May 29/20
1:15 am

Manitoba Provincial Midget Team





I will have updates on games and other info from QC here.

Friday Morning vs Newfoundland

Great morning for baseball in Quebec. Game started as most of the week has gone by going down 1,2,3 in the first inning but that is when things changed as a couple of errors and a couple of walks along with some good line drive hits by our guys scored 6 runs in the second. We contiuned to add to our lead an were up 10-0 after 5 and the mercy rule came in so we were done. Popplestone went 4 innings and Moman finished off as Newfoundland failed to get a hit off of our pitching. I hope I have the hitting right----- Kerkowich, Jean Guy, Thompson all hit doubles with Lochhead and Paschnyk added triples. (hope did not forget someone) All in all a great game to hopefully get things on track. Lineup was as follows: Catch - Jesse, 1st - Jean Guy 2nd - Hunter SS = Lochhead 3rd - Wally RF - Kerkowich CF Thompson Lf Pasch.

We play tonight against NB and will update this after the game. An important game for us tonight if we want to move up in the standings.

Tomorrow morning @ 9:00 we play PEI which was the game rained out early in the week. We will then have a playoff game either later Sat or on Sunday.

Thursday Update:

Sorry for the long time in getting this on but all the parents went to old Quebec last night and found some yard long beer and were not too early getting back but if you check the youth link for the tournament they have a play by play update on the game on Thursday so will not redo what they have already done. It was not a great game vs Alberta as we made some early errors and our woes at the plate continued as could not get hits when we had base runners. Cody Hunter was the bright light at the plate getting two walks, hitting a solid single and a hard line drive to center field that was caught. He was on base 3 of 4 times.
Wednesday Update:

Well it rained and rained here on Wed and the first game vs PEI was postponed and will likely be played on Sat. It appeared we would not play at all Wed. but the sky cleared and we headed to the park downtown which was very nice. After watching the BC/Que game the opening ceremonies for all teams were held prior to our game. They were so/so as those type of things go. @ 9:30 we got into action.

It was a pitchers duel from start to finish. Mb starter, Paul Thompson, held NS hitless through 4 innnings but in the 5th the leadoff batter hit a double and after an error and a walk NS scored their only two runs of the game. Problem was our boys were also going hitless at the plate. Thompson pitched into two out in the sixth and gave way to Seddon who finished the game also allowing one hit.

The NS pitcher went the distance throwing a no hitter against us making the final score 2-0. We only got two baserunners in the game and the tough pitching was the main reason for this lack of offence. We did commit 4 errors but also only gave up 2 hits over the 7 innings.

We are back in action this afternoon vs Alberta which will also be a tough challenge and really could use a win to stay in contention in our pool.

Parents are heading to Old Quebec for the evening after the game so it will likely be morning before more updates.

Tuesday nite report:

Trouble from the get go unfortuneatly. Boys arrived and was trouble with rental vehicles and had to wait around for 3 hours to try and straighten it out and ended up with 3 cars and two mini vans. Then by last report got a little lost coming out of Montreal and as of 7:30 do not think they have yet arrived.

Forcast for tomorrow (Wed) is heavy rainfall in the morning and showers in the afternoon so may be awhile late getting started. In talking to Sask and NB around town here they all arrived yesterday morning flying directly to Quebec City so it might do our guys a lot of good to have a day here although will still have to get up in the morning early in order to go to the park in case of a game even if raining.

I will try and keep this as up to date as possible but would like to know if anyone is reading so if you have read any of this please sign in at the forum link to the left. If No one is reading I will not bother to update.


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