Jan 28/20
2:44 am






The player whose name is accociated with the game is required to bring the half time oranges for the team.   If you cannot make that game, or are unable to bring oranges, please make arrangements to swap with another player. 


For our age group, I suggest four large oranges cut into quarters.  Bring them out in a plastic container (ice cream bucket, tupperware etc.) and bring a plastic bag for the peals!

Remember, we cannot eat oranges on the Turf, so we have to eat them on the side by the benches.


Day Date Time Field Orange Duty
Sat Sep 12/09 TBA Bye None
Sat Sep 19/09 9:00am King George South Jason
Sat Sep 26/09 9:00am Boyd Yellow Graeme
Sat Oct 3/09 9:00am Boyd Yellow Brandon
Sat Oct 17/09 9:00am Boyd Yellow Andrew
Sat Oct 24/09 9:00am Boyd Yellow Talvinder
Sat Oct 31/09 10:30am King George South Jordan
Sat Nov 7/09 TBA Bye  
Sat Nov 14/09 9:00am Boyd Yellow Noah
Sat Nov 21/09 10:30am King George South Ryan
Sat Nov 28/09 10:30am King George South Karamvir
Sat Dec 5/09 10:30am King George South Paul
Sat Dec 12/09 10:30am King George South Matthew T
Sat Dec 19/09 9:00am King George South Takuma



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