do to help you out.


Laundry Instructions for Pants


All of the 1st-6th Grade football players will be issued integrated football pants with the pads sewn in. 


Three years ago we had a number of pairs of pants returned at the end of the year in an unusable condition because the pads shrunk in the dryer.  Please either air dry the pants or dry on low heat the pants/girdles so that the pads do not shrink. 






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